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#1 Jan 23, 2013

You said , you wanted Democracy

As Nations who have Democracy are in name only, it actions is not its soul!

take US a quasi-democracy (In name only!) and her few lapdoggy allies, are not in business of protecting or fighting to implant democracy but instead war for raw resources to enrich thier own nation, warring and bullying smaller nations, can you see through the duplicity and deceptions Democracy is just facade, what US is really an neo-imperialist Militarisitic Interventionist... In a democracy it can the be corrupted and manipulated... so can Communism. As doofuse MiroLUBEYA lack logic and critical reasoning skills...

To prove my point

Read what this US leaders AND CARREER professional in office and in authority ...had to say about Western/US Democracy, wars ill Hegemonic global agendas...

John Stockwell, former CIA official (from his books, Speeches...)
The CIA has overthrown functioning democracies in over 20 countries.


Noam Chomsky
The 'corporatization of America' during the past century [has been] an attack on democracy.


David Korten, economist

Democracy is based on the principle of one person, one vote. The market functions on the principle of one dollar, one vote. Consequently, under conditions of unequal economic power, a society ruled by the market is a society ruled by those who have the most money - the antithesis of democracy.

So, MirolubeYA you undereducated, dumb and lacking critical reasons and to understand , another Subservient Idiotic Fascist leaning pinhead who lapdogs. WBHAHHAHHHAAA

United States

#2 Jan 23, 2013

This IS what Democracy does to world!

Michael Parenti CovertAction magazine, Spring 2002, p44

The record of US international violence just in the last decade is greater than anything that any socialist nation has ever perpetrated in its entire history. US forces or proxy mercenary forces wreaked massive death and destruction upon Iraq, Mozambique, Angola, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, East Timor, Libya, and other countries. In the span of a few months, President Clinton bombed four countries: Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq repeatedly, and Yugoslavia massively. At the same time, the US national security state was involved in proxy wars in Angola, Mexico (Chiapas), Colombia, East Timor, and various other places. And US forces occupied Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan, and were deployed across the globe at some 300 major overseas bases- all in the name of peace, democracy, national security, counter-terrorism, and humanitarianism.

United States

#3 Jan 23, 2013
Michael Parenti, The Terrorism Trap, p102
Those who believe in democracy must not be taken in by the reactionism that cloaks itself in patriotic hype. They must continue in their determination to educate, organize, and act.

United States

#4 Jan 23, 2013

This is what a democracy is, is able to manipulate Democracy means no sure way protecting it, as it in hand of few, as they can do anything to a democracy to even banish it or install a Police State in a democracy, US is already a Authorcratic not a democracy; and here it want to bring democracy to world, use as facade to startup wars to acquire and war for raw resources, it not about implanting democracy, just a facade to put US puppet authoritarians govts in place to control the population, so US can exploit a nations raw resources and intellectual capital...and leave a nations infrastruture in ruins... so peebrain MiroLUBYA you are moron who is lapdog, anything to say.

Again , i don't subscribe to the RED BOOK!

The Democratic Facade

Daniel Hellinger and Dennis R. Judd,, p79

Elections are necessary but not sufficient to produce democracy. The reality in America is that the spectrum of choices available to voters is narrow...The propaganda apparatus of the advertising industry is used to manipulate and manage, not to enlighten. American electoral politics not only fails to provide for the accountability of government to the people, it has become a principal tool for elites to manage politics and political choices.

United States

#5 Jan 23, 2013

This is your corrupted democracy at work, you dumb Canadians are war mongering fascist US lapdogs worst than china and world ! BQHAHHAHHAAA'

Ron Chepesiuk

Toward Freedom magazine , June/July 2001
While the US spends billions of dollars trying to interdict illegal drugs from abroad, the country's banking system has been making it easy for drug lords to launder their profits. About half of the estimated trillion dollars in dirty money that comes in large part from drug trafficking moves through the US financial svstem, according to government estimates


Noam Chomsky, Deterring Democracy, p119

There are good reasons why the CIA and drugs are so closely linked. Clandestine terror requires hidden funds, and the criminal elements to whom the intelligence agencies naturally turn expect a quid pro quo. Drugs are the obvious answer. Washington's long-term involvement in the drug racket is part and parcel of its international operations, notably during the Reagan-Bush administrations.

Colombian President-elect Cesar Gaviria, July 1990,

( Cocaine Politics, Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall, p192)

The demand for drugs is the engine of the trafficking problem. If the United States and the industrial countries don't get a way to reduce consumption, we will not solve the problem. It doesn't matter how much we work against the trafficking of drugs, how many lives we lose. It doesn't matter how great our effort, the problem will be there. The United States and industrialized countries need a way to reduce the consumption of drugs.

