CCP Factions; sorting the criminals

CCP Factions; sorting the criminals

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Port Moody, Canada

#1 Jun 14, 2013
Factional Identity of Members of the New Politburo (as of 2013)

Listing:Name, Birth year, Age, Birthplace, Leadership post (responsibilities), and Factional camp (background):

Xi Jinping* 1953 60 Beijing Party secretary general, chairman of CMC, PRC president Jiang (princeling)

Li Keqiang* 1955 58 Anhui Premier, State Council Hu (tuanpai)

Zhang Dejiang* 1946 67 Liaoning Chairman, National People’s Congress Jiang (princeling)

Yu Zhengsheng* 1945 68 Zhejiang Chairman, CPPCC Jiang (princeling)

Liu Yunshan* 1947 66 Shanxi Executive secretary, Secretariat (Party affairs) Jiang

Wang Qishan* 1948 65 Shanxi Secretary, CCDI (anti-corruption) Jiang (princeling)

Zhang Gaoli* 1946 67 Fujian Executive vice premier, State Council (macroeconomic affairs, energy, environment) Jiang

Ma Kai 1946 67 Shanghai Vice premier, State Council (finance, transportation, telecommunication) Jiang (princeling)

Wang Huning 1955 58 Shanghai Director, CCP Policy Research Center (domestic and foreign policy formation) Jiang (Shanghai Gang)

Liu Yandong (f) 1945 68 Jiangsu Vice Premier, State Council (education, public health, science and technology) Hu (tuanpai)

Liu Qibao 1953 60 Anhui Head of CCP Propaganda Department Hu (tuanpai)

Port Moody, Canada

#2 Jun 14, 2013
Xu Qiliang 1950 63 Shandong Vice Chairman, CMC Jiang

Sun Chunlan (f) 1950 63 Hebei Tianjin Party Secretary Hu

Sun Zhengcai 1963 50 Shandong Chongqing Party Secretary Jiang

Li Jianguo 1946 67 Shandong Vice chairman, NPC Hu

Li Yuanchao 1950 63 Jiangsu Vice president of PRC Hu (tuanpai)

Wang Yang 1955 58 Anhui Vice premier, State Council (commerce, agriculture, prevention of natural disasters) Hu (tuanpai)

Zhang Chunxian 1953 60 Henan Xinjiang Party Secretary Jiang

Fan Changlong 1947 66 Liaoning Vice chairman, CMC Hu ?

Meng Jianzhu 1947 66 Jiangsu Secretary, Commission of Political Science and Law (law and order, public security) Jiang (Shanghai Gang)

Zhao Leji 1957 56 Shaanxi Head of CCP Organization Department Jiang ?

Hu Chunhua 1963 60 Hubei Guangdong party secretary Hu (tuanpai)

Li Zhanshu 1950 63 Hebei Director, CCP General Office Jiang ?


Port Moody, Canada

#3 Jun 14, 2013
Guo Jinlong 1947 66 Jiangsu Beijing party secretary Hu

Han Zheng 1954 59 Shanghai Shanghai party secretary Jiang (Shanghai Gang)

* Politburo Standing Committee member

KEY: CCP = Chinese Communist Party; CDIC = Central Commission for Discipline Inspection; CMC = Central Military Commission; CPPCC = Chinese People’s Political
Consultative Conference; (f)= female

SOURCE: Cheng Li,“Opportunity Lost? Inside China’s leadership transition,” Foreign Policy Online, November 16, 2012. Updated on May 25, 2013.

Port Moody, Canada

#4 Jun 14, 2013
No surprise at all that they are all senile fossils and members of one "gang" or another.....

Crude, primitive warlord politics in China.

Poor China.

