Brooklyn, NY

#242 Sep 20, 2013
Any part of the world where there is or slavery exist people of african roots always claim that they are exactly the same as the people who rape there african foreparents, the domonican relublic is number one, tiano indian was brutally exterminated by white people but today domonican most of them black love white people and say that they are white. On wamu a kenyan island where slavery once exist all the blavk african say that they are irinian,sudan black african sat that they are arab,more than 30,000 west ftican from Mali say that they are Brazilian because in the 1800s there great grandparents use to kidnapp other African for a brazillian man to been sold into slavery,domonican are one of those unwanted individual who come into the world through force sex and incest,that,s why they are so hateful.

Since: Sep 13

Milford, MA

#243 Sep 21, 2013
Jacob12Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
Your a dumb ass hatians speak a broken forum of French dose that make them French ? Lol no it makes there slave owners French ! Why ? Because they speak their slave owners language. Further more if you think being A Dominican is a race or B Spanish is a race or you are sadly mistaken. Let's give you the befitt of the doubt and say you are 10 % blAck your still black ! Dumb ass that's why Dominicans are lAuging stocks/ pedro Martinez ? what is he ? Or bigg papi if either of those guys spoke French he'd just be a hatian. So much more I could name you guys are jokes lost pll you domicans are black ass hell ! You be Burt up talking about I ain't black looking like Spanish speaking monkies eating planinos doing African rain dancing dressing and thuging like negros in america while self hating your self. fuck out of here ! Nigger please ! And what you think because you live in Europe your something ? Your full of shit ! Bitch you at the bottom of the food chain .
Lmao domican is not a race; Dominican republic is a section on a Lil dirty ass island you guys share with hati; first of all that's not even what the origanal ppl on the land called it ! It's what the Spanish dubbed it ! So how the hell is your race what some person nick named a island ? You have Africa, Europe, Arab, indains, Asian and Israelite ! Now what race do you fall under bitch ! Your fucking mutts; product of raped ansestors Indians African slaves and nasty cave monkey stinking ass Europeans, that's what you are bitch ! That's the truth ! Being American is not a race ! Why ? Because it's all difrent races in this country you dumb bitch !!! So to make a statement and say Dominicans are not black it's just an ignorant lie ! Now you just look dumb and lost and uneducated ! Smh your trying to tell me David Ortiz is not an African ! Ain't he Dominican you dumb bitch !!! All those black ass baseball player; l them black ass ppl in d.r ?!?! Smdh

Since: Sep 13

Milford, MA

#244 Sep 21, 2013
This b^%^% is sad; shes a product of rape; now she has no idea who or where the hell she came from !!!! Blaim the so called white man for centuries of rape Robbery and murder ! What is big papi ( David Ortiz ) is he black or dose he come from Spain ?!?! Lmao

Miami, FL

#246 Sep 27, 2013
Sorry dominicans but you have African genes in you, you are black!! Umm maybe read a little bit about your history. You were Indians then they brought slave ships here then the slaves had sex with the Indians and yup you're black. And if you need more prof maybe look in the mirror
Dr ramond amonny


#247 Sep 28, 2013
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#248 Oct 6, 2013

Lawrenceville, GA

#249 Oct 12, 2013
I'm a Dominican born American. I consider myself Hispanic American. I am proud of my black heritage :"D. I think it's cool cuz I'm light skin and when I tell people I am dominican they are like "u don't look dominican." Or "wow a white dominican" cuz most ppl in the D.R are dark skin. also I have an accent that's not spanish nor dominican. It's unique so ppl are always curious to know where I am from. I ignore those ignorants dominicans who denied that they are black. If Dominicans have african descent then they are black. Idk why they take it so offensively! It's like being black is something bad to them. Black people are human beings too. Wether dark skin or light skin we were all created by the same God. Quit judging on appearences. I hate it when dominicans who are black want to be white. Like sammy sosa! I think the ones who are mostly racist are the dark skin which is fucked up. You ain't white, and you ain't got blue blood lol ;)

Bucharest, Romania

#250 Oct 15, 2013
Dominicans are Blacks who speak Spanish thanks to the Spaniards but don't lie to yourself that you are mixed with White Spaniards , 95% of you are Black.