United States

#6 Jan 23, 2013
An Apology from Canada to Palestine and the Rest of the World: The 10 Most Shameful Minutes in Canadian History


United States

#7 Jan 23, 2013

This is your MiroLUBYA corrupted Canada demONcracy(just aFacade) in action!


Most Canadians are embarrassed and utterly disgusted with what our Conservative government has done. Unfortunately, because of our ’First Past the Post’ electoral system and the bitter reality that a majority government can do anything they want, we can’t do much about it, at least not until the next elections. When that time comes, we promise to do our best to remove from power these fanatics who have shamed Canada and put us on the wrong side of history.

Palestine, of course, was welcomed as a Non-Member Observer State.“Voting by an overwhelming majority – 138 in favour to 9 against (Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), Nauru, Panama, Palau, United States), with 41 abstentions — the General Assembly today accorded Palestine non-Member Observer State status in the United Nations.“

uidiotracemakeWo rldpeace

United States

#8 Jan 23, 2013
Amnesty International for world human rights

The Greatest Story Never Told, Michael K Smith, p417

The U.S.A. has refused to recognize any regional human rights treaties: it has not ratified the American Convention on Human Rights, adopted by the OAS (Organization of American States) in 1969, and has not even signed the Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture, the Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons and the Inter-American Convention to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women.
uidiotracemakeWo rldpeace

United States

#9 Jan 23, 2013
Amnesty International for World Human Right!

describing the torture suffered by Brazilians at the hands of the military and the US-run Office of Public Safety (OPS) in the 1960s

Tortures range from simple but brutal blows from a truncheon to electric shocks. Often the torture is more refined: the end of a reed is placed in the anus of a naked man hanging suspended downwards on the pau de arara [parrot's perch] and a piece of cotton soaked in petrol is lit at the other end of the reed. Pregnant women have been forced to watch their husbands being tortured. Other wives have been hung naked beside their husbands and given electric shocks on the sexual parts of their body, while subjected to the worst kind of obscenities. Children have been tortured before their parents and vice versa. The length of sessions depends upon the resistance capacity of the victims and have sometimes continued for days at a time.


T>Candain lapdoggy MiroLUBYA lapdog of AmeriKKKA xtain fundie Grunts are mostly dishonest , lied for Corrupted Fascist AmeriKKKa.

James Becket, American attorney, in Greece for Amnesty International for World human Rights

describing the torture suffered by Greeks under US-supported dictator Papdopoulos in the 1960s

"People had been mercilessly tortured simply for being in possession of a leaflet criticizing the regime. Brutality and cruelty on one side, frustration and helplessness on the other. They were being tortured and there was nothing to be done. It was like listening to a friend who has cancer. What comfort, what wise reflection can someone who is comfortable give. Torture might last a short time, but the person will never be the same.
asia latin afro mid east

