djiboutian salma

London, UK

#44 Jun 8, 2012
I am from djibouti .I don't consider myself as a somali because if I was born in djibouti why the hell would I say I'm somali.

Viva djibouti
Djiboutian forever xoxo
djiboutian salma

London, UK

#45 Jun 8, 2012
musa wrote:
its a shame to claim a land which belongs to another ethnic besides your own..Djibouti pelongs to Issa and Afar whether u accept it or not
djiboutian salma

London, UK

#46 Jun 8, 2012
Kunciil wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you kidding me? Why the hell would we join a broken Somalia? As much as we love you, we love our sovereignty even more.
Myself a Djiboutian Somali, I consider the Afar or Arab Djiboutian closer to me than someone from Hargeisa or Muqdisho. Djibouti has nothing to gain from joining Somalia!
And never will Djibouti be divided along ethnic lines! The Somali south and the Afar north will always be united. Djibouti is the only country in the Horn of Africa that doesn't have any secessionist movement. We fight for power but we never question the unity of Djibouti.
So thanks, but no thanks.
That's so true no offence but why are all these somalis beggin it to djibouti seriously u fresh somalis need to fix up DJIBOUTIANS ARE NOT SOMALI.get that in ur big foreheads allright

Nottingham, UK

#47 Jun 16, 2012
djiboutian salma wrote:
<quoted text>
That's so true no offence but why are all these somalis beggin it to djibouti seriously u fresh somalis need to fix up DJIBOUTIANS ARE NOT SOMALI.get that in ur big foreheads allright
You are right my friend! You are white french like your colonial masters. After all before European colonization Dijbouti were Somalis but when the French invaded you all magically turned into white French. This is what the dijoubis believes.
djiboutian princess

London, UK

#49 Jul 9, 2012
This is a debate about do people of DJIBOUTI consider themselves as somali not do people of somalia consider djiboutians as somalis.
So all these somalis can stop beggin it to djibouti

Since: May 10

Quartier 6, Djibouti

#50 Jul 22, 2012
djiboutian salma wrote:
<quoted text>That's so true no offence but why are all these somalis beggin it to djibouti seriously u fresh somalis need to fix up DJIBOUTIANS ARE NOT SOMALI.get that in ur big foreheads allright
djiboutian salma wrote:
Are you trying to be funny here? Djiboutien are Somalis and no one can ever change that!!

Since: May 10

Quartier 6, Djibouti

#51 Jul 22, 2012
Ok so first of all if that is the case i am sorry for my ignorance.
But i ask this question because it seams like Djiboutian people are in their own world. I mean i have never met some one form Djibouti call them self's Somali. i know yall speak Somali and Djibouti use to be a Somali state colonized by the French and then it got its independence first, that is why Djibouti is its own country today. But i also always asked my self why didn't Djibouti join back Somalia when the rest of Somalia got its independence and it was really nice?
It is weired to have an other country where the majority is Somali speaking people but don't call them self's Somali. Don't get me wrong i respect and love Djibouti as my own people but i just want your thoughts on this.
Mac Salama :)
How can a Somali consider him or herself a Somali? You are most definitely retarded!!
djiboutian princess

London, UK

#52 Jul 29, 2012
Fowsiya wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
Are you trying to be funny here? Djiboutien are Somalis and no one can ever change that!!
Don't lie to yourself bitch djiboutians are not somali they are afar and issas

Bradford, UK

#54 Jul 30, 2012
djiboutian princess wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't lie to yourself bitch djiboutians are not somali they are afar and issas
Lmao Afar and issas are gypsies who recently migrated to dijoubti. YOu must be a starving ethiopian claiming to be dijoubti lmao Mad that you're not a real Somali?
proud to be djiboutian

London, UK

#55 Aug 1, 2012
omg cant you jealous losers accept the fact that were djiboutian and NOT somali i dont care wheather one is issa, afar, arab at the end of the day we come into 1 category and thats being djibouti ;). Im sorry if i hurt your poor feelings but thats the truth this is what i say to whites, asians, arabs anyone i encounter that i am djiboutian and im proud

djibouti ha nolaato xxx
Ismail Mousa Djama

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#56 Aug 2, 2012
We are somalis and afars and yemens by birth but our common name is Djboutian. that is the answer of one of your questions.
the other why they did not join with Somali Republic the answer is as follows:
When they saw how Somaliland is swolled and that Ex-Rulers of Somali and its people are not interested to see Great Somalia,Djibouti decided another path.

