US$300 million in just four hours
Cap Cana.- Within four hours of being launched in the presence of multi-millionaire Donald Trump, Cap Cana and The Trump Organization achieved record sales of lots at Farallón Trump at Cap Cana to the value of some US$300 million.
Presenting the project, Trump said he was going to continue investing in the Dominican Republic because the conditions for doing so are a given, and because the government provides confidence for him to proceed with his real estate plans.
Cap Cana consortium president Ricardo Hazoury said that the sales figure, which was achieved in just four hours and less than a day is the highest for a tourist housing project in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.
The number of plots sold was 64 out of 68, with prices starting from US$3 million, in the first phase of the product launched by the company formed between Cap Cana and The Trump Organization.
The investors in the project, called Farallón Trump at Cap Cana – 35% were from the Dominican Republic, about 30% from the United States and Puerto Rico and 30% from Venezuela, Spain and several Latin American countries.
“We are truly surprised at the speed at which these sales were achieved. Never has US$300 million been sold in such a short time in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean”, stated Trump.
He stressed that his friend Ricardo Hazoury, with whom he does business in this country, is in the Dominican Republic, and promised he would be inviting former U.S. president Bill Clinton, who is reported to have bought a property in the neighboring Punta Cana Resort, to invest in this project as well.