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#47 Jun 13, 2013
Felicia wrote:
I'm sorry but yes most Dominican's are they just don't recognize themselves as back. Let's just look at historical facts. I've been the the D.R. and have been mistaken for being Dominican many times and I consider myself black. It's a fact that most Dominican's just can't accept. If you live in the U.S. the one drop rule applies. So it doesn't matter what you claim to be it is what it is. There's nothing wrong with having black blood. Black is beautiful.
<quoted text>
White is also beautiful and we choose it!

We made mixed races (mulatto and mestize) way before the US! Since 1492, Santo Domingo was the birth place of mixed races in the Americas so that give us some lead way as to whom is black or white or mix! The US has to learn from us before digitized a continuous rainbow of races!

Sterling Heights, MI

#48 Jun 21, 2013
Thats wierd because i know alot of black women that pretend their dominican and a couple of them take it a compliment if you say they look dominican also i know black men that go crazy for dominican women same goes for black girls with dominican men . I was born and raised in the bronx ny lived in south florida for 5 years . And i currently live in detroit for about 3 years and i can say this goes for every state ive lived in. Oh and my husband and friends are dominican and dont look black even the really dark ones look NOTHING BLACK their features are soo different . Go to newyork or florida and i promise you . You will know the deference between a black person and a dominican .

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#49 Jun 22, 2013
And plus, why do Dominicans get offended when they are called "Black"? People look at being "Black"'as being dirty, negative and a disease that everyone wants to stay away from. There is nothing wrong with being Black or dark skinned. I know that White people for a long time have tried to make us think otherwise but being Black is not a negative thing. God created all of us in His image and He created all colors, spectrems and skin tones under the rainbow and its sad that we divide ourseleves over something as dumb as skin color.

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#50 Jun 22, 2013
Just because you may not be "Black" or dark skinned doesnt make you better than somebody who is. Nobody is better than nobody on this Earth and plus only God is Holy and Perfect and He's the Creator of us all. The Bible says in Romans 3:23 for ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God so why are we trying to sit up here acting like were better than somebody else when God looks at us all the same? As rotten sinners deserving of Hell fire

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#51 Jun 22, 2013
But the good news is that you dont have to go there. Jesus Christ, the Son of God loves ALL of us and He died on the cross for ALL of us(our sins) no matter what race, gender, class or sexual orentitation, Jesus died for ALL of us(John 3:16) and if you just repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you will be saved and go to Heaven which is filled with all races, cultures, tribes, nations and tongues where there is no racism, colorism and hate there and if you have a problem with that then I dont know what else to tell you because God is coming back soon to judge all humanity so I think that we should just humble ourseleves and put our pride aside and come to Jesus before its too late


#52 Jul 30, 2013
Girl18 wrote:
And plus, why do Dominicans get offended when they are called "Black"? People look at being "Black"'as being dirty, negative and a disease that everyone wants to stay away from. There is nothing wrong with being Black or dark skinned. I know that White people for a long time have tried to make us think otherwise but being Black is not a negative thing. God created all of us in His image and He created all colors, spectrems and skin tones under the rainbow and its sad that we divide ourseleves over something as dumb as skin color.
Simply b/c, most of Dominicans ain't 'black', but clearly a mixed race nation, ya dumb & delusional Yank desperate IVigger hoodrat ho. Ya should never get it so twisted when it comes to Dominicans. ;-) Ya call Dominicans black in their faces & ya'll be screwin' dogs & rats, just sayin'. ;-D BTW, when ya're here, ya speak Spanish, byatch. I hope it's clear. ;-)

Brooklyn, NY

#53 Aug 19, 2013
You dominican are perhaps the most disgraceful dispicable black people ever live you were spawn by rapist,bloodthirsty spaniard criminal from spain i Am not african american but i Am a proud caribeean black Man, and i know that afro american fight and die for a a major league asshole like domonican to live as equal people in america afroamerican was fighting for you all to be free when you were hatiging and killing each other over skin colour. Africsn have invented the bullet proof vest to protect your black ass from the racist gundhots,also the traffic light ,also the ice cream that tast so good in the hot caribeean sun, african invented the ironing board,peanut butter,elevator,pacemaker an aftican first conduct open hesrt surgery,african american make it possible for aroid and all them other dummy nican to feel like a Man in america . Now tell me what good a dummo nicsn done for man kind apart from hating killing and self denial.

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#54 Aug 20, 2013
Nobody is obsessed with being Dominican, we all belong to the human race love, peace and harmony

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#55 Sep 27, 2013
the reason a lot of dominican got to america it was cause they passed as puerto ricans to pass as puerto rican u have to resemble them or look just like them. so arod oscar de la renta michelle rodriguz guillermo linares and most my family. but we love african americans they are trendy and they arent boring that makes ya maaaad kool

Ridgewood, NY

#56 Sep 27, 2013
as a dominican i went to schools with african american girls and i had crushes just like when i was in an italian school. so i dont know what dominican you speak of. ive never had a dominican tell me they disliked any group. they dislike bums like any other group

Brooklyn, NY

#57 Nov 13, 2013
If Dominicans are black? How come they weren't slaves.

Anchorage, AK

#58 Nov 26, 2013
Why do people associate Spanish with being a white race/ or a white language? do your research, Spaniards are already mixed and the language is a mixture of many other languages for example Arabic. Are Arabic people white? Smh, you guys need to go back to school.

