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#219 Aug 13, 2013
Chris wrote:
I have good hair & I'm mixed with multiples nationalities.
Lol dam now we know you black cuz only ignorant black ppl talk like"I got gud hair y'all" lol

Los Angeles, CA

#220 Aug 13, 2013
UruEuWauWau wrote:
<quoted text>
Klok!! Mira eta 'genevieve11' pendeja chupapija yanki! ;-D K eh k vo kere putita chica mala yanki, kere mamal mi leche o vel gota?! ;-D Like I told ya so many times, byatch,'America' starts in the former Russian Alaska & ends in the southmost Argentina & Chile. ;-) In other words, DomInicans & DominIcans are already 'Americans'. ;-D Now, most of DomInicans ain't seen as black, not even in the ole Yankland, simply cause they're profiled by the ole Yankland's PDs are 'Hispanics' or 'Latins', but Yank IViggers/Blacks/AAs/Black Creoles are surely profiled by the very same ole Yankland's PDs as 'Blacks' or 'IViggers', so ya better stop inventin' crap, & self projectin' yo' delusional Yank hoodrat crap on other foreign peeps ya dunno a shyat 'bout, ya know I'm sayin'. ;-) The same goes to ya, here I wanna see ya spout crap in Spanish, not English, ya bisexual Yank delusional ho. X hy me kite. ;-D
I dun know how this sht got pass me...I can't believe you followed me all the way into the latin're really into me huh? You talkin bat how big you are and how my puzz comes first and how much you hate me as a yank but at the same time wanna lick my puzz and @zz you nasty slut. Lol Gtfoh I mean I know I'm fine but dam you like a dog in heat. I guess that pic of my tits sent you over the gonna deny it to save face but that okay I understand lol. Btw yo gf doesn't need to know abt us. It'll be our little secret.

Norfolk, VA

#221 Aug 14, 2013
i thinkmdominicans specially dark skinned never learned hostory. the only reason you speak spanish is because during slavery your adrica. language culture and for most part religion was stripped from you. the original peoples of the DR were tainos and arawaks indians and they were murdered amd killed by disease.

Brooklyn, NY

#222 Aug 19, 2013
Slark i cannot see you but i hear the tone in your voice my former girl friend was from the dr and she have that black issue ,her best friend whose skin is blacker than mine one dat to my surprise ask me if she look black dominican people call themselves spanish but most dominican never been to spain if a dominican fa milly move from the dr to spain if the spanish government let them in an have kids in spain that child nationality is dominican not spaniard or spanish. In the past people use to claim that they were decendance of the tiano indians ,Stulid the spaniard eliminate the tiano indiand from the dr in 42 years so if you not white what else you are your black i have one sister who look like she is from india i have no indian in my familly that is the wonder of the black race the black race have gene one our chromosone for every race.. Did you know that the oldest civilazation in mexico were black people they wete called the olmec people, the black people build the first world empire in babylon,nimrod the mighty one read it the bible the book of genesis,black people build the pyrimids of egypt, i know that the s as tanic spaniards dont teach you that .
el baradi

Brooklyn, NY

#223 Aug 22, 2013
I am a black man man from Jordan in the middle east I know this sound strange to all people in the domonican republic I visited the Dominican republic and I was shoked to see the high level of bigotery in that country, everbody is dark skin or brown skin but there is a dislike for people who are darker skin coloue you look loke a group of people under some kind of drugs, the Bible talk about a group of people called the nephielim mix blood between a human and demons the Bible discribe them as very wicked they were known to invent war,rape there mother,sister cousin,brother,kill there mother father ,practise homosexuality,drink blook eat dead people carcase or animal . When I was in the dr people told me domi.icans are just like them ancent nelhilims,selfhating hate there mother and sister snd everbody who look like themselves, now everybody know who domonicans sre

Washington, DC

#224 Aug 23, 2013
Catalina wrote:
<quoted text> thank you for saying this it is true some of us Dominicans may have dark skin it doesn't mean we are AA we look different have different hair and culture black is a skin color not a race Dominicans are mixed with Spaniard and Indian and a little AA just like AA are all so mixed with a lot of native American and White because of slavery but we are not the same if u look at more then just the skin color u would see it
Which in the United States, that means you will simply be seen as a Negro, period. I don't "look" Black, per se, but my birth cert. says in big bold letters, NEGRO..Damn proud of it too. I've simply chosen to live as a black man..not because the law says I have to by the one drop rule. Simply put, I want no allegiance to a race that has raped, butchered and oppressed people of color for centuries. My surname and light skin is simply passed down from the slavemaster, and nothing more.

In short, no one is trying to "get" you to be an AA, but simply see the reality that is how society (U.S.) will view you. No one is stopping you from being Dominican and having pride in your culture at all.

..Seriously..Try going to Spain and telling the Spainards you are one of "them". They will NEVER accept you as such.