United States

#10 Jan 23, 2013
LOOK FASCIST MIROLUBYA Whoree, this what you corrupted democracy stand for! BWHHHHAHAAA
World Tribunal on Iraq charges UK and US with war crimes
Gideon Polya,“World Tribunal on Iraq charges UK and US with war crimes”, MWC News, 28 July 2005.
World Tribunal on Iraq charges UK and US with war crimes
A "Jury of Conscience" from 10 countries constituted a World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) that met in Istanbul from 24-26 June 2005 and culminated a series of inquiries held in numerous major cities throughout the world. The jury included the famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy and a variety of other distinguished people from around the world and from callings including science, law, writing and humanitarian activism.
In short, the WTI Jury, after hearing expert testimony from scores of people from around the world, concluded that the UK, the US and their Coalition partners had participated in an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and in doing so had violated international covenants on war and the treatment of prisoners of war and civilians set out in the UN Charter, international law, the post-WW2 Nuremberg Principles and the Geneva Conventions.
The report of the WTI Jury is summarized below following the main subdivisions of their report [1].
I. Overview of WTI Findings
The US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq involved the following: illegal invasion without UN sanction; a pre-invasion falsehood campaign; an inhumane and deadly sanctions campaign from mid-1990 onwards; ignoring of massive global opposition; failure of established politico-legal constraints; economic, social and environmental devastation of Iraq; exacerbation of Iraqi internal divisions; a huge death toll (100,000 civilian deaths) and 60,000 Iraqis in custody; illegal privatization and appropriation of major slabs of the Iraqi economy; occupier-imposed laws; and massive, continuing and legitimate Iraqi opposition to US occupation.
II. WTI Charges
The WTI Jury established numerous charges against specific Coalition-associated governments, corporations and individuals as follows:
A. Against the UK and US governments for: plotting and executing illegal invasion; targetting civilian areas; horrendous use of indiscriminate force; use of DU munitions in contravention of health standards; warfare immensely damaging to civilians; serious degradation of the status of Iraqi women; killing of protestors; individual and collective punishments without due process or regard for civilians (most notably the destruction of Fallujah); degradation and torture of Iraqi soldiers and civilians; illegal re-writing of Iraqi laws; environmental devastation; destruction of unique cultural heritage; media censorship and violent targetting of journalists and intellectuals; official re-defining of torture and use of "rendition" to permit egregious torture in third countries; ignoring global public conscience; and installation of de facto policies for further illegal wars.
B. Against the UN Security Council for: failure to protect Iraqis; imposition of deadly sanctions from mid-1990 onwards; allowing immense UK-US bombing since 1991; giving free rein to the US; failure to stop war crimes; and failure to make the US-led Coalition accountable.
C. Against Coalition governments for collaboration in the illegal invasion, occupation and war crimes.
D. Against governments of other countries for logistical support and other complicity.
E. Against private corporations for profitable contractual involvements.
F. Against major media corporations for: disseminating falsehoods (e.g. the non-existent WMDs); non-reportage of atrocities; non-reportage of humanitarian dissent; collaboration with Coalition bigotry, racism and xenophobia; normalizing war as an acceptable option; permitting fraudulent use of resources for illegal war; and promoting dangerous corporate-military security perspectives.
asia latin afro mid east

United States

#11 Jan 23, 2013
III. WTI Recommendations{mosgoogle right}
The WTI Jury supported the legitimacy of Iraqi resistance to occupation and made a series of recommendations, namely: Coalition withdrawal; reparations to Iraq; retraction of imposed laws; closure of offshore US prisons and proper treatment of prisoners under international law; exhaustive investigation of those guilty of war crimes (including many named people); accountability processes to assess involvement of journalists and corporations; international non-violent actions against numerous, named complicit corporations; conscientious objection by young people and soldiers to participation in illegal war; an international campaign for dismantling US military bases abroad; and that people worldwide resist government support for the occupation of Iraq.
Media non-reportage of the WTI Jury findings
The WTI Jury findings are consonant with the views of decent people throughout the world but the corporate mainstream media have substantially ignored these important findings [2]. The WTI report was repeatedly concerned with the malignant role played in the Iraq debacle by dishonest and complicit mainstream media. Nevertheless a Google search for "World Tribunal on Iraq" yielded 54,200 URLs, indicating coverage by alternative media. Clearly decent people should eschew mainstream media that have lied, war-mongered and supported egregious Coalition war crimes in Iraq.
Quantitating Coalition war crimes in Iraq - WTI Jury report conservative
The WTI Jury report is actually quite conservative and this is reflected in their summary of the casualties of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The following UN-derived statistics support the tenor of the WTI report.
Using UN demographic data [3] it is possible to calculate the under-5 infant mortality for Iraq from 1950-2005. The total 5 year under-5 infant mortality in millions/average population in millions for the indicated "pentades" (in parentheses) are as follows: 0.313/5.802 (1950-1955), 0.289/6.798 (1955-1960), 0.299/7.961 (1960-1965), 0.291/9.351 (1965-1970), 0.291/11.042 (1970-1975), 0.258/13.033 (1975-1980), 0.221/15.191 (1980-1985), 0.196/17.402 (1985-1990), 0.321/20.074 (1990-1995), 0.555/23.354 (1995-2000), 0.596/26.941 (2000-2005).
The under-5 infant mortality steadily declined in the post-1950 era but after Western intervention with sanctions in mid-1990 (and thence war, continued sanctions, invasion and occupation) there was a dramatic and sustained increase in infant mortality. A similar disaster is evident from estimates of avoidable mortality (excess mortality), the difference between the ACTUAL mortality and deaths EXPECTED in a peaceful country with the same demographics. Thus the avoidable mortality and under-5 infant mortality for Iraq have been 5.2 million and 3.6 million, respectively (1950-2005), 1.7 million and 1.2 million, respectively (1991-2005), and 0.4 million and 0.3 million, respectively (post-invasion)[4].
asia latin afro mid east