The standard of living in neighborhoods you colonize in USA hit rock bottom .

The only reason that tourism is good in your country is because White Cubans run it .

Bucharest, Romania

#251 Oct 15, 2013
! I think the ones who are mostly racist are the dark skin which is f#cked up. You ain't white, and you ain't got blue blood lol ;)

Lol agree please don't mix with the Black Dominicans . Keep your kids as light as possible.

Bucharest, Romania

#252 Oct 15, 2013
Drake wrote:
Sorry dominicans but you have African genes in you, you are black!! Umm maybe read a little bit about your history. You were Indians then they brought slave ships here then the slaves had sex with the Indians and yup you're black. And if you need more prof maybe look in the mirror
d nigerian boy

Sutton Coldfield, UK

#253 Oct 15, 2013
Genevieve11 wrote:
<quoted text>
I dun know how this sht got pass me...I can't believe you followed me all the way into the latin forums..lol wow...you're really into me huh? You talkin bat how big you are and how my puzz comes first and how much you hate me as a yank but at the same time wanna lick my puzz and @zz you nasty slut. Lol Gtfoh I mean I know I'm fine but dam you like a dog in heat. I guess that pic of my tits sent you over the edge...you gonna deny it to save face but that okay I understand lol. Btw yo gf doesn't need to know abt us. It'll be our little secret.
Baby! no point for the bra gay boy, just let me handle this carefully with no stress. My tongue is very long and wide like a river so i wanna taste that sweet puzz and @zz:) i hope it doest't stink though?:)

Anaheim, CA

#254 Oct 15, 2013
d nigerian boy wrote:
<quoted text>
Baby! no point for the bra gay boy, just let me handle this carefully with no stress. My tongue is very long and wide like a river so i wanna taste that sweet puzz and @zz:) i hope it doest't stink though?:)
I dunno I only go for my latin papis. Are u latino?
Va te faire le pompier

North Augusta, SC

#255 Oct 19, 2013
Prophet wrote:
I was asked was I dominican and Im pure black/brown no white na for 3 or 4 generations. I am not mixed but my skin is brown I rep 100 percent African ancestry. Most dominicans are atleast 60 percent African.
But I choose to be pro-European! My right and no one can't tell what should I inspire to be! Don't need your acceptance!

Bronx, NY

#256 Oct 21, 2013
Oscar wrote:
fck outta here im not black im dominican i hate black people i dnt give a shit about african heritage im dominican
Bernie Mac quotes from Don't be a Menace:I hate you black bastards YOU STINK!!, I hate cho black skin, I hate cho black pants, I Hate Black Pepper!!, I hate black keys on a piano, I hate my gums because they're black, I hate Whoopi Goldberg's lips, I hate Forest Whitaker's neck Agh!, And most of all I hate that blackass Wesley Snipes, MOVE IT!!

Brooklyn, NY

#257 Nov 4, 2013
UruEuWauWau wrote:
<quoted text>
Ya see, that's what I'm sayin', my utterly retarded Yank sheboonilla desperat pet for some Latin stiff macho duyck like mine. ;-) The fact is, ya've been hangin' on Latin forums spoutin' crap & baittttin' in Yank broken English instead of Spanish. ;-D Now dun get me wrong, but I reckon ya fit much better in that AFAM circus. ;-)
Here we go again. What is your obsession with me. You're so damn stupid. If anybody is sprouting crap, it's always you. I do not speak broken english. You can't even speak english. You come to every forum and harass people with your stupidity. STFU and go sit your ignorant azz somewhere, I'm tired of you.

