It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#60 Oct 4, 2013
Ainu wrote:
Han Chinese are O3.
Manchus are C3.
Korean are O2b.
Japanese are D2, O2b1, O3, C3, R1a, etc.
Japanese, Korean and Manchus (Northern Chinese) are Altaic and taller, and that's why Japan, Korea and China (North) dominate Asian sports.
Midget southern Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau etc can't win any sports. Just bark like little dogs here in this forum LOL
All these tag O2 C3 W15 or FU have little meaning unless you are a genetics scientist and understand the general genetic coding.

To demonstrate how little you understand this... the 1~2% minority Ainu in Japan is in fact related to the Okinawan and originated from Guangzi, South China. They have brown skinned, dark and short. Then the question of the fairer Jomon or Yayoi, whether one likes it or not, there is a HAN DNA in everyone of them. The Yayoi originated from Yangtze for instance. But why are the main stream Japanese who in fact have the HAN DNA (tested) denying this?

POLITICS off course.

Why do you think Japan wanted to conquer China in 1800's or 1930 if they have NO memory of the past they left behind?

DNA test prove Tibetans are in fact HAN. But where are they denying this.

There is a HAN factor all over SEA meaning Philippines, Indonesia as everyone of you originated from the MAINLAND in China. HAN represent 93% of all Chinese DNA.

CHINA has already collected the DNA of all her 56 ethnic people and is still trying to decipher the code or its meaning. Meanwhile many like the one above tried to past their own BRAND of RACISM as the truth.

What a JERK?

Milpitas, CA

#61 Oct 4, 2013
Ainu wrote:
Just a ching, chong, chang...ha ha little dogs are barking like this LOL
Chinese overseas are mostly from the southern part of China. You are so midget that you can't prove anything. Don't give your shits to us! "See for yourself" and "learn it before to talk" are really suitable for Chinese. It's you southern Chinese who bring a negative Asian stereotype there. All the thing you can do is barking like little dogs here LOL
China is historically a colony of UK, Portugal, France, Germany and JAPAN. Don't make me laugh! Again, "see for yourself" and "learn it before to talk"
Go back school to study about haplogroup, history, etc, idiot. It just wastes a time to argue with such low minded Asians.
Just despise and ignore midget southern Chinese, otherwise 1st world Japan falls down to the same 3rd world level of China LOL
LOL.... This is funny. I didn 't realize Japan is such an awesome place that it stop growing since the the 90 s, and that for these years, Japanese didn 't create any jobs, and have been eating off of its savings. I still want to know what makes you think you Japanese dogs, should I say "ainu animal" fit to compare anything at all? Your society, and people are getting poorer, and as the cost rise, your people will survival only by expanding credit/debt. You have neither the growing economy, nor the Geopolitical importance to matter. Your constitution was written by whitey, and Japan now is permanently an occupied country. LOL..

You Jap are nothing but dogs. Unlike the Chinese who see themselves as equal, or compare themselves to the west, you Japs have none of it. You kind is already submissive to your white master. Please, do explain to me your superiority, ainu animal.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#62 Oct 4, 2013
Greater Turkey wrote:
China is the Jew of Asia that claims land from every neighbour around her, so I support Japan and India to keep the Chinese in check .
1. Is China claiming Japan as hers or just the islands stolen from her in 1895 as the milestone found in Diaoyutai Island read? According to Cairo Declaration as well Potsdam treaty, Japan did returned all these stolen properties but USA on purpose left out his island claiming it was a clerical error then in the 1970 by mean of San Francisco Treaty when China was in chaotic CULTURAL REVOLUTION turn over the administration to Japan. Why was Taiwan RoC not invited?

2. Is China claiming the nation of India or just the disputed border drawn by the former colonialist Sir MacMahon without consulting the neighbor?

3. Turkey used to be a member of the AXIS that comprises of Germany, Japan, Italy that was responsible for all the atrocities of Europe. Remember the massacre of Armenia.
baka san

Los Gatos, CA

#64 Oct 17, 2013
Japanese are slow to catch on to anothers culture and therefore it is difficult for them in a foreign land
Ainu Ainu dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#65 Oct 18, 2013
japan pay 600 billion war compensation to China now
Ainu Ainu dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#66 Oct 18, 2013
a japanese wrote:
<quoted text>
the funny thing is that you chinamen move to japan every year.
there are tons of chink immigrants here. they hate japan but they want to live in japan because they know everything in japan is superior to most of the world. how ironic.
japanese is inferior yellow race.

they learn from China the writting system

they learn from China buddist

they learn from China chopstick

they learn from China print paper

they learn from China compass, gun powder

historically, China is always above japan,

japan is famous for killing, massacre, torture, harakiri(cut belly suicide)

no war compensation for China, many comfort women
Ainu Ainu dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#67 Oct 18, 2013
japanese culture are inferior to China culture

japanese 2000 year of history are inferior to China 4000 year of history

japanese geisha culture is inferior

japanese culture of kamikaze

and harakiri(brutally cut abdomen open suicide)

japanese culture of killing dophins

japanese culture of not compensate
Ainu Ainu dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#68 Oct 18, 2013
german are superior than japanese. they repent

japanese don't repent

their prime minister and emperor are right wing

they learn the word "banzai" from China

abe shinzo is a provocative man

they abolish the peace constitution

they denied the world war 2 result

they want to arm and war again.
Ainu Abe shinzo dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#69 Oct 18, 2013
japanese cannot change their peace constitution

they cannot arm, they cannot manufacture and sell military equipment

they must compensate

Shenzhen, China

#70 Oct 19, 2013
All that and most importantly--GOING DOWN.