Since: Nov 12

New York, NY

#225 Aug 24, 2013
Exactly. There's no difference in the mix at all. When I'm in the Bronx or Washington Heights, the Dominicans think I'm one of them. But now that my hair in Blond and bushy they know better. It's a hot look, but they could N-E-V-E-R be that real.
Sad really.
selasi I

Bronx, NY

#226 Aug 30, 2013
I know somebody black, black to the max one day ask me if she look black,at first i thought she was joking at that time I did not know that domonican cannot recognise colour,she told me in the domonican republic she was told that there skin was indian colour,that make me more consfused,I told her to to look at the hair in her groin area and see it was dread low to the bone. most domonican dont know that is you are even mix and if you have more than 50% more black blood you are black not white.domonican dont know that whit people skin are not black or dark like mst domonican.

San Jose, CA

#227 Aug 30, 2013
Ok your Dominican not black but a black person or someone of dark skin from Dr can say the same the same the same thing to they're Dominican not black black is an ethnic group and skin color they're ethnic group is Latino but they're skin color is just dark

Ashburn, VA

#228 Aug 30, 2013
That was so ignorant other races speak how do Americans call it .... um slang like whites Hispanic and Asian stop making assumptions and btw I'm indian and black
bob dominican american

Ridgewood, NY

#229 Sep 5, 2013
to all the story tellers heres the truth dominicans are native indians then spain comes in kills rapes and marry native indians tainos arawak then the brough small amount of africans to the spanish side. the african unlike america were free way earlier. then whites and blacks indians mixed creating dominicans the hatian invaded raped for 30 years so now a different mix of dominicans emerges then trujillo the dictator desides to mix the race more to lighten it so we have europeans from germany russia jews polish mixed in new dominican race emerges the during slavery in america dr open its doors to yes african american so they can live free that why you have dominican with american names. then to build rail road we let in chinese japenses arabs plalestianian syrians argentinians st kitt st thommas trinidad dominica all that mix is not african american.african americans tend to have an irish or english dna. find me african americans that look like a a rod oscar de la renta michelle rodriguez miss usa from dr. and regarding hating our african parts of our make thats dumb cause all people date black women from all over the world. most african american women dont want other race men period

Baltimore, MD

#230 Sep 6, 2013
It's said that the DEVIL has every one screwed up it's about the evil race and the good race

Brooklyn, NY

#231 Sep 8, 2013
Spark you are just one of the many dum domonican when you all open your mouth foolishness come flying out in rapid sucession, not all black people have fat lips or big nose come out of the dark domonican cave you live in and see the light for the first time,black pelple in africa ethiopian most dont have fat nose,or nappy hair,also some tribe in sudan ,tanzania,egypt,daudi arebia, mali, southern india have about 400 million really black skin people even blacker than african black indian dont have fat nose or nappy hair. I know many black domonican without fat nose or nappy hair ,aborigine people in austrailia dont have nappy hair but there skin is black ex presedent molina of the domonican republic have put a curse on all domonican people to be hateful and stupid.

Brooklyn, NY

#232 Sep 8, 2013
The first shipment of african slave that was taken to the so called New world was taken to santa domingo in the dr after the spaniard kill all the tiano indian,people at that there were no country name haiti , it take 50 years to kill the indian people that,s more than 500 years 1939 presedent moline complain to general franco of spain that domonican people was too black and there too many of them. general franco arrest all prostitute in spain and deport them to the domonican republic saying that he is whitining doonican people, presedent molina kill 50,000 domonican people black and brown . In the domonican relublic brown skin people claim that they are white. Now the world know why domonican are screwed up in there brains about ehat is what.

Brooklyn, NY

#233 Sep 8, 2013
Domonican people are predomoninantly black ,there are a lot of mixing over in that country but the african blood is dominant thete more black skin or dark skin people in the dr thsn the light skin people as time goes on wil get darker and darker like before former presedent molina import 50,000 prostitute from spain into the domonican republic saying he whiting domonican people no doubt they kill him, i am from the caribbean and i travel to almost all island only domonican people deny african blood,dark and mix blood black people live in every island but only the hateful brute in the domonican republic hate themselves.
miguel dominican american

Ridgewood, NY

#235 Sep 9, 2013
dominican have spaniard blood. in spaniard blood is arab blood wasp blood.alabaster skin brown dark olive men white blond blue eyed men hair straight to dark oily curly frizzy coarse. native american blood tan skin straight thick to fine hair native eyes. black african light to black dark skin.different eye colors for all groups curly coarse hair.we mixed it up with some japanese and other carribeans. dominican republic during slavery in the united states opened its doors to thousands of african amrericans to come live in DR TO ESCAPE the horrors of southern racist other country anywhere wanted african americans. jews also had a welcome matt in DR. i would say dominicans love african americans. white americans. but dominicans dont want to be any other race but dominican cause we are mixed. its awesome we can date any color girl with any kind of hair we want.africans and spanish inter married not raped.during slavery ther might have been dr we abolsihed slavery before the pilgrims landed in america. so euro dominicans and african dominicans mixed to make dominicans.but you have to admit spanish culture is beautiful. thats so important to all latinos. food music culture mixed culture. spain atrocities were so long ago that its not something to hate spaniards about. english dont mix look at usa trinidad guyana jamiacaor any terrritory they owned theres not a majority of mixed people..dr pr cuba u can see spanish mixed slept with african women narive american women and mixed women. so all that intermarrying makes us too mixed to hate white people black people or any people.but we are dominicans not black or white those are colors we are dominicans mixed and proud