Port Moody, Canada

#5 Jun 14, 2013
This is from the following analysis which is freely available on the net for intelligent forumites who can read, but will be of little interest to half-witted semi-literate boot lickers of the CCP and traitors to China, of course:

A Biographical and Factional Analysis of the
Post-2012 Politburo
Cheng Li
This essay offers data about the new Politburo of the Chinese
Communist Party—the 25 highest-ranking leaders in the party,
government, and military in present-day China.1 This biographical data
includes distributions of age, gender, and birthplace; educational and
occupational credentials; bureaucratic portfolio and career patterns;
and political affiliations and factional backgrounds. Norms of elite
selection can be induced from such data, which allows a broad-based
quantitative and qualitative analysis of the changes within the top
leadership. Findings include the ascendancy of leaders with experience
as provincial party secretaries, a swift decline of technocrats, and the
appearance of a new form of the factional balance of power. The essay
concludes with a preview of the leading contenders for the next
Politburo and its supreme Standing Committee.*

Port Moody, Canada

#7 Jun 14, 2013
The CCP gang leaders are GETTING OLDER AND OLDER, just like the Politburo in the dead USSR in its death throes.......


"This much-anticipated leadership transition was supposed to constitute a generational change
of the top leadership in the CCP––from the fourth generation of leaders, who were mostly
born in the 1940s and completed their college education prior to the Cultural Revolution, to
the fifth generation of leaders, the majority of whom were born in the 1950s and lived their
formative years during the Cultural Revolution. Ironically, however, CCP Secretary General
Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang—the youngest members of the PSC formed at the 17th
Party Congress over five years ago—have remained the youngest members of this latest PSC
selected at the 18th Party Congress. Xi and Li are the only two leaders in the new PSC who
were born in the 1950s (see table 1, on page 4). Xi and Li are now surrounded by five new
members of the 18th PSC who are roughly three to five years younger than outgoing top
leaders Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao. The average age of the 18th PSC is 63.4, which is older
than the average age (62.3) of the 17th PSC.
The incomplete nature of this generational leadership transition reveals that there has been a
lengthy, constant, and excessive power struggle at the top...."

Port Moody, Canada

#8 Jun 14, 2013
This latest batch of CCP bandits is LESS EDUCATED AS WELL! The "technocrats" have virtually disappeared now!


"The rapid rise––and subsequent swift decline––in power and influence of technocrats over
the past three decades has been a remarkable development in Chinese elite politics. One may
define technocrats as political elites who received higher education in engineering (or the
natural sciences) and practiced as engineers (or engaged in scientific research). In 1982,
technocrats constituted just two percent of the Central Committee, but by 1987 they made up
25 percent of the Central Committee. By 1997 they comprised over half (52 percent). The
percentage of technocrats on the Central Committee then began to decline in 2002 (46
Chart 3 (next page) shows the dramatic decline of technocrats in the Politburo and the PSC.
Most interestingly, members of the 15th and 16th PSC were all trained as engineers. The
representation of technocrats in the 18th PSC and Politburo is 14 percent and 16 percent,
respectively––a sharp drop from 100 percent and 76 percent in the 16th PSC and Politburo 10
years earlier. In the 18th PSC, only one member, Chairman of the CPPCC Yu Zhengsheng,
held an engineering degree and practiced as an engineer earlier in his career...."

Port Moody, Canada

#9 Jun 14, 2013
Funny how the CCP lackeys like "RayHole" and "Snowfake" have been insisting that this latest gang of CCP murderers-in-chief are "younger and better educated" than past politburos, but in fact the exact OPPOSITE is the truth!

This gang is OLDER and MORE IGNORANT than ever, following the precedent of the USSR and CPSU before their total collapse.

They will end up the same way as well; Jailbirds in a New Democratic China.

Port Moody, Canada

#10 Jun 17, 2013
I guess these CCP liars are in hiding now, as usual!

Port Moody, Canada

#11 Jun 17, 2013
So many ill-educated crooks!

Port Moody, Canada

#12 Jun 18, 2013
"Xi Jinping* 1953 60 Beijing Party secretary general, chairman of CMC, PRC president Jiang (princeling)"

An old, lazy, corrupt degenerate parasite "princeling" is the puppet head of the CCP gang!

No surprise!

Surrey, Canada

#13 Jun 23, 2013
Note how the CCP's paid "supporters" on this site FEAR MAKING A SINGLE COMMENT but judge in impotent commie rage!



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