Seriously, white people are a cancer ...

Seriously, white people are a cancer in this planet.

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#1 May 22, 2012

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#2 Sep 30, 2012
I think it's truer to say that individualists are a cancer. Just like cancer cells that have no concern for the organism and cannot see how they are connected, individualists cannot see how life on Earth is connected.

How this ever became the dominant philosophy on the planet is an exercise in extreme emotional stupidity.

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#3 Oct 1, 2012
White people as in what people from England or Ireland or be more specific how do you define a white person where is there heritage
Sino-system is superior

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#4 Oct 1, 2012
White people means main races in western countries.
Anglo-saxons, Germans, Celts, Slavs etc.

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#5 Oct 1, 2012
What about Italians and Native American Indians do you consider them white

Shenzhen, China

#6 Oct 1, 2012
Sino-system is superior wrote:
White people means main races in western countries.
Anglo-saxons, Germans, Celts, Slavs etc.
If you take the U.S. Census Bureau's definition, "White" is defined as people of Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa. That would include Jews, Arabs, Turks, and Persians (Iranians). If that's the case, European-Americans are now less than 60 % of U.S. population.
the warrior gene ascancer

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#7 Oct 7, 2012
To me it seems that reproductive organs have a particular susceptibility to cancer. Humanity is meant to be the reproductive organ of gaia according to spore theory, therefore abiding by this concept. Clearly today the human organ suffers from the cancerous abnormality of the warrior gene. The warrior gene leads to destruction of the frontal lobe causing one to lose touch with empathy, and nature, leading to destruction of the planet.
It all started with the white man:

"There has always been war with empathy and respect in the most dire situations. In the past, human evolution holding to empathy even may have been a good thing. However, it was only after barbaric tribes holding limited war like tendencies combined on the island of England and began mating, that a super warrior gene emerged. Their splicing together formed something unlikely and terrible. This gene normally would have faded, but continuous warfare and other harsh life or death situations prompted natural selection to take its tole. Soon many people in England carried the warrior gene, some in higher concentrations than others. finder

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Posts: 16 The Roman empire (just like evolution before sociopathy) was a good thing. However, after they entered the mess, they opened up a pathway back to Rome. Pretty soon, sociopathy had spread throught the Empire. The empire then became corrupt and fell in a negative fashion. After the empire fell, the pathway closed. Over time, continuous flows of persons from Eastern Europe and Asia diluted the sociopathy. This dilution eventually all but eliminated sociopathy on the mainland, until England began fighting there on a large scale. Fighting brought dispersion, mating, and natural selection of the warrior gene ( sociopathy).

You might have noticed that while the English empire was filled with civil war, lack of empathy, divergence from meaning. and corruption, the Roman Empire was not until after sociopathy was introduced. This change in the Roman empire prompted status unfairities as well as other downsides. The newly named barbarians were used to better and all rebelled at once, toppling the Roman empire. In England's case, the supposed "barbarians" rebelled one at a time.
When the first round of fighting ended, the situation in England actually continued to worsen.As a result of many corrupt sociopathic upperclasmen in England, and lack of diluting immigrants, English society had become voluntarily favoring towards natural selection of the gene.
It was only after new technologies emerged that it became easy for England to expand outward and benefit from it's sociopathy and brutality lacking neighbors. France came first, creating increased contact between England and the mainland, as well as a harsh environment in France. For the first time, the warrior gene began spreading to the mainland permanently. It also flourished in Ireland through an English induced harsh environment, and exposure to the gene. Spain and Portugal were also exposed in high amounts, and over a long period of time, slowly converted. England attempted to fight with other close countries, but could not induce a harsh enough environment in them to make the gene flourish.

Later, after it's unique warrior gene induced sociopathic drive had created many victories, England had became a controlling powerhouse. It's sociopaths could now spread their stinking gene all around the world. They colonized many places and made them "civilised"( voluntarily housing societies that were harsh enough to naturally favor selection of the gene).IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY, those with status tend to produce most, and people of high status tend to have warrior like( non empathetic) drives promoting their success" - quoted
the warrior gene ascancer

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#8 Oct 7, 2012
"I would like to point out that the Maori people of New Zealand are a stunning example of this induced natural selection. First, COLONIZATION brought the warrior gene to them. Next, the " civilised" environment created there by the British was harsher than any part of Europe had ever had. Therefore, before long the Maori had the warrior gene in even higher concentrations than the British.
Next came the completely unexposed native Americans. I do not wish to dwell on this tragedy. I would like to point out that the natives did not kill for sport (buffalo) and fought only when needed before the infected Europeans came. However, those that bred with the English or other infected Caucasians soon became sociopaths with at least partial warrior gene contamination. More followed after the natives were made "civilised",promptin g breeding with sociopaths in order to prosper in a corrupt status driven society.
As the SOCIOPATH INDUCED (England is responsible for many inventions) industrial revolution continued, most of the world began to become "civilised". The technologically supported exponentially increasing flow of high functioning sociopaths from western Europe (particularly England) was just to much. A sociopath with deep English roots (Hitler) became dictator of Germany. The leaders of the soviet union also may have been high functioning sociopaths with English roots( or was communism a good thing led by heroes, but put into bad light by capatilists?). The island nation of Japan had been civilised and filled with the warrior gene for some time as a result of previous English colonization and lack of counteracting imigration from inner Asia (it is an Island unlike China). The sociopaths in Japan used technology of civilization to benefit off of there un-civilized, and un-warrior gene infected neighbors. From here, things got interesting (world war2).
Now in the present, as a result of world wide spread through mating, England is no longer in control. There are just to many warrior gene infected countries to deal with!
This gene is one of the few things that separates us from other intelligent animals such as dolphins ( they act like uncivilised planes Indians coexisting with nature).
The gene is present in almost everyone, at least in small quantities, prompting lack of empathy and so called "artificiality". As a result of extreme tolerance to lack of empathy, only those with high concentrations who have become violent are generally considered sociopaths as far as society is concerned. I still consider any one with a significant degree of the warrior gene (higher significance means more frontal lobe is destroyed through serotonin manipulation by the gene) to be a sociopath as the definition of sociopath is "anyone who LACKS empathy and proper moral response".
The gene continues to be present in some races and countries much more than others (Much less in Africa/ non developed countries). These countries are constantly taken advantage of by sociopaths and constantly if not always led by sociopathic CAUCASIAN ROOTED dictators or oligarchies" -quoted

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#9 Jul 23, 2013
whites are devils! hu means color human means person of colour whites have no color you are aliens! no race likes white shapeless pink bastards!

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