(Study) Koreans 5 inch penis size not 3.8 inch

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London, UK

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Oct 6, 2012
Another bias western article that shows N.Korean with 3.8 inch penis size without showing the other average size. Since when did communist N.Korea even hand out data to the western researchers? The research is not even supported by real academic.



Country Length (cm)

Nigeria (Gerofi) 17.cm / 6.7 inch
US African (Kinsey) 16.6cm / 6.5 inch
US Caucasian (Kinsey) 15.8cm / 6.2 inch
Australia (Smith et al) 15.7cm / 6.2 inch
Brazil (De Ros et all) 14.5 cm / 5.7 inch
Thailand (Muangman) 13.5 cm / 5.35 inch
Korea (Han et all) 12.7 cm / 5 inch

ASIAN ACHIEVEMENT DOMINATED THE WEST FOR LONG TIME but b.s hollywood movies only try to make themselves look good with b.s fiction movies.

Asian penis = smaller but harder
I.Q = Asians scored the highest (solving sums + answering question)
Football = Japan 1 world cup + 4 Asia cup champion
Baseball = Japan 2 times world baseball classic champion
Olympic = China, Japan, South Korea ranked top 10
Civilization = Chinese, Khmer, Yamato, Korean

Wealth = China was the richest nation in world for 1000 years. One of the world top 5 billionaire was from Hong Kong Lee Shau Kee. Japan is the second country with most millionaire in world.

Music = K-pop is spreading to the world, there are fans from Europe to Latin America and is growing.

Inventions = Chinese dominated inventions for 1000 years. Now in the 19th-20th century the west surpass East Asia, but Japan still makes the most advance and coolest products. And Taiwan wins 40 gold medals at US invention fair.

Empire = Tibetan and many Chinese dynasties rule Central Asia whites, and Mongol empire rule East Europe, Central Asia, Middle east. Half Asians Avars, Timurid, Gokturks ruled Europe. Japan empire defeated British 4 times, defeated Russia in 1905, German and dutch in Indonesia.

Women = 219,000 Asian men/White women couples and 37% cohabit. in 2000 census 26.5% Asian men cohabited with white women. Not to mention Mongolian men who procreated with caucasian women. In fact the Kazakhs, Hazara, Karakalpaks, Crimean Tatars (altogether 15 million population) is the result of Asian men/caucasian women.

" world penis by countries".( FAKE STUDY )

South Asians

India 4 inch
Sri Lanka 4.3 inch
Bangladesh 4.4 inch
Pakistan 4.8 inch


Korea 3.8 inch
Cambodia 4 inch
Thailand 4 inch
Phillipines 4.2 inch
Taiwan 4.2 inch
China 4.3 inch
Japan 4.3 inch
Hong Kong 4.4 inch
Malaysia 4.4 inch
Vietnam 4.5 inch
Singapore 4.5 inch
Burma 4.6 inch
Indonesia 4.6 inch
Mongolia 5 inch
Siberia 5.1 inch
Greenland-Inuit 5.4 inch (12% are mixture of Inuit and Danish).

Central Asians (mixture of Caucasian/white and Asian)

Kyrgyzs 5.27 inch
Turkmenistan 5.3 inch
Kazakhs 5.45 inch
Uighurs 5.5 inch
Uzbeks 5.6 inch


Romania 4.9 inch
Irish 5.0 inch
America 5.1 inch
Portugal 5.2 inch
Armenia 5.2 inch
Russia 5.2 inch
Estonia 5.4 inch
Azerbaijan 5.4 inch
Finland 5.4 inch
Spain 5.5 inch
Britain 5.5 inch
Macedonia 5.5 inch
Ukraine 5.5 inch
Poland 5.6 inch
Germany 5.6 inch
Austria 5.6 inch
Switzerland 5.6 inch
Belarus 5.7 inch
Sweden 5.8 inch
Serbia 5.8 inch
Croatia 5.8 inch
Albania 5.8 inch
Slovakia 5.9 inch
Bulgaria 5.9 inch
Georgia 6.1 inch
Italy 6.2 inch
Netherland 6.2 inch
Czech republic 6.3 inch
Belgium 6.4 inch
Hungary 6.5 inch


Ethiopia 5.3 inch
Somalia 5.5 inch
Eritrea 5.6 inch
Suriname 5.7 inch
Cote I'voire 5.9 inch
South Africa 6 inch
Nigeria 6 inch
Chad 6 inch
Zimbawe 6.1 inch
Belize 6.2 inch
Burkina faso 6.2 inch
Senegal 6.3 inch
Haiti 6.3 inch
Jamaica 6.4 inch
Sudan 6.4 inch
Cameroon 6.5 inch
Ghana 6.7 inch
Congo 7.1 inch

Chile 5.7 inch
El Savador 5.8 inch
Costo rica 6.9 inch
Mexican 5.9 inch
Uruguay 5.9 inch
Nicaragua 6 inch
Paraguay 6.1 inch
Gambia 6.1 inch
Guatemala 6.1 inch
Brazil 6.2 inch
Paraguay 6.3 inch
Panama 6.4 inch
Bolivia 6.5 inch
Colombia 6.8 inch
Ecuador 6.9 inch
Venezuela 6.9 inch
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Oct 21, 2012
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Mar 25, 2013
Koreans don't have the smallest penises. It's an misunderstanding.
In Korea, they measured the stretched flaccid length, not erectile length.
Source: http://korean-penis.blogspot.com/2013/01/engl...

Massapequa, NY

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Aug 5, 2013
Also it variates. It could go from 5-7. Or more or less


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Aug 21, 2013





Asians also have the greatest inferiority complexes in the world, with Koreans as the World record holders for three decades straight!
11in Black Snake

Paris, France

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Aug 21, 2013
JoseonPride wrote:
Asian penis = smaller but harder

Of course, I'm sure you understand that it's just your boyfriend's opinion and not a scientifically veriable fact :)

Pearland, TX

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Dec 10, 2013
Where are they getting these numbers. All asians know they have at least 6. So, I know non-Asians are bigger. so all these numbers are incorrect.

Pearland, TX

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Dec 10, 2013
North Asians are big people. They can't be having 3.8 inches. Think about how illogical that is. Don't believe in all this bs.

Birmingham, AL

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Jun 5, 2014
Indians are 5.6 inches on average.. Stop posting fake shit you micropenis chink.. Also google Big Black Dravidian South Indian dicks to see some real 10-12 inch black South Indian cock.. You whites and chinks are hung like bugs.

“To be or not to be”

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Jun 5, 2014
Flip wrote:
North Asians are big people. They can't be having 3.8 inches. Think about how illogical that is. Don't believe in all this bs.
Gorillas are big too but they have tiny tiny peenises.

Seoul, Korea

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Monday Aug 11
you should read this.
korean donít have the smallest penises in the world.

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