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#335 Aug 1, 2008
Shkijet e nones wrote:
Things that serbias has lost last decade
1. Slovenia
2. Macedonia
3. Croatia
4. Bosnia and Hercegovina
5. Montenegro
6. Republic of Kosovo
Things that they will lose in the future
1. Vojvodina to Hungary
2. Presheva, Bujanovc to Kosovo
3. Sancak will be devided between Bosnia and Kosovo.
Serbia will be smaller than my balls.
Things that Serbia have won.
1. Fake pro-EU government
2. Eurovision which nobody gives a fuck about apart from Slavic countries.
3. Free shopping during protesting.
4. Nothing else.
you did a good job...but don't forget that serbs did many more crimes!


#336 Aug 19, 2008
As I see it, it is no one here who likes Serbs .. recently, I have begun to understand what they are for the kind of people they are as hungry wolves, there is absolutely nothing in the Balkans, which belongs to them, and with propaganda and violence, they have managed to equip themselves berömelese and respect throughout the world ...
We should give a helping hand to the Serbs but not to allow the return of control as our ancestors did Illyrerna ... Thanks to Illyrerna mercy so does Slaverna / The Serbs managed to achieve what they have done today ...


#338 Aug 28, 2008
albania rules the world
say somethink ********
Predsjednica Cupi

Novi Sad, Serbia

#339 Aug 28, 2008
albo wrote:
albania rules the world
say somethink ********
Jebala te vise albanija puna vasaka!

Since: Jun 08

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#340 Aug 29, 2008
albo wrote:
albania rules the world
say somethink ********
serbs rule gypsies.
that's not bad,eh!

Giussano, Italy

#341 Dec 6, 2008
albania is the country of eagles,and albanians are eagles.we are the best in the world.many people dont want to accept this,but the truth burns,albanians are simply the best.

Stoughton, WI

#342 Dec 16, 2008
supp john cena
Shqiptar si krejt dunjaja

Tetovo, Macedonia

#343 Jan 4, 2009
feja Muslimane nuk osht fe terroristave chi mendojn do po feja Muslimane osht fe e zotit qe zoti e ka shpall ket fe vet Pejgamberi Isau [jesusi] vet ka then un jam ktu vech me ju kallzu se ekziston 1 Zot edhe besone at edhe ka me ardh ni njeri qe ka me ju udheheq me mir se un e ai esht Muhamedi s.a.l.s edhe n Bibel osht e shkrume kja fjal te bibla e vertet e jo te ajo qe e kan perkthy edhe ku pe choni ma larg me sa mend do mendojn se Isau [jesusi] osht Zot zoti na rujt pi tynve e tani mendojn se Isau [jesusi]po i ndihmon jo mor burr Isau [jesusi] nuk po ju ndihmon po Zoti qe osht Allahu edhe do qe e refuzojn ket fen e vertet t zotit let lexojn Kur'anin binden vet wlla tung Zoti ju bekoft :D

Staten Island, NY

#344 Jan 4, 2009
Bosnia and Herzegovina include parts of the ancient territories of Illyria (the south and west) and Pannonia (the northeast). Several tribes of pre-Roman times are known for their mining activities, and a few minted their own coins, influenced by the Greek colonies of the Illyrian coast. The area was conquered by the Romans during the last two centuries BC.
The Slavs arrived in the 7th century, some possibly invited by the weakening Byzantine Empire to defend the frontier against other invaders. Bosnia is mentioned as a distinct territory for the first time in 958. It was alternately dominated by Croats and Serbs until the accession of the Hungarian King to the Croatian crown in 1102, which also extended Hungarian rule to Bosnia. After a short-lived Byzantine reconquest about 1160-70, Bosnia is mentioned as independent by a Byzantine chronicler. The first named independent Bosnian ruler is Kulin (1180-1204). The most powerful of medieval Bosnia's rulers, Tvrtko I, had himself crowned King in 1377. A series of Turkish invasions beginning in 1388, culminated in 1463 with the death of the last Bosnian King, Stefan Tomasevic, and Turkish occupation of most of the country
Albanian barbie

United States

#345 Jan 13, 2009
OK so im albanian born and raised... i am Very patriotic, to the point of my eagle tatoo on my wrist. so dont call me a traitor, when i say this but all of you guys are stupid as hell. its not going to do any good. no im not saying that i was never like that but i realized it was stupid. your all like "im going to kick your ass you stupid serb" uhme hello retard your behind a keaboard your not going to do shit. yes there is some serbs who i cant stand and there is a couple i love. there is some that are amazing. but no matter how much they piss me off i dont care. talkig shit over the internet is not going to make you big and bad. and yes albaians are way more bad ass but u doesnt matter. so just get on with your lives. get over it. its stupid, childish and embarrassing. but shit i still love you albanians and ur "tough"selves lol.
but really get over it.
Albanian barbie