United States

#12 Jan 23, 2013
According to the latest United Nations Childrens' Fund (UNICEF) report (2005)[5], in 2003 the under-5 infant mortality was 110,000 in Iraq as compared to 1,000 in the invading and occupying US Coalition country, Australia (noting that in 2003 these countries had populations of about 25 and 20 million, respectively). This horrendous mortality arises because annual per capita medical expenditure in Occupied Iraq is only about 0.5% of that in metropolitan USA, giving rise to the description of "passive genocide" [6].
The average annual death rate of Western civilians from jihadist violence has been 0.00003 per 100 (for the last 20 years) and 0.0001 per 100 (over the last 5 years). As outlined in the WTI report, the 9/11 atrocity (3,000 victims) was dishonestly used as the excuse for a pre-planned invasion of Iraq [1] and for an envisaged "endless" "War on Terror". In contrast, the annual death rate of under-5 year old infants is an appalling 2.6 per 100 in US-occupied Iraq due to gross Coalition violation of the Geneva Conventions for protection of civilians - terror indeed for the parents. The average annual death rate of Australian POWs under the Japanese in World War 2 was 10.4 per 100 [7] and atrocities such as this were the basis of application of the post-war Nuremberg Principles to the prosecution of Japanese war criminals such as Prime Minister Tojo and General Yamashita (who were both subsequently found guilty and hanged). The WTI report is quite correct in charging the UK and US governments with war crimes and recommending formal investigation for prosecution.
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United States

#13 Jan 23, 2013
The challenge for humanity

Unfortunately, as pointed out by the WTI report [1], corporate mainstream media lying permitted the invasion and occupation of Iraq - and continued, egregious media dishonesty means that the horrendous human consequences in Iraq as outlined above are simply not reported. Arundhati Roy, the outstanding spokesperson for the Jury of Conscience, very succinctly described the fundamental phenomenon exploited by the evil and confounding the good:“the ultimate privilege of the elite is not just their deluxe lifestyles, but deluxe lifestyles with a clear conscience”[8].

The challenge for decent World citizens is to defeat the criminal lying of corporate mainstream media. The WTI report recommends that a "process of accountability is initiated to hold those morally and personally responsible for their participation in this illegal war, such as journalists who deliberately lied, corporate media outlets that promoted racial, ethnic and religious hatred, and CEOs of multinational corporations that profited from this war" [1]. Decent people in the Western democracies should have zero tolerance for the scarily comprehensive, current political and media dishonesty.

What has happened to Iraq is symptomatic of entrenched lying by commission and omission in the world's oldest democracies. Indeed the Achille's heel of democracy - oligarchic and corporate control of information flow, votes and public policy - has been powerfully exposed by media non-reportage of the horrendous consequences of the continuing occupation and media acceptance of the profundly dishonest "War on Terror". Solutions to the huge problems facing the world will require public commitment to truth, reason, effective free speech and rational, scientific analysis. Alternative, non-corporate media and corporate-independent political movements for public responsibility and global good are the way ahead. The Jury of Conscience of the World Tribunal on Iraq has helped to light the way.


[1] Arundhati Roy et al., "Declaration of the Jury of Conscience", 27 June 2005 (see: http://www.mwcnews.net/index.php... )

[2] "The mysterious case of the vanishing world tribunal on Iraq" in MWC News (see: http://www.mwcnews.net/index.php... )

[3] UN Department of Economic & Social Affairs, Population Division, "World Population Prospects: The 2004 Revision Population Database" (see: http://esa.un.org/unpp/index.asp... )

[4] Gideon Polya Global Avoidable Mortality blog (see: http://globalavoidablemortality.blogspot.com/ )

[5] UNICEF report, 2005 (see: http://www.unicef.org/index2.html )

[6] Gideon Polya, on passive genocide in Iraq (see: http://www.aljazeerah.info/Opinion%20editoria... /13%20o/Passive%20genocide%20b y%20Coalition%20in%20Iraq%20By %20Gideon%20Polya.htm and http://www.countercurrents.org/iraq-polya1103... )

[7] ABC Radio National, "Prisoners under Nippon", 2003 (see: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/summer/summer2002/po... )

[8] Arundhati Roy,“The Chequebook and the Cruise Missile”(Harper Perennial, London, 2004).
asia latin afro mid east

United States

#14 Jan 23, 2013
Miro! this is your Evil Demoncracy Democrazy Democracy Action!

A Century of War
by F William Engdahl

as reviewed in the book

How The World Really Works
by Alan Jones
ABJ Press, 1996, paperback p17

American officials in the mid 70s openly claimed in news conferences that they were "neo-Malthusians... Henry Kissinger produced, in April 1974, the classified National Security Council Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), directed to Washington high officialdom, defining a program aimed at population reduction in Third World countries possessing needed raw materials, since growing populations with aspirations for a better standard of living give rise to high prices for such materials. Kissinger named 13 target countries for population control, including Brazil, India, Egypt, Mexico, Ethiopia, Columbia, and others.

