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#22 Mar 4, 2013

The Insider - Iraq's WMD - Made in America

Iraq's WMD - Made in America The US government had been selling WMD to Iraq since Ronald Reagan was President, and probably for even longer. Until at least as late as ...
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#23 Mar 4, 2013
Pollution in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Air pollution · Water pollution · Soil pollution · Health effects of ...· Other

Pollution is an environmental issue in Canada. It has posed health risks to the Canadian population and is an area of concern for Canadian lawmakers. Air, water and ...

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#24 Mar 4, 2013
Air pollution
Main article: Air pollution in Canada

Air pollution in Canada is contributed to by industrial and vehicular emissions, agriculture, construction, wood burning and energy production.[1] A recent report found that Canadian companies contributed 73% more to air pollution than companies in the United States.[2] Within the 73% more emissions it was found that Canadian companies "released 79% more respiratory toxins into the air than the U.S."[2] While Canadian businesses may release more emissions than those in the U.S, overall emissions have decreased in the past few years. This can be evidenced with Environment Canada's 2010 document named Air Pollutant Emission Summaries and Historical Emission Trends.[3] This report found that 2010 emissions, when compared to 2009 emissions, saw an overall decrease.[3] Additionally, it was found that heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (smog precursors) were at lower levels in 2010 than in 1990.
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#25 Mar 4, 2013
Oil sands pollution

While overall pollution levels have dropped, it was found that oil sands pollution has increased by 20% since 2009.[4] According to a 2009 study, Alberta’s oil sands are one of the major causes of air pollution in Canada.[5] Tar sands facilities were found to be among the top four highest polluters of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)- a major air contaminant.[5] VOCs and other air contaminants are set to increase in the future as a result of continued output from the oil sands.[5] Oil sands pollution is not only set to increase VOCs, but also, acid rain.[6] Acid rain is rain that has been contaminated by airborne chemicals, making it acidic.[7] Two major causes of acid rain are sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.[8] Acid rain can cause damage to soil, water, wildlife, plants and buildings. Additionally, the airborne particles that cause acid rain can also contribute to smog.[8] In recent years progress has been made in reducing acid rain, however, Alberta's oil sands may soon set back this progress.
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#26 Mar 4, 2013
Pollution from sewage Canada

The Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality are guidelines for drinking water quality standards in Canada developed by Health Canada. These guidelines set forth recommendations for the maximum concentrations of various substances in drinking water. Provinces and territories are responsible for enforcing these guidelines, as there is no national regulatory body for drinking water.[29] Water pollution by sewage is one of the main culprits involved in polluting drinking water.[30] Advocacy group Ecojustice estimates overall raw sewage dumping in Canada to be around 200 billion liters a year.[31] The Canadian government recently announced waste water regulations that would allow for sewage to be dumped into Canadian waters until 2040.[32] Proper measures for waste water disposal will not immediately be put in place, rather, they will be implemented gradually from 2020 to 2040. However, in the meantime, Canadian municipalities may continue to pollute their waters by dumping sewage. This can prominently be viewed with Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Halifax, human waste is dumped directly into the Halifax harbor.[31] This dumping can mainly be attributed to a failure in their sewage treatment infrastructure.[31] Victoria, British Columbia also follows a similar practice by getting rid of their untreated waste into the ocean.[31] However, the government has plans to open operational treatment
Water pollution resulting from sewage can also be attributed to error in sewage facilities. A recent example can be evidenced with Ottawa. In 2004 Ottawa experienced a 190 million liter raw sewage spill into the Ottawa River.[33] Similarly, Winnipeg, released "partially treated sewage water into the Red River[disambiguation needed] for seven weeks” in 2011.[34] However, in this case, the city was actually charged for their pollution.[34] Numerous other places like Richmond B.C and Calgary A.B, have experienced significant sewage spills in their native waters.[33]
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#27 Mar 4, 2013
cANADA Soil degradation/pollution