United States

#346 Jan 13, 2009
*btw that wasnt to albanians only it was to all of you who act all bad ass behind the keyboard :)
Albo chickk

Norwalk, CT

#348 Jan 24, 2009
U guys are halarious and ofcourse retarded lolz
never laughed so hard in my life...
If JOhn Cena is an albanian, then good for him..
If you guys are albanians, your a definit disgrace...
Albanians are immature (albanian guys)
and if your trying to communicate in English, learn how to write that way... CUZ FROM WHAT I AM SEEING ITS NOT SO PRETTY lolzzz
--Dont get offended (at all)

Windsor, Canada

#349 Feb 21, 2009
He has no italian blood. I went went wiki and checked list of Italians, no John Cena, list of Albanians, yes John Cena, people are just making this up. Only his mother was born in Italy but thats all the Italian he has, a Albanian mother born in Italy, BIG DEAL!!!! Veryyyy Italian *sarcastic*
Nothing more of him is Italian. Lots of Albanians are mistaken for Italians, this has happened to me.

Windsor, Canada

#350 Feb 21, 2009
Albo chickk wrote:
U guys are halarious and ofcourse retarded lolz
never laughed so hard in my life...
If JOhn Cena is an albanian, then good for him..
If you guys are albanians, your a definit disgrace...
Albanians are immature (albanian guys)
and if your trying to communicate in English, learn how to write that way... CUZ FROM WHAT I AM SEEING ITS NOT SO PRETTY lolzzz
--Dont get offended (at all)
if you're Albanian, according to your name Albochick I must tell you there is people that will and won't fight, you cannot tell by nationality, and who really cares about Serbs, I don't but they are the fags that lined up, 2 million retards that were gonna drown themselves for kosovo, a some land that made no difference in their lives, but help the Albanians there. I ain't Kosovar, but beileve me I don't care about Serbs but Albanians are finer and more mature then these goddamned North Americans, their taught to speak too much shit without getting hit cause they can be quite the idiots. The conclusion is no matter how immature you may see alot in your community as, beileve me, accually go to Tirane, its different.
albanian barbie

Clarkston, MI

#355 Mar 2, 2009
blahhh blahhh blahh that is all im haring who cares if hes albanian or not !i dont get on with your life because he's making him self rich and not you! as my dad always sais "nuk eshte tu te thane buke me hanger tu ashe tu i than vetes vet me hanger" haahaha my dad is a boater


#356 Mar 2, 2009
"U" guzu mi nabijo kurac

"U" usta isto....

Sad mi se place.....

Hudsonville, MI

#357 Apr 1, 2009
hey a holes he is albo idiots f serbs

Tetovo, Macedonia

#360 May 19, 2009
hey laydes and gentelmen specialy albanians dont you have anything else clever to do exept chating about some X person with name John Cena that nobody of you knows him, so honestly people albanian barbie is right forget about him and lets see your lifes thru the miror where are you and who are you and what are you going to be in the future will you be somebody that you will be unforgetable in this world couse even acting is not so important many people can do that, but try to do something that its hard something that is real, and then say this is who am I and what I'v done, so please leave him and look at your self ALBANIANS...

Zweibrücken, Germany

#361 Jun 7, 2009
Vèllezér e Motra, a skemi tema mé té mencura se temat e disa Personave té cilét as qé jan té vlershém diskusionit. Sa i pérket personave publikisht té njohur duhet me i dhéné réndési njerézve si Néné Terezés ( Gonxhe Bojaxhiu ) ose Ismail Kadare, e Ferid Murat. Ato jan personalitete té cilét ishin shembuj té miré pér njerzimin.
A vama Srbi, rekao bi da prvo pocnete svoja sranja cistit i prestat zivit lazima i intrigama. Vjekovima ste vi pisali Istoriju kako ste vi htjeli, svoju Istoriju mozete nac u Evropskim arhivama a ne u svojima jer su vase vec tako napisane kako se vama svidelo. Pomirite se sa sudbinom i ne hvatajte se sa slamcice kad tonete. A vrijedjanja po netu i rezultirati nekim ludim ideologijama to ni vama ne pomaze. Vasi su politicari donijeli svoj narod do vrata pakla, a vi ste ih podrzavali i najebali. Sad je bar vreme da se okrenete sebi i da ne zivite u doba nekakvih kraljeva, 21 vek je i danas globalizacija mjenja stvari.

Sterling Heights, MI

#362 Jun 12, 2009
i am albanian too and i heard rumors that u were from your grandfather and i was curious if u can email me at [email protected].... p.s you cant see me lol

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