Racist display prompts investigation at Los Angeles-area hospital
An investigation is underway after a doll with its face painted black was left hanging from a post at Kaiser Hospital in Riverside, Calif., where several African American employees work.

By Yvonne Beltzer and Craig Fiegenrer, NBCLosAngeles.com
Kaiser Hospital Riverside in Southern California is investigating what appears to be a racist display directed at several African-American employees who work in the hospitalís IT Department.
The staffers said they work in an area that is restricted to employees only, so when Xavier Fields arrived for work, he was shocked to find a doll with a racial slur across its chest hanging from a post near his work station.
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"Itís somebody who works within. Itís a locked area. You donít go back there," Fields said.

The doll had its face painted black and was dangling from a rope around its neck.
"Youíre not sure what to think. I got a supervisor and I let them know whatís going on," said colleague Tyree Hale.
The employees said they did not see signs that their complaint launched an immediate investigation.