As Environment Canada mentions “soil degradation degrades the land and places significant stress on ecologically sensitive biota and flora".[36] Soil degradation in Canada's biologically sensitive forests as a result of pollution, is one of the most significant cases of degradation in the country. One study found that 12% of Alberta's forests’ soils are over their acid carrying capacity.[37] This rise in acidity is attributed to the continual extraction of fossil fuel from the Alberta oil sands.[38] Oil refinery sites, like those found in Alberta, have become some of the most dominant contributors to Canadian soil pollution. A further example can be witnessed in Calgary, where a neighbourhood built on an old Imperial Oil refinery needed their soil replaced due to contamination.[39]
Road salt pollution

As a result of Canada's icy winters, salt is needed in order to deice slippery roads. The primary ingredient of road salt is sodium chloride.[40] Road salt, while helping cars and people to gain traction in the winter, can have serious consequences for soil. As National Geographic found,“Road salt can pollute soil at every stage in the deicing process.”[40] This pollution is a result of numerous factors such as runoff, application and spray from vehicles.[40] In Canada, there has been research that shows that “salt run-off from roads can increase local chloride levels to between 100 and 4,000 times normal levels."[41] Salt can have adverse effects on soil and soil composition. Significant levels of chloride (one of the main components in salt) can “alter the soil ‘s pH chemistry and elevate levels of heavy metal pollutants, while at the same time causing a loss of soil structure and killing off micro-organisms".[41] These effects can have dire consequences for plants rendering them unable to grow or stunting their growth.[41]🍩

PCB pollution

Salt and oil refineries are not the only contaminants of soil. Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs also pollute the soil. PCBs are released into the environment through "spills, leaks from electrical and other equipment, and improper disposal and storage".[42] However, recently it was found that household weeds were able to remove PCBs from contaminated soil. A study found that “the weeds stored PCBs in their shoots and could be harvested for disposal cutting the need to expensively remove and incinerate contaminated soil”.[43]
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#28 Mar 4, 2013
Health Canada estimates that 5,900 Canadians die every year from air pollution.[48] A 2008 study by the Canadian Medical Association estimated that almost 3,000 Canadians die annually from short-term exposure to air pollution, while another 18,000 die annually due to long-term effects of polluted air. The study estimated the economic impact of air pollution to be at $8 billion, including lost productivity, health care costs, deaths and a decrease in quality of life.[49]
Water pollution

Contaminated water can result in a myriad of serious consequences for human health.

Additives used to clean drinking water may in themselves cause harm. Chlorine, widely used in Canadian drinking water, is a prominent example. Through drinking water treated by chlorine over a long period of time, the risk of certain cancers, such as bladder and colon, increase.[50] Additionally, pregnant women who drink significant amounts of tap water have an increased risk of miscarriage.[50]

Drinking polluted water can also result in E. coli (as found in the 2000 outbreak in Walkerton), Giardia, or Cryptosporidium.[51][52]

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#29 Mar 4, 2013
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#30 Mar 4, 2013
The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care by David Gratzer, City ...

The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care ... Nor were the problems I identified unique to Canada—they characterized all government-run health-care systems.

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#31 Mar 4, 2013
CANADA PROBLEMS over 1.5 million children living in extreme poverty, physically disabled people, people with cancer who cant work, families, children are living on the streets,

Social assistance rates were axed in 1998 and have not increased since then. The average disability pension is $700 a month

The health care system is tanked, huge cutbacks to funding for BC medical because of a little thing called the 2010 olympics,

Corrupt Governments, lying politicians and govt offiicials, no job creation other than in minimum wage sectors that provide no benefits,Canada bas become the missippi of the north.

Most people cannot even afford to pay rent never mind own their owh home, rising food prices, gasoline prices,, natural gas prices to heat homes is out of control, inflation is killing the working class,

Most families cannot afford to pay for post secondary education and the BC liberals have cut and eliminated funding for education and education grants,

The Harper Govt has eliminated funding for ALL women's programs, women's health, womens shelters, rape counelling etc and legal aid for women facing a divorce, no reprensentation in the courts for women unless they are very wealthy, Women are no longer allowed to lobby for, or strike for equal pay with men, it was passed through the legislature several months ago, any union supporting its female members will be fined by the Cdn Govt.

