Ecuador Emerges as a Hub for International Crime, Reports Deutsche Welle

Feb 5, 2010 Full story: SF Sentinel 35

Ecuador is emerging as a focus for transnational criminal groups, according to US and European officials.

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Since: Jan 10

Guayaquil, Ecuador

#23 Nov 18, 2011
ecuachet wrote:
Crime, if it ain´t among drunk or drugged ¨friends¨(anywhere in the world), seems to be almost universally opportunistic. Robbery is rampant in Quito and violent crime is on the rise as the President´s socialist agenda takes hold; his ¨help¨ to those in-need seems to be creating a cult-of-robbery. I´m not alone in this view; a show on this very topic was aired on TV Amazonas (I think)just the other night, and normal-everyday citizens are beginning to realize this and get ticked off. On the other hand, I read alot of US news, and kids shot at concerts (Gary, IN), a man toting guns into a Wal-Mart in Texas and then shot to death by cops outside, etc., etc. lead me to believe there is plenty of crime in the US to keep the Crime Scene Investigators busy. I have lost several car radios, a lap-top computer and other items to petty theft, but in all those cases I wasn´t as prudent as I should have been. At almost 2 meters tall and pretty strong looking, I don´t get personally accosted much. But, I have multiple store locations, and there is always the threat of robbery, armed or unarmed, as there would be in any city of size. My wife doesn´t agree, but my policy is to not back down; I carry, and have in my store, cans of pepper-spray. I have a ¨billy¨club and failing that, I have the heavy metal bar we use to close the store gate at night: could do some damage with that! But, for the visitor, things aren´t as bad as they can sound; you just have to be aware of your surroundings and location, again, as you would have to be in any big city. Just watch out for those bad-assed, kid-napping Colombians!
Interesting that your comparing the ENTIRE US with the amount of crime that is taking place in Ecuador, which is the size of one state in the US!

So all the kidnappings in Ecuador is from Colombians? Do you have statistics on that? Yes, in any large city in the world there is crime, but I have never seen or read of express kidnappings in any other country but Ecuador! People wall in their property, but window guard, and metal guards around their doors, and 'somehow' they still managed to get robbed, even in a gated community with an electric fence and security guards!

Correas was elected because he promised he would help the poor and the indigenous people. I do not see where he has helped any of these countrymen. Food costs have gone up, taxes have gone up, especially if your buying a home! And this year alone, taxes have gone up twice on automobiles, buy at least $1,800.00. Propane has gone up, Correa is talking about eliminating the gasoline subsidy also. He wants to promote hybreds, but what average citizen can afford to buy them??
Nothing for his government to promote business to come here, and there are few if ANY jobs! Relatives have been unemployed for the past 3 years. Correa has also gone after several companies because 'supposedly' the security guards are 'overpaid'!?!?!? One guard I know makes $1,000 a month with a family of 6. Correa is cutting his salary per month in HALF to $500.00. So is this making more people poor and not less? How is this helping the poor? And he calls the native peoples terrorists as they want their water rights back, per the constitution, and Correa wants to have mining rights, etc., etc.

Hoek Van Holland, Netherlands

#24 Feb 21, 2012
you nero mind american gat beg to your country let all the south people alone

Halifax, Canada

#25 Feb 26, 2012
Nick Name wrote:
Been hearing that crime is pretty bad in Ecuador. Is it dangerous to go out? Do cars have to be guarded if I go to the city? I am American.
I spent a year and a half in Ecuador. I am white and Canadian. Wife and I used the buses and went everywhere. Dress modestly, don't wear jewelry, wear a cheap watch and don't flash money around and you are ok. We never had any trouble. In my wallet was $5 and an expired credit card. In a shirt pocket with button flap was credit card and a bit of cash. Never got robbed anyway. Some tourists look so darned touristy they looked silly to me and that look probably invites trouble.

Since: Jan 10

Guayaquil, Ecuador

#26 Feb 27, 2012
Most recent facts on crime in Ecuador:

Crime is a severe problem in Ecuador. Crimes against U.S. citizens in the past year have ranged from petty theft to violent offenses, including armed robbery, home invasion, sexual assault, and several instances of murder and attempted murder.