Ridgewood, NY

#236 Sep 9, 2013
also try to under stand dominican usa history. dominican republic is older than usa like other latin countries.dominicans were in the usa before african americans and euro americans not including west coat usa.jan rodrigues is dominican and was the first guy man person not native american to live on manhattan island.also what some african americans say of dominicans that we want to be white spaniard. i would say most of african american culture is really white english mixed with african. for example african americans speak english thats not an african language. african americans dont speak or try to spaek any african language that was lost but can be recuperated cause those african countries still exist.but african americans enjoy ther english language and culture. dominicans also feel the same of spanish culture

Ballwin, MO

#237 Sep 10, 2013
Spark wrote:
I am Dominican and call myself Latino. I don't have fat lips or nose, don't have nappy hair and I look Mexican. I reside in Europe and when I met my Spanish teacher for the first time he said 'You look 'Spanish'(this is the way some Latinos call other Latinos) before he knew who I was.
Why should I call myself 'black' because some AA c*nt with issues on the Internet said so? And yes like most Latinos (sorry but even Mexicans have got like 3-5% black in them) I have some black in me (probably less than 10%).
It's true there are a lot of blacks and mulattoes in the DR but claiming all are is just as dumb as saying all Americans are white. And yes I am sure there are some Dominicans that are black or half black and don't want to be called black. My dad even told me a funny story about his black friend that had in his passport something like "dark Indian".(And I agree it's pretty stupid to do so) When you think about it some half blacks that don't want to be called black makes sense. If they were born in a Latino region, speak Latino language and share Latino culture and just because they are part black they don't want to be called black because they have never had any African culture in them (yes Latino music/food has some African features but rather insignificant)
You never see white people going around other people are white, or Asians trying to claim anyone who at least partly resembles them. On the other hand why AA try to claim other peoples? It's like if I had HIV or something I'd subconsciously (although would not probably admit it) want other people want it too. Same is if I had an F at school I don't want to be alone. Seems like you guys think black is a 'curse' and since you don't have any culture or achievements on your own you want other people feel the same. I am sorry since ancient Egyptians were most likely black (so much proof when you look in it) but even them got whitewashed so most people think they were aryan or 'dark whites' at most. By subscribing into this type of thinking you're automatically subscribing to white supremacy thinking.
Instead of looking up to people like Malcolm X so many black people have these idiots like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj or puppet Obama. These guys are purposefully chosen by whites to keep you in your ignorant position. I suggest that by investing time in yourselves will pay off much more than going around on the Internet claiming everyone is black so you don't feel that bad about yourselves. I also agree that it is very stupid for anyone especially non white (Latino) to be racist against blacks. Here in Europe everyone would be a victim of such abuse.
This guy is for example always racially attacked in the comments, frequently called the n word and when he was starting to rap he said that many times people purchased tickets just so they could heckle.
***I pray your a child and not an adult being this ignorant. I'm Dominican born and raised in the Bronx. My father is black Dominican and my mother is white. I indentify as Dominican but my RACE is (in this country) is considered black. Americans classify by race and we classify by culture. What they don't understand is we don't lump all ppl of African decent together. Blk ppl claim everyone bc that is how they're taught to. Dominican is an ethnicity not a race!!!!! It makes about as much sense to most Americans ears as a blk person going around saying "no I'm not black I'm American."

Ballwin, MO

#238 Sep 10, 2013
There was so little historical accuracy in your statement it is unbelievable you would try to pass it off as fact. I work in the forensic anthropology field and of the hundreds of DNA analysis done of Dominican individuals there are only about 1-2% of the population found to have ANY true Indian (Taino) ancestry. The Taino ppl died off (mostly from diseases in which they had no immunity to smallpox etc...) and also obviously terrible treatment before there was much race mixing with white Spaniards. I completely understand identifying as whatever you want but do yourself a favor and open a book. I don't know how you don't know more about your OWN ancestry. As for the "small dash" of black time and time again representative samples have shown that the majority of Dominicans are more than 50% African. African blood is seen in more genotypic features than skin color and coarse hair. If your Dominican your Dominican but I repeat please I beg you open a book!

United States

#239 Sep 10, 2013
Any time black blood is mixed with white blood 95 percent of the time you produce a self loathing trator take for example mix blood doomnican,in most black society the mullotto or mix blood people always a blood thirsty
machine always hating and killing leople who are a little darker than themselves,the fullblooded whit man oppose mixing his blood with black becsuse the offspring always become killers,hatemonger. Take for example mulloyo who was seen in Africa in the 15th century,raping his African mother and sisters,then selling his brothers and cousins to his white fathet,for looking glass ,salt ,a piece of rusty iron,hair comb or any garbage that the white man found on the streets of Europe. Fulgenco batists of Cuba was a mullotto he bar his black brothers from entering Havana trijillo Molina or domonican republic half of his familly was black he killed mor than 50,000 black and brown people in the domonican republic between 1939 to 1961. now people know that half man and demon live among us not only in the dsys of the antideluvians

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