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Lou shang

Brooklyn, NY

#167 Aug 24, 2013
Domonican people want to be white because the domonican culture is super stupid ,how can domonican can become white when 85 percent of the domonican republic is either black or mix, I know why between 1939 and 1961 the domonican republic was ruled by a murderous mullotto name trijillo Molina who say that domonican people was too black so he stsrt to kill domonican people and Haitian people, presedent Molina tell the dpmonican people thzt he was killing only black people but he continue to kill everybody,black and brown,the domonican brown was not told that brown was was the ssme as black,so the people start thinki.g that only if people are white thst they are somebody and deserve toike so thsys why all domonican think that only if you are white that you are somebody ,take Sammy Sosa for example he become rich and famous in black skin but bleach is skin later ssying if he was white he would be better, since szmmy Sosa become we never hear nothing about him any more ,I think most Dominican is taking Sammy Sosa example to bury the mith that they are ehite or being white is all that.

Brooklyn, NY

#168 Aug 31, 2013
Try hard i am tired of the same old stupid argument about is because haiti is next dore to the domonican republic why people say dominicana
black haiti is hati,and domonican republic is domonican republic nobody talking about hait.east timour a nation in indionisia is black non of it,s neighbour is black,southern india is black. Try harder you dont make sense. I have never seen anybody white from the domonican republic, and i live in New york. I am from cuba and black cuban is black cuban no cuban who is black claim to be white you domonican make people think that people who are black from spanish speaking countries are like domonican people. Sammy sosa is black, david ortiz is black ,latamete gurrerro is black, pedro martinez, manny ramarez,zoe saldana and the list goes on and on millions of black skin domonican live in the us but fool like you writing about domonican ks not black when all them black domonican live all over the world try harder to make sense.

Brooklyn, NY

#170 Sep 8, 2013
Yes domonican want to be white ,they claim to be white or mullotto ,they even claim to be tiano indian an extinct canniball people of domonican republic,also spanish. All of the spaniards who landed in the domonican republic were,killers,rapist,thieves,la ter tens of thousands of prostitute were deported to the domonican republic now we know why domonican want to be white.

Brooklyn, NY

#171 Sep 22, 2013
I grew up in the Turk and cacos island north west of the domonican republic, I go to school in the domonican republic to learn Spanish an man that was an experience .before 1961 ,the government did not educate domonican people,the people were told that they were tiano Indian,also they were told that black people come from Haiti ,they dont teach doonican people that the white peolle kill all tbe tiano people they teach them that they come to save domonican tiano Indian (domonicsn ) from black people,the people in the domonican republic who claim to be white are brown skin black people, everybody from the domonican republic who migrate to the us before 1961 claim tiano Indian as there race, after they kill presedent Molina in 1961 domonican found out that the Molina guy was killing all of them but say he was only killing black people ,domonican was not tiano Indian any more they write white white for there race. The level of violence against dark skin domonican is unbelieavable in that country dark skin domonican girls are rape from there eyes are at there knee,slavery is the order of the day, oh my God the level of barberism is unbelivelable in that country the UN need to throw all af the hate monger in tne domonican republic in jail.

Brooklyn, NY

#172 Oct 27, 2013
Dominican calling black countries shithole Dominican republic was the second poorist country in the Americas for decade behind Haiti only in the last 10 years the Dominican republic economy start growing, black countries in the Caribbean such as Bahamas,barbadoes,Trinidad,ant igua Nevis ego is better is equavalent to some western European countries, Dominican fool did you know that I know that the government of the Dr did not educate to know that get some knowledge before you start writing.
El Ed

Milford, MA

#173 Dec 26, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
Woah woah woah I ain't dominican and I'm far from white I'm mexican and black and I'm proud of my african hertiage. I look like a black woman and proud to claim it all day. Most dominicans here look the "black"part but swear we claim them when they're claiming white people. My white friend is shaking her head right now. She hates dominicans (who are of color) claiming her race. My nationality is panamaian and mexican even I say black. My friend is like me she slap any dominican that's of color tryin to be white and claiming they are in her face.
tell your friend to come and slap me!!
El Ed

Milford, MA

#174 Dec 26, 2013
darrell1903 wrote:
<quoted text> NO the other guy!!Down here in Houston,texas most of the DR girls are married 2 black guy's!!My girl is from the DR i am a Black guy she is a very smart girl!!You are going 2 like this 1 it's a Town 90 mile's north of Houston,TX there is so many black guy's married 2 DR girl's we call it the little Dominican Rep LOL!!!
haha you really a joke bro, there is really no Dominicans in Texas so don't lie to your ass lmaoo
El Quisqueyano