[In the 1970s] most of the Third World, including the bulk of South America, Africa, and the Asian underbelly, unable to afford the oil they needed, found not only their industrial development stopped, but even food purchases curtailed, and starvation threatening. Far from living standards continuing the growth begun during the 50's and 60's, many of these countries were being pushed back to a condition of bare subsistence.
asia latin afro mid east

United States

#16 Jan 23, 2013
yeS! BUT, the worst one is the US, all over the world causing dissensions, wars, dividining nation to wars... Ill money hegemonic global Agendas,USA PNAC goals, US Manifest destiny , Americn Exceptionalism.

United States

#17 Jan 24, 2013
This is what you democracy represent Mirolubya

2 Responses to American Holocaust
Ken says:
October 8, 2012 at 9:35 am

The Dust Bowl was generally caused by monoculture farming, debt with fiat, fractional reserve private central banking and worship of junk science thru indoctrination of public schools. I have heard estimates that 10 million died during the so called Great Depression, my estimate this time around more than 60 million and this time it will be more uniform throughout the country.
I have tried to completely shun the help of ANY government at any level. As Thomas Paine stated in ‘Common Sense’,‘Government is a necessary evil’ best we keep it very small. Today government owned by the bankers controls everything, pay it no attention and you might survive the next holocaust.

United States

#18 Jan 24, 2013
The USA Dust Bowl, USA stock market crash and US Great Depression resulted in the deaths of an estimated 7.5 million Americans. The natural and unnatural events had one major result, removing millions of Homesteaders, American Indians and freed slaves off the petroleum rich Great Plains during the largest oil boom in US history.

The first section describes why and how, the most catastrophic environmental event in human history goes un-narrated and unknown to most Americans and the worlds population, and incorporates the political, social and religious motives.

Section two, will cover an investigation of the Dust Bowl, the oil rich lands of the Great Plains, Great Depression, and expose the leaders which forced the incident and pursuing Holocaust.

The third section, will describe how the stock market was crashed in 1929 and its similarity to the 2008 stock market crash.

The forth section will explore historical events connecting the American Dust Bowl to a global cooling trend, felt around the world.

The conclusion will involve an exploration into earths environment, ecosystems and climate to extract the natural causes of the Dust Bowl.

United States

#19 Jan 26, 2013
Monday, January 21, 2013

Global Treaty Signed to Stop Deadly Mercury While FDA Allows it Unchecked In Your Food

Over 140 nations have come together under a new treaty to curb deadly mercury pollution over serious risks to worldwide health, but meanwhile the FDA is still allowing the mass majority of US citizens to chomp down on mercury-containing processed foods. Specifically, mercury has actually been found in the highly popular genetically modified junk ingredient high-fructose corn syrup — an ingredient present in over 90% of processed foods.

more at http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2013/01/global...

United States

#20 Jan 26, 2013
Mirolubya lapdog US democracy in action.

Jim Willie seems to have his finger on what is happening and where we’re going regarding gold, fiat currency, and the demise of the US if they continue to cling to their current plan.

Here is an important excerpt:

A Paradigm Shift is taking place, and the ASEAN-China summit gave proof positive in a seminal event of the vast changes in progress. The United States just suffered its worst humiliation ever as a nation on the Eastern global stage. It was exceeded only by the humiliation for a US president personally. The story went uncovered by the lapdog inept US press.

The late November Asian summit meeting held in Phnom Penh included 15 Asian nations, which represent half the world’s population. They decided to form a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership that excludes the United States. The Asians are pushing to isolate the United States. Regard it as punishment for hegemony, or a reaction to prevent further capital drainage, or to protect from central bank abuse, or to wall off continued bond fraud export, or to defend against military aggression. Regard it as confirmation that China is the regional leader in Asia, even for military security. Regard it as a response to banker criminality, or simply for being totally full to the brim of American corruption and arrogance and abuse of position, led by creation of the USDollar as an elaborate weapon and credit card whose balance is never to be repaid. Abuse of power and sponsored financial corruption will have extreme consequences in the reshaping of global commerce and banking. The US will be isolated, so as to protect the rest of the world from its fascist exhibitions and deep manifestations.


United States

#21 Mar 3, 2013
I see Mirolubya is mentally challenged and could NOT counter me.


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