Types of crime:
“Secuestro Express” Taxi Assaults: Robberies and assaults against taxi passengers, known locally as “secuestro express” continue to present a significant safety concern, especially in Guayaquil and Manta, but also with increasing regularity in Quito.

Violent Robberies: Armed or violent robberies can occur in all parts of Ecuador, not just the major cities. Many travelers have been robbed after using ATMs or when exiting banks.

Carjacking and Thefts from Vehicles: To avoid carjacking or theft from your vehicle while you are stopped at intersections, drive with your doors locked and windows rolled up.“Smash and grabs” occur when thieves break into parked vehicles, but have also been known to occur in slow-moving or stopped traffic, particularly when cars are driven by females in the car alone.

Sexual Assault: Incidents of sexual assault and rape have increased, including in well-traveled tourist areas. Criminals generally target women who are alone, and use alcohol or incapacitating drugs on unsuspecting tourists to rob and/or sexually assault them.

Murder: Since September 2009, at least four U.S. citizens in Ecuador have been victims of murder.

Credit Card Fraud: Increasing numbers of U.S. citizens in Ecuador have fallen victim to fraud related to their credit or debit cards.“Skimming,” the theft of credit card information during an otherwise legitimate transaction, is most likely to occur in restaurants or bars, where the skimmer takes the victim's card out of the owner’s view.

New York, NY

#27 Feb 28, 2012
The article reads about international crime meaning now Ecuador is being used as a drug-traffic port. Violence rates are on the hike because of silly laws not condemning robberies under a certain amount of money but if you use common sense nothing will happen to you. Ecuador has amazing sightseeing that people should visit. By the way the first time I set a foot in Paris I was greeted to a police chase for a black guy who snatched somebody's purse. A metropolis always has these kind of issues no matter where in the world. Again common sense is always the rule
Mr Enterate - youtube

Quito, Ecuador

#28 Mar 29, 2012
Al this bull shit makes me laugh. Since the gringos were kick out of Manta, Have you notice drug trafficking slowed down? NEVER because america has 40millon drug adicts and their best friend uribe who by away is traffiquer #82 according to The FBI and CIA? must provide them the stuff. Gringolandia has 7 military bases in Colombia and can not control drug trafficking and have you notice opium plantations increased in Afganistan now that the bully americans are there?
N-joy the video

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Quito, Ecuador

#29 Apr 4, 2012
Have you wondered why gringolandia can't stop drug trafficking? They have 7 military bases in Colombia the drugh capital of the world and still can not stop it.........oh oh I forgot, there are 40millon drug addicts in gringolandia and the business is great.

Bronx, NY

#30 Apr 10, 2012
ecuadorians need to find pride in them selves and kick these criminals butts.

Quito, Ecuador

#31 May 7, 2012
I have lived in Ecuador for 3 years, half of that time on the coast in Canoa, the rest in Quito.
Ecuador IS dangerous. But probably no more than most places! When people travel abroad they are always more concerned with safety and security. Plenty of tourists get killed all over the world every year. I have travelled and lived in a lot of places around the world and I work in tourism, owning hostels, so I know how it really is here. Violent crime, theft, breaking and entering, armed robberies with blades or guns, secuestro expresso's are all on the increase. Gangs of pickpockets work the buses and tourist attractions in Quito. But a lot of the petty stuff can be avoided by being a bit streetwise and not looking like a victim or wandering around alone not knowing where you are going, getting out maps etc, even in the day. Don't put your stuff on the floor between your legs on buses, buy some pepper spray! A lot of people get robbed because they are not diligent, they wear baggy pants with tonnes of pockets with their iphones and money in or wear daypacks on their backs on crowded buses and then complain about being robbed when they are standing there offering an opportunity to someone who probably earns what you do in a couple of weeks in a year!! The state of the legal system, the absolutely useless laws, the corruption, drug addiction etc are all contributing factors as well.
Having said that 99% of people who visit have no problemas! A lot of petty crime is opportunistic. The majority of Ecuadorians are incredibly warm, friendly helpful people. Remember for every horror story you read there are thousands who had a completely opposite experience, they just don't write about the great time they had. If you didn't go anywhere because someone had a bad experience there you wouldn't go anywhere and probably get murdered in your own bed by an escaped lunatic!!
Shotgun Sam

Quito, Ecuador

#32 May 30, 2012
I have been living here in Ecuador for well over forty years and most of the comments expressed here have missed the point; that being: "Ecuador Emerges as a Hub for International Crime".