Ruislip, UK

#58 Aug 4, 2012
Although we're djibouti ( as in culture, dialect, our passion for life) our ethnicity is somali. Djibouti is a country of tolerence and a palce of refuge but we will never deny our history. And the reason why we're still seperate is that the somali attitudes and the djibouti attitude have chabged and separated pver the years

London, UK

#59 Aug 4, 2012
My name is Yasmine El fares
My mum is from djibouti and my dad is from morocco I was born and raised in djibouti I consider my self a djiboutian\moroccan not a somalian so end of debate.

Love Djibouti so much
Maghreb and djibouti

United States

#60 Nov 4, 2012
I am in mogadisho and i am somali . It is not doubt that somali and djabouti are same in each side especially the language.


#61 Nov 30, 2012
do people of djibouti concider them self's somali?? what kind of question is that? which one of them. afar? issa? arab? or somali this is the land which most of it owned by afar and some to issa. but not to the last too. yes issa my think as they are somali that is their agreement. but definetly Afar are not somali. so make ur question specific. but let me advise u one thing u should try to bring the rest of somali together and try to have one peaceful somalia in east africa. insha allah it will be one day. and it is oke about dj. issa and afar will talk about it. i believe it is beautiful as it is when it will have democratic leader. insha allah.
djibouti warrior

Milan, Italy

#62 Jan 9, 2013

Toronto, Canada

#63 Jan 24, 2013
If you go on the internet and look at historical records, studies, and anything remotely related to science it states clearly that ETHNICALLY Djibouti is made up of Somali's (~60%) and Afar's (~35%). Ethnically. However from a nationalist perspective they have decided (mostly, not all) to refer to themselves as Djiboutian's because of the fragmentation that occurred during colonialism and the lack of a Greater Somalia (which the Somalia constitution was built to work towards before it failed...). Therefore the answer to this is both yes and no. They are Somali by blood (mostly) but by birth they are something else. I'm sure some loser will probably say he/she somehow knows better than people who have spent their whole lives studying the region and that some obscure history they believe in makes them less Somali, but no.
Afar and proud

Dunkerque, France

#64 Feb 12, 2013
ali hee wrote:
<quoted text> uh habash shut up. This is somalian talking to each other. Yes jibouty are true brothers. Smail geele walaahi he try everything to make one somali government.
Regardez moi qui parle ?? mon cher ami faudrait que tu te ressources .Les afars sont plus dignes que toi et ils sont chez eux ,c'est pas toi qui est entrer clandestinement hier qui les dégagera.Justement,pour te donner un peu de leçon d'histoire géographie que t'a pas pu te procurer vu d'ou tu viens ,80% du territoire djiboutien appartient au peuple afar (triste réalité mon pauvre et sa ne changeras jamais ),il se trouvait meme a zaila donc ignorant que t'es et tu le resteras fallait pas debattre laisse les grands s'occuper de sa !! Pour conclure rien de plus inutile que de vouloir prouver quelque chose aux imbéciles.
true djiboutians

Dunkerque, France

#65 Feb 17, 2013
AquaFina wrote:
People from Djibouti are half-somali and half-xabashi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Djibouti will never been a part of somalia
SO still in your ignorance AND GO TO THE PSY

London, UK

#66 Feb 24, 2013
Djiboutian people don't speak somali as a somalian and its the same think when it comes to somalian expressing themself as djiboutian. We may have the same religion but not the same tradition as djibouti is a mixed race country. So I can't agree with someone telling me if ur from djibouti ur completely a somalian. I'm italian and my mum is djiboutian she is arab and ethiopian . So where do I fit to be a somalian . In fact we djiboutian are so multicultural that we speak many languages and that's what makes us djiboutian (multicultural) not as some kind of rejective somalian saying we are not because somalia is in trouble etc...

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