Lenoir, NC

#259 Nov 7, 2013
Do your research, dominicans are black or of african decent trust me i know. On another note not all AA have nappy hair
Le trou de balle wrote:
I second Spark comments.
They are trying to humiliate us and call us racist because THEY WANT US TO SWALLOW THE HAITIAN AND BECOME A SATELLITE OF HAITI!
This is why we dominican must reject the US, France, Canada and the friends of Haiti!
More racists are the Haitian who exterminate whites and mulato in the past and will not tolerate them in their land (of course for now they because they need them for their imperial conquest of the island Hispaniola)!

Lynnwood, WA

#260 Nov 7, 2013
You are very wrong because if you simply do not call yourself black to avoid being confused with African Americans (who btw you do not look different than), then why do Dominicans be calling themselves white including ones who are very dark. Would that not get you confused for a viking? You are making excuses for the reason why you do not want to face the reality of what you are. You can delude yourself to believe whatever you want but the fact is...there is a big difference between opinions and facts.

If you cracked open a history book then you would see how black you really are. I look more "Mexican" than a large herd of Dominicans, and gasp... I am black and white.

It does not matter whether you like Haitians and what happened in your history. You are still black. I do not like Hitler but I am still part German!

I cannot believe practically an entire nation is filled with such racist, superficial people who are lying to themselves.
I would recommend to most of you to get a book and study a little bit more about Latin History, and most importantly DOMINICAN history to understand where we (Latinos/Dominicans) came from.
Nowdays, most dominicans are very proud of their heritage, knowing where we came form makes who we are now. In fact, I remember when in school we used to make fun of how stupid the indians/blacks where and we used to hate on the Spaniards for murderers, abusiveness, and rapers. However, now, all that is somehow in the past. Now, we are 1 nation and 1 culture "Dominican Rep"!! and we intermingle with each other no matter the race. We don't have the need to call each other black dominicans, white dominicans as US have the need to differentiate AA.
Defining DOMINICANS as not black or white, has nothing to do with the color of our skin in most cases: 1. Even though that most of us has the black in the back of the ear, not all dominicans look black.
2. Is what you take as reference and what it actually means, WITHIN the island, calling someone black means REALLY dark... otherwise, you are mulato or sometimes they would say indiesito to differentiate another shade of black.
3. This let me to Black = Haitians and subconsciously dominicans don't like to be resemble to Haitians in any way, shape or form. Again, to understand, I recommend you DR history of 1820-1844. and
4. in US we don't call our self black because of the general connotation it carries. Black = AA and we are just not!! in general, we are not the same!! we don't look the same, we don't act the same, we don't value the same things, we are just not you!! But, saying this does not mean I denigrate my/your race either. Nevertheless, we don't call our self white either! We consider in general "White Americans" very boring.
Now leaving in the US, I always have found curious why would black people call them self African Americans. You are American and that's it!!! I don't see white people calling them self Irish american? Don't you see that even though slavery was abolish years ago, They still are separating you from them. Like you guys are not the same thing??
I am Dominican and I am proud of my African race,it gave me my flavor, my passion, as well as my Indian race, and of my Spaniard race, it refined me, it gave me security, sensuality, etc.. All of them gave me MY culture which is 100% different than American culture and somewhat different than any other Hispanic culture.

Oxnard, CA

#261 Nov 11, 2013
The only reason Dominicans have a Latino culture is because they wer colonized by Spain. Everyone knows that you are primarily Latino, you guys make that very clear but over 73 percent of domenican have some type of black ansestry. Just because you may not particularly black yourself doesn't mean the rest of your country is not. I'm black Mexican and Philippino and get mistaken for a domenican person by other Latinos. No one is saying choose to be black or Latino. Just remember that Africa is apart of your ansestors past and stop with all the self loathing. There is nothing wrong with being multy cultural.

Baltimore, MD

#262 Nov 18, 2013
Dominicans are black know your history, weather you have so called nappy hair or not,you have more African-American blood in you.

Fresh Meadows, NY

#263 Nov 21, 2013
Real Dominicans have straight,curly or wavey hair..all features are white are spaniard looking...the purest Dominicans which is rare to fine have blond hair with blue or green eyes...yes you may look white but if you have nappy hair or black feature I'm sorry but you're black..if you look black then your black and that's all to it

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