Ridgewood, NY

#59 Dec 2, 2013
hey u dummy dominicans puerto ricans fought during the civil war. did u know that.. do you know an african american that looks like oscar de la renta. nope or arod... nope michelle rodriguez nope. the only people that want us to be something we are not is called racism.. why in the world u of another culture are try ing to tell another human who they are. also all races i mean all race talk bad about african americans.. alll and its racial... dominican arent african amricans arent seen by any other race as african american.. dominicans marry other latinos.. and are latinos of mixed race like most latinos are...... you can see dominicans as u wish.we see ourselves our way and the rest or the races see us as dominicans we know we have always lived among other races going back to 1900s.if we were seen as black we would have been segregated. dominicans have never been segregated in america no latino group has. all my life we have lived dated whites hispanics and the sprinkle of black people that lived amongst us.after obama u started to see african americans living in areas with every one else and that is a step in the right direction,but still theres segregation..........today..ge ntrification isnt truly diverse area. i know. i grew up with nationalities that most african americans never intermingled with....uruguayians argentinins ecuadorians panamanian honduras cuba nicragua,i dont mean a friend i mean invited to the house family events cooked for stayed over nite.those kinda of things not just buddies at work or school but my friends can meet ur friends.. dominicans love black people but if were you then were not us..... we want to be us even if we love ya.....were us dominican american, and if were good at sports or other special talent we can blame it on our three races were mixed with.. thank god for being human first then dominican second. gracias

Ridgewood, NY

#60 Dec 2, 2013
as an american dominican i love african american culture but a lot of dominican are first generations so as second genrations are more americanize they will seem more like all other americans... remember its hard to learn another language especially when ur spanish and really dont need english to survive in america ...theres been latinos who dont speak english going back to the 1500s. and latin america will flow in more non english speaking hispanics. so stop saying learn english, every year thousands come legally many will never need english...and wont need it to suceed

Baltimore, MD

#61 Jan 12, 2014
Anonymous wrote:
Haha no comments here's my chance well not much of one. This is a boring post well here I'll give you an answer so you can go on your way. African americans don't sweat dominicans. Even the black women who want liight skin babies they go after puerto ricans mexicans whites etc. Dominicans to african americans look like black folks to them. I've seen tons of dominicans that look black. Since you've meantion famous dominicans here's a few that fits in the black community: omega,fuego,fito blanko,antony santos(mayimbe) puerto rican dominican(romeo santos) kat de luna,yunel shall I go on? Remember boo boo there's other spanish speaking countries other than d.r. Remember south america? Blacks are more into colombians brasilians over dominicans a small island where 85% of the people look like them. AA's never want to be called dominican that's an insult have you ever been to africa? How about the solomon isle? Dark/black skinned even light skinned blacks with wavy/straight hair light colored eyes even blonde hair. Blacks have a very diverse gene pool we can make white and asian looking babies with other black spouses. Most AA's are pro-black which means they only make babies with other blacks not black dominicans just black americans or blacks from africa. Sorry but they will just call you black and go crazy over brasilians to tell you the truth AA's are more into themselves hawiians as well. People reffer to d.r as a black country ayti was its name not d.r and haiti. In english the islands name is haiti. Dominica is a black country so I wonder who took the name dominica and said calling half of haiti dominican rep. Always remember puerto ricans are envy I have sisters who date them and like them better than dominicans. It explains all those famous dominicans either live in puerto rico or the states.
what? Lmaoo Dominicans all the way bitch

Queens Village, NY

#63 Jan 14, 2014
Because they want to know where the good salons are to get their hair done.

Milford, MA

#65 Jan 16, 2014
Tu Maldita Madre wrote:
Yo its cause we are beautiful people. The AAs want to claim us and represent ourself as one if them. I guessing the AAs want to beautified their "brothas and sistas" more by claiming us. We dont want to be asociate with AAs due to the heavy stereotypes about them. We are our own people.

Macon, GA

#66 Mar 5, 2014
Because they look like black women....big booty, juicy lips....EXTREME sex appeal

United States

#67 Mar 5, 2014
The social institutions in the dominican republic are different from the social institutions in america. The so-called African Americans have been socialized differently than the black dominicans or latinos for that matter. There so many mechanisms in place that keep us socially divided from our brothers and sisters who carry the gene poole of the original inhabitants (Black Man) of this planet. Moreover, blacks are the most discriminated against all over the world. There is no denying this. However, we have to acquire wisdom so that we can unite to help rebuild what we have lost. Much love to my brothers and sisters from the D.R. And all the black people who have endured the oppresion throughout this world. Peace.
aye mami

United States

#68 May 1, 2014
First off, I am Creole/Dominican and I look black and it use to upset me that people said I look black when I was clearly mixed I had a mother 100% Creole American NOT! Haitian but American and for ya'll that don't know their were a lot of mixing down south and a lot of mixed children was being born and was too light to be called black and they had rights to own slaves and marry white men but anywho my Pa is 100% Dominican. And I tell people I am Dominican and Creole they didn't know wtf I was talking about. So a lot of African Americans don't know about Dominicans. African Americans are very mixed too I kno plenty of blacks here in my state that look Spanish or mixed. My best friend black and she is light skin and I tease her cause her blonde hair made look her white and it hurted her and I didn't know but she tease me and saying I look black and I won't front it piss me off! So what I am saying is you never know what people are my ex Bf was Dominican he looked black lol Fr and he had nappy hair and everything lol. But yes I love me and my race and I have nothing against African American I have met a lot of beautiful black girls and fine ass black boys. I hate racist people!

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