United States

#175 Jan 11, 2014
Ok, these are HARD FACTS, I'm Dominican-American and our ancestry is a mixture of Taino (Native American), African (various tribes), and Spaniard European (Caucasian). Some of us are more mixed with all three, some only two, some have nappy hair, some have curly hair, some have straight hair, some look black, some look Caucasian, some look black/white mixed and so-on. Only in the USA is that stupid uncivilized "One Drop rule" crap that the Anglos used on the African slaves in the British North America. It was from when a slave borned offspring and that made the child a mulatto and the governours decreed that if you have as little as .05% of African blood you are more black because you have contaminated the "pure" European bloodline. So, while African Americans don't have any African culture to identify to, they think they are the only black people on the earth. But we are mixed race just like African American but we have strong Taino

South Ozone Park, NY

#176 Jan 18, 2014
Theres a lot of rasism in this world speacially in the US thats all. Dont need to argue about that. Dominicans arent black or white, we are mixed, not all of us are dark skined some dominicans are White, morenos and others are really dark skined. Im dominican and i have light skin, long straigh hair and blue eyes and my whole family does too, so it depends. Some dominicans have to get over it, being black isnt a bad thing but we arent tho.

Hermitage, TN

#177 Mar 14, 2014
all dominicans want to be lighter skinned or mate with lighter skinned people. all people of color want caucasian to mix with. ask yourselves why.

Since: May 14

Lawrence, MA

#178 May 29, 2014
Dominican Republic 2010 Census
27% White ( & i say off-White too)
59% Mulatos / Mestizos = Mixes
12% Black
2% Asian/Others

According to recent genealogical tests the average Dominican is estimated to be
58.1 % European/Caucasian
35.2% Black
6.4% Native Taino

According to a DNA test made to 113 Dominicans from around the island scored on average:
60% European/Caucasian
29% African
7% Taino Indian

NOW Dominicans who have PAID 100$ to test their DNA Ancestry on "23andMe" ( the most IMPORTANT DNA test ancestry in the U.S.A.)

(First Part)

(Second Part) ;

Dominican Girls: White & Mixes Sexy Girls

Average Mixes, Black & White Dominicans


Mostly WHITE DOMINICANS.( At "Presidente" D.R. Beer Concert )

(Dominicans white & off-white kids)

These Dominicans SURE look 85% BLACK

NOW Average Dominicans of any color. ;


#179 Jul 21, 2014
With over 1.5 millions Dominicans living in white.countries around the world, if getting lighter skin was our goal, that would be easy, just marry and have kids with whites, and since whites love Dominican men and women, that could be done in less than 2 generations. What we really want is for insecure Haitians and black to leave our nationality ass nd culture ass line, we don't see ourselves as a color, we are mixed country of blacks, mulatos whites and now Arabs and Asians, ...we welcome all, except haters from Haiti ,with their racist mind back in 1799. And we don't follow the old British 10% racial rule, we were a Spanish colony which rule was 50/50...that's what we want....respect our ways the way we respect yours.
Glori M

Goshen, NY

#180 Nov 17, 2014
I am an American Dominican. My parents were both born in the Dominican Republic. Yes Dominicans are loud and are crazy but that's just there heritage! They were raised in a place where being loud and loving and crazy is a way of life. So for people who say that they embarrass Hispanics or Latinos can just stop because they know that there family is just like that. Just because they weren't exposed to it don't mean they are any different.
As for Dominicans hating blacks. THEY DON'T!! Its almost like in America. They go off of society. In the US, blacks are either portrayed to be good or bad its just like that in DR. Dominicans obv don't hate blacks because half of them are really dark! the only reason that they are "rude" to the Haitians is just like Americans not liking Latinos in their country. Americans keep saying that Latinos and Hispanics are taking all of their jobs and speak a different language and weren't born here and blah blah. In Dominican Republic, the Haitians are doing the same to them! They are coming through the border and they are taking jobs. When you go to DR , you see that Haitians live a hard life! but its not only them. when i go to visit family, i notice how bad Dominicans are living too. Its not their fault that they don't want other people taking what LITTLE they have Unlike here. Americans have so much and more! They have enough to share with people that don't have much. But its ok for Americans to hate Latinos but its wrong for Dominicans to be mad at the Haitians? In school, Dominicans aren't taught that they are black or that they are anything like the Haitians or that they are apart of the black community. They were raised to believe that they are just Dominican so you cant get mad when they deny that they are black.
Glori M

Goshen, NY

#181 Nov 17, 2014
heypablo wrote:
all dominicans want to be lighter skinned or mate with lighter skinned people. all people of color want caucasian to mix with. ask yourselves why.

Thats a stupid thing to say. If you ever ask Dominicans if they want their kids to be anything but dominican 95% would say no. Because Dominicans have such a huge pride in their nationality NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE "RACIST"

Also the other 5% would maybe say yes because in DR, whites are seen as superior when it comes to being smart and having money. IF they have kids with a white man or white woman it 1, get them their visa to go to the US and work for money or 2, helps their kids have more than they sadly dont get,

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