Well, the title pretty much said it. I'm looking for native Haitian Creole (Krey˛l speakers with a scholastic understanding of the language and with various technical aptitudes - music, video gaming, computers, etc - who are interested in volunteering to localize open source software (OSS) packages. The issue is that almost all OSS packages have no localization support for Krey˛l thus leaving users to use whichever language interface is most understood by them. Those with free time and a desire to promote the Krey˛l language can help change this.

1) There is a service called Transifex which some OSS packages use to manage their translations. You'd have to register an account (free) to perform/edit/upload your translation. An example is Aria Maestosa, an OSS MIDI editor/tracker. It's Transifex localization page can be found here:


2) Many OSS packages use .po and .pot files to manage their translations. There is an OSS package that allows users to create localized .po files from a .pot file. This package is called Poedit and can be downloaded (free) from here:


Poedit lacks localization support for Krey˛l. After downloading and installing Poedit, you can also download its .pot file:


open it with Poedit, see how the interface functions, and start translating!

Personally, i have contributed and maintained Spanish and Italian translations for several OSS packages such as Aria Maestosa, DeSmuME, PCSX-R, and Briquolo. Before my translations, there was no support for these languages in those software packages. I have great interest in seeing Krey˛l supported in the aforementioned packages and others as well.

There is no monetary reward for helping to localize these software packages. However, you may find that you:

*) develop a better understanding of your own language;
*) learn more about the source language of the packages on which you work;
*) desire to learn other languages;
*) help and facilitate another native speaker of your language use a piece of software;
*) see your native language promoted through your own work;
*) encourage others to appreciate or even begin to learn/study your native language;
*) have another volunteer activity to add to your CV;

If you have any questions regarding how to use Poedit, would like links to the .pot files of packages that i would like to see localized for Krey˛l, need more information on OSS packages in general or anything related to this post, please add your comments to this thread. Additionally, if you are not interested in this at all, but know someone who might be, you're welcome to forward and/or translate this post and publish it other places on the Internet and/or send it in private communication.

Finally, i would like to leave you with a link to the Haitian Creole spell checker (based on Hunspell - another OSS package) for the Firefox browser:


His interest in promoting the Haitian Creole language has brought it to the fingers of Firefox users. With your help, Krey˛l can also be available to users of many other OSS packages.