There are multiple reasons for this being the reality and to name a few: Immigration laws relaxed, Cort system a shambles, Military and Police not being coherent and a government that talks, talks and talks with little or no substance.

And just yesterday the government resinded its requirement for any public employee to present a police certificate prior to employment. My take, if your a yes man you'll be hired.
musashi_hai wanderer

Quito, Ecuador

#33 Jun 1, 2012
Ecuadorian in Canada wrote:
Hi to all the poeple that have comment about ecuador. For all of you guys out there thinking ecuador is a dangerous place to be at well your wrong. Im not saying there is no violent in ecuador its not as much as the US where you hear kids being shot in highschools etc. What ecuador is really known for is kids from - 14 to 16 hopping onto the buses and stealing peoples things. Well as you all know a tsunami is suppose to hit Ecuador lets all give a prayer to Ecuador and the rest of the countries that have been hit already by the tsunami.
I agree completely with those who write the truth that there is no comparison between the crime in New York City Area and Ecuador in general.I've lived in Hawaii and it is a war zone.Ecuador... Except for some hot spots that everyone,absolutely everyone knows, and that you need to lock up Good & Tight@ Night- You can wander freely from Chimborazo to Banos to Ambato(crazy taxi's) and to Villegas to La Costa Pacifica and not have even one problem from the Dark Side or the Police.In NY and NJ, traveling alone between cities on buses,walking and taxi's-you will meet aggresive teens,drunks&addicts as well as that 25% of Lunatics in Blue that they hire to keep the population down.You will go away with some pretty photos and a desire to never return to the NY Metro area. Ecuador is a gem that needs to stay that way.Keep the secret- A gringo living in Paradise.

Los Angeles, CA

#34 Jun 30, 2012
Ecuador is a very dangerous country!!! the new president who by the way has a father that was jailed in USA for drug traffiking, has opened up the borders and there is no control who comes in through the borders thus allowed foreigners
to come in and have a green light to commit all kinds of crimes.There is no petty crime anymore,now there is organized crime and is rampant.In Quito, the capital ..uhmmm que miedo!!Correa is the culprit due to his ignorance and his anti-american ideology.He created a monster named " insecurity " daily crimes everywhere, bank robberies, shootings, sicariato . VERY DANGEROUS FOR LOCALS AND TOURISTS !!! SAD BUT TRUE!!!

Portoviejo, Ecuador

#35 Jul 1, 2012
i am a gringo living in ecuador...i have never been robbed but i know plenty of people that have even one that was flash kidnapped and paid 15,000 dollars to be released...and one that was kidnaped and found dead in the river 3 days later...a day doesnt go past without a picture of someone murdered in the newspaper...the other week a schoole bus was kidnappped and all 7 students pasengers have to be careful who you mix with..

Richmond, Canada

#36 Jul 3, 2012
We do have crime in Ecuador , just like any other country , I'm Ecuadorian and have been around many countries , what you hear are isolated cases that are blown out of proportion by the media , and the crimes are no different than the ones that occur in big cities , just use your common sense and discretion . I live in Canada , and go to Ecuador at least twice a year and I see the transformation . Correa to me is the best thing that happened to Ecuador , we now have a great road infra-extracture, free education ,free medical services , and affordable housing . Everyone now pay taxes including los pelucones .$400 million in taxes before Correa vs $12 billion at the present time .
Ecuador is a country with friendly people , fantastic biodiversity ,great food , with colonial Guayaquil and Quito , Galapagos , glacier mountains, tropical forests ,abundant food , 40 + different kind of fruits, you name it vegetables , highlands and a great concentration of proud native people .
in Ecuador as we speak

Guayaquil, Ecuador

#37 Jul 6, 2012
I am an american in ecuador on july 6th 2012. Stay on your toes aytime you leave the u.s. but Ecuador is NICE! good food, good weather, good scenery and super cute women... bad drivers and no gambling are the only negatives :(

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