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Red Hook, NY

#24 Jul 1, 2013
As a Puerto Rican male, I don't live by comparison I feel we should all be proud of who we are, if I start dissing another latino faction that means I have a lot of free time, we as Puerto Ricans know of the accomplishments we have done. For example we have a Puerto Rican astronaut, that just blows my mind, also we have the oldest man to ever climb MT Everest, from both sides, that flag has been in outer space and all so on the highest peak on this earth, small island great accomplishments!! And best if all were latino, viva Puerto Rico !!!


#25 Jul 10, 2013
i am a boricua who as been to war and work really hard so no welfare ,now you domincans sell drug have moved to p.r. love marryin for paperwork scam every chace you get,also have alot of illegals and dont pay taxes send all your drug money to your country... just go back if you dont like .
miles nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#26 Jul 20, 2013
i want to make a few things clear, pr's always claim that all dominicans have nappy hair, when they tend to forget or just not know that the entire northern region of dr or aka el CIBAO has mor light skin ppl than probably the entire island of pr. about 3 to 4 pr's fit in our side of the island. the majority of the population is of mulato decsent which mean black and white but Santiago Las vega, moca, cotui, janico, and the rest of the north has more white ppl than your entire lil island. second, I myself am a dominican of pr decsent from my dad's side, my great grandfather came to san pedro de macoris at the begining of the 20th century to work in the sugar cane fields back when pr was a struggling island not owned by the us government, DR on the other hand was already an independent country for over 50 yrs, you guys can google all this info by the way. anyway I love pr ladies and have many pr boys i grew up with but i will not allow for PR's to redicule or put down dominican ppl when in reality some of the first ppl to settle PR took boats from SANTO DOMINGO remember during the egining of the spanish empire DR was the center of the empire in the new world most spanish territory during those first 150 yrs were populated by families that came from spain and wealthy criollo familys from santo domigo and santiago look it up! to the person who posted that the isaland is not ours and we share with haiti i say this. my ppl of african, spanish and taino decsent mixed sexually and thru marriage and lived and populated the island of hispanola 100+ yrs before there was a frensch state. it is not our fault that the french were so racist that they didn't marry or live with there slaves and never mixed with them making them a completely black state with very little european or taina traditions. during the wars of independence thru the american colonies hatioans and dominicans faught to rid the island of all european powers but when that was accomplished the haitians truned on the dominicans occupied the entire island for 22 yrs. passing laws that would only benneffit dark skin dominicans and excluding light skin dominicans, they proceeded to closing all university's roman catholic churches and attempting to change the culture and language to there afircan and french traditions. AFTER 22 YRS OF OCCUPATION WE PUSHED THEM BACK TO THEIR SIDE OF THE ISLAND AND THE REST IS HISTORY THIOS IS WHY WE WANT THEM THE HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY MATTER FACT THE ISLAND LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO THEIR SIDE OF THE ISLAND even with out the devestating earth quake the country was fucked up!
miles nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#27 Jul 20, 2013
i want ppl to give dominicans our props for being the first land populated in the new world and for a whole lot of other things that we have done like Maximo Gomez dominican who liberated cuba from spain. Johnny Pacheco and Raulphy Mercado whom started the Puerto Rican Salsa movement of the 60's and 70's. not to mention The great TITO RODRIGUEZ of puerto Rico was half dominican half cuban born and raised in PR look it up. if PR's would read and educate them selves som emore they would realize that DOMINICANS, PUERTORICANS, and CUBANS are the same ppl thats why we like the same foods call them different names but dance to the same musics, we share lastnames the way we look and bad tempers! there are white black and mixed ppl in all htree islands and no matter how much we all hate to admitt it but yes it's true most carriean ppl who share the same last names are nothing more than distant cousins no matter which island your'e from

Brooklyn, NY

#28 Aug 11, 2013
Regardless of anythinggg...Dominicans imitate EVERYTHING Puerto Ricans do..and Follow Puerto Ricans all over the U.S.A..where ever Puerto Ricans migrate 2 the Dominicans wana all of a sudden Dominicans wana sign DEMBOW Because they saw Ricans do it..geesh Dominican men even started to SHAVE there EYEBROWS because they saw Rican Men do it...SMH

Brooklyn, NY

#29 Aug 11, 2013
Kim Harris wrote:
Rican suck and are ugly
You have the WORST taste in the WORLD...hahaha...Puerto Ricans are BEATIFULL PEOPLES...Theres waaay more Atractive people in PR then Ugly people..why you think Everybody thought TEGO CALDERON was Dominican?? cause hes Ugly as hell..and Honestly..he looks yeaa majority of ya Dominicans are Ugly...Funny how the most Atractive Dominicans are the ones who look Puerto Rican...#FACTS

San Diego, CA

#30 Aug 22, 2013
HA HA HA what is there to envy? You guys live in the most imaginable poverty!!