#72 Oct 20, 2013
Doesn't make sense do argue with you, because you are an ignorant.
Ainu Abe shinzo dumb

Central District, Hong Kong

#73 Oct 20, 2013
judo karate is inferior to kung fu

that is according to Bruce Lee,

yes, Bruce Lee said Chinese kung fu is superior than that of japanese judo karate.

and Bruce Lee has shown the fact that he defeated many Ainu japanese karate champion.

all that Ainu japanese has is learn from China

buddhist, chopstick, paper, gun powder, Chinese character writing system,

Tokyo, Japan

#76 Oct 22, 2013
Go die with an air polution by PM 2.5, China!
Louis Mi

Ningbo, China

#77 Oct 22, 2013
a japanese wrote:
<quoted text>
so what? germans were considered rowdy barbarians in the ancient times but today they are regarded as one of the superior people.
modern chinese are poor, criminals, illegal immigrants, less creative, barbaric, uneducated, beggers etc..they are failed people.
<quoted text>
i see no signs that china is rising. as i said before, they have never won the nobel awards for natural science&#12288;or medicine. many chinese live in japan illegally. chinese are the largest criminal group in japan. they are third worlders.
sorry for attacking your country. didn't even know about the war until you pointed out today because we had to fight against many countries in 19-20 century. japanese are peaceful people but they were forced to enter many wars to survive because of the western imperialism.
let aside the history between China and Japan,i do admire the achievements which Japan have made.

What makes Chinese people a Chink? Self-Centered,messed up,jealous,I mean,come on,just because Japan is ahead of us doesnt makes you talk shit and deny the fact. Learn from them and compete with them in a more rational way. Do not talk shit on the internet,what's the point??
Louis Mi

Ningbo, China

#78 Oct 22, 2013
Red wrote:
<quoted text>
Make no mistake, Japan will forever be the land of Midgets by the Chinese. Japan industized after their confrontation with the west, while China did not. China also did not industrial first, and in fact, England was the first to have their industrial revolution.
These are historical accidents that gave one group a advantage over another, but innately, we Chinese are superior to all. We process the civilization that are far advance than the west, or the middle eat. We had more inventions, we are more productive.
Japan currently don 't really have anything to be proud of. For the last 20 years, your people did not create any new jobs. Your savings are declining, and approaching 0.
Look what you've said,WE CHINESE ARE SUPERIOR TO ALL.

&#21738;&#26469;&# 30340;&#20248;&#36234; &#24863;&#21834;&# 65292;&#25105;&#25805; &#65281;

Brisbane, Australia

#79 Oct 23, 2013
a japanese wrote:
hey injapan, i am japanese and if you don't like japan, just move to another country. i don't mind your calling me a racist but i don't believe multiculturalism. it doesn't work well and results in cultural friction and makes things more complicated for japan. look at europe. there are full of violence, crimes, civil wars etc due to stupid immigrant shits. you can't let people in who are from different religions, cultures, regions and races. it creates too many problems. chinese, koreans, westerners, blacks, iranians etc. they are the all same shit to me. they are too barbaric and uneducated compared to normal japanese citizens. japan should be always one race/people nation.
Now you're speaking my language mate!

Ainu stupid japan

Central District, Hong Kong

#81 Oct 25, 2013
Ainu wrote:
Go die with an air polution by PM 2.5, China!
Ainu the loser has nothing to say , then you go die also with an tokyo magnitude 10 earthquake of the millenium

ha ha ha
Ainu stupid japan

Central District, Hong Kong

#83 Oct 25, 2013
arrogant Ainu japs : japanese culture is superior than that of Chinese culture , so is judo karate is superior than that of Chinese kung fu

Bruce Lee : So ?

arrogant Ainu japs : you must be tire of living , let me teach you a lesson.

Bruce Lee : so ? one on one , or your entire army all together

arrogant Ainu japs : i alone will be able to take good care of you.

Tokyo, Japan

#84 Oct 26, 2013
See for yourself, little chinks.
Japanese suck

Delhi, India

#85 Jan 13, 2014
a japanese wrote:
<quoted text>
btw i think you came from another world. in "our" world, since 2000s japan have won more nobel prize awards for natural science or medicine than any other european or asian country. europe has been shit and less successful than japan. asia is even worse. asia minus japan has NEVER won nobel prize awards for natural science or medicine. they have a long way to catch up with our superiority.(don't forget this award is full of white racism and other japanese potential winners like Hideo Noguchi failed to win due to this problem. we could have won more.)
Japanese have small penis ( 5-6 inch) and r physically weak