Its legal to smoke crack on the street but not to light up a cigarette - rising crime, rising domestic violence and abuse --

Schools are being closed, funding is being cut ofr education and waiting lists for surgerical procedures in some areas are as much as 5 years long, the govt will no longer pay for any joint replacement for people under the age of 65, several provinces have taken prenatal care off the list of services they pay for as well as diabetic care, ER's are being closed across the country, the BC paramedics are the lowest paid in Canada, in all of NA, as so are the teachers - a person working in a sawmill makes more then a teacher or paramedic does --

union trashing across the country, contracts being broken, salaries being rolled back, unemployment rising, you name it, just add pollution, no funding for the pine beetle recovery in BC, funds being diverted into indian projjects, and the fact they Canada has an apartheird Government, and you got a good snap shot of Canada --

even China has better social programs, senior and disability pensions, health care and education than Canada has.

The Harper Govt has destroyed Canada and continues to hack away at the foundations of Canada life and sell the country lock, stock, and barrel, including control of Canadian airspace and travel to the Americans, natural resources being sold in BC, anyone can build a damn anywhere they want to now -- no forestry or wildlife management, Basically Canada has been sold to the USA, most Cdns just dont realize it yet -- just as Cdn women dont realize ALL their rights have been secrety legislated out of existence --

by istope

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#32 Mar 7, 2013

Kowloon, Hong Kong

#33 Mar 7, 2013
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#35 Mar 12, 2013
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#36 Mar 14, 2013
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#37 Mar 28, 2013
RayH wrote:
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You are right about that nut job.
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#38 Mar 28, 2013
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Despots Masquerading as Democrats
by Kenneth Roth
Human Rights Watch World Report 2008
http://hrw.org/wr2k8/introduction/index.htm , January 31,
Rarely has democracy been so acclaimed yet so breached, so promoted yet so disrespected, so important yet so disappointing. Today, democracy has become the sine qua non of legitimacy. Few governments want to be seen as undemocratic. Yet the credentials of the claimants have not kept pace with democracy’s growing popularity. These days, even overt dictators aspire to the status conferred by the democracy label. Determined not to let mere facts stand in the way, these rulers have mastered the art of democratic rhetoric that bears little relationship to their practice of governing.

... The challenge [autocrats] face is to appear to embrace democratic principles while avoiding any risk of succumbing to popular preferences. Electoral fraud, political violence, press censorship, repression of civil society, even military rule have all been used to curtail the prospect that the proclaimed process of democratization might actually lead to a popular say in government.

Part of the reason that dictators can hope to get away with such subterfuge is that, unlike human rights,“democracy” has no legally established definition. The concept of democracy reflects the powerful vision that the best way to select a government and guide its course is to entrust ultimate authority to those who are subject to its rule. It is far from a perfect political system, with its risk of majoritarian indifference to minorities and its susceptibility to excessive influence by powerful elements ... there is no International Convention on Democracy, no widely ratified treaty affirming how a government must behave to earn the democracy label. The meaning of democracy lies too much in the eye of the beholder.

By contrast, international human rights law grants all citizens the right to “take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives” and to “vote” in “genuine periodic elections” with “universal and equal suffrage” and “secret ballot” so as to “guarantee[] the free expression of the will of the electors.” It also grants a range of related rights that should be seen as essential to democracy in any robust and meaningful form, including rights protecting a diverse and vigorous civil society and a free and vibrant press, rights defending the interests of minorities, and rights ensuring that government officials are subject to the rule of law. The specificity and legally binding nature of human rights are their great strength. But when autocrats manage to deflect criticism for violating these rights by pretending to be democrats, when they can enjoy the benefits of admission to the club of democracies without paying the admission fee of respect for basic rights, the global defense of human rights is put in jeopardy.
Old Jew

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#40 Mar 28, 2013
You Chinese experts, is Miro really a Chinese? How can a real Chinese be so hateful and disrepectful to its ppl, land and gov't?
I can read

Edinburgh, UK

#41 Mar 28, 2013
Old Jew wrote:
You Chinese experts, is Miro really a Chinese? How can a real Chinese be so hateful and disrepectful to its ppl, land and gov't?
I don't know if he is Chinese or not.

All I know is that he does a great job of getting people to ignore the China section and never actually discuss the conditions in China.

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#43 Apr 5, 2013
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#44 Apr 5, 2013
BRICS wrote:
Where are little miro lube ya! jahahaa
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