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

#31 Oct 31, 2013
MOFO wrote:
I'm purtorican and I hate my own comemierda peoples. Fcuk pr
. The same here man. Fcuk these welfare dumb lazy mother.......

San Diego, CA

#32 Nov 16, 2013
You must be little short, dark Indian looking come mierda Mexican. Please let's not talk about welfare and public assistance. I live in San Diego where you people have bankrupt the city with your 3 generations welfare recipients.

Bakersfield, CA

#33 Dec 29, 2013
Itsthatguy wrote:
Its the world against us and us against the world, but its okay cause at the end of the day that won't stop me from raising my flag with pride.
Plus, why are we gonna loose sleep over a group of people that have sit on their culos all day recieving american welfare, and never even lift a finger,nor have they ever truley fought for independence
We fought 3 wars to keep and maintain our freedom, we have had two militant dictators and we continue to fight. Puerto Ricans arent worth our time.
We became American Citizens in 1917 with the JONES ACT. I personally love it cause I can come and go whenever and wherever I wish without having to sneak in and out of the beautiful USA.
We have given our blood and lives for the USA.
My grandfather, Ramon fought in WW I,
My dad, Gilberto fought in WWII , my sons also served our country while in the are me for four years.
I really am sadden because so many of you
have immigrated to PUERTO RICO and we have
accepted you and protected you from harm.

Toronto, Canada

#34 Jan 20, 2014
BronxBombing wrote:
Regardless of anythinggg...Dominicans imitate EVERYTHING Puerto Ricans do..and Follow Puerto Ricans all over the U.S.A..where ever Puerto Ricans migrate 2 the Dominicans wana all of a sudden Dominicans wana sign DEMBOW Because they saw Ricans do it..geesh Dominican men even started to SHAVE there EYEBROWS because they saw Rican Men do it...SMH
Your words are words of an arrogant ignorant who doesnt know anything. you created dembow and we made it better no body listened to dembow till we dominicas started singing it and dancing it. we created merengue a world wide genre of music as well as bachata. yes you all dance it and sing it and yet we have the best bachateros and merengueros in the world.
You guys have everything easy We strugle to get where we are we fight till the end. yes some dominicans sell drugs and just like PR do and black and white and asian and ev en alliens, wanna know what makes us diferent danm you( different no better we are all the same) you guys have 2 flags which only the state flag is raise and can never be down we have on flag the DOMINICAN flag we have a fingle indentity and a single culture we are a mix and proud to be have black in me you guys are americans puerto rico dont exist on this era you are an United State colony no a country

Jamaica, NY

#37 Feb 9, 2014
Im half puerto rican and half dominican, and I am more proud to be a puerto rican anyday. And for the most part dominicans are arragant and racists. I do not have respect for dominicans as much as puerto ricans. Also puerto rico is much more important in the world. Puerto rico was very important in the independance for cuba, and spawned legendary liberator Antonio valero de benarbe. Something most puerto ricans dont even know about because In the US they dont teach you.

This one puerto rican man is a bigger accomplishment of everything DR has ever done. He helped liberate mexico and many south american countries. Known as the liberator from puerto rico, he got betrayed and exiled. When he tried to bring up the independance for puerto rico and cuba, that is what happened. Any Dominican who thinks Dominicans are superior are very dumb. The only reason why DR never got taken from the United states is because nobody wanted a DR. It was a shit country. and sadly its still kind of a shit country. In fact during the Spanish colonism the only whites that moved to Dr where poor whites who couldnt make it anywhere else. Puerto Ricans have become so americanized they don't know how Profound Puerto rico is. We even fought in the American Revolution as soldiers but Labeled as Spaniards. I dont despise all dominicans as I have some dominican friends and neighbors and live in a DR neighborhood. but the racists experiences have stuck in the back of my memories.
Puerto ricans Make everything cool/ big and when they make it big, dominicans copy. like regaetong/ salsa./ rap into the Latin american world. the only two things Dominicans made big is bachata/ and merengue and thats basiclly only in the east coast. Puerto rico makes things world wide So I dont know why They jocking puerto ricans. Puerto Rican to the heart worth more than Some slave plantation Island, enslaving hatitan people. Dr is racists Island society and is only good for the escorts and resorts.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

#38 Jun 26, 2014
First; "Dominicans" like you need to learn about historic facts. Then you will discover that you do not exist, and that you are actually rebel Haitians since 1844.
Second: The U.S. has owned your country since 1917, your just too dumb to figure it out.
Third: If your beloved Haiti (yes Haiti, the island's true Taino name )is such a great place. Why are you all willing to screw, cheat, and sanqui just to get out.
FGourth: Your all a bunch of ignorant racist, that duscover that you are actually black when you get to the U.S. What's up with the Moreno, indio, indio claro, blanco crap on your national I.D. cards.
Pure Envy of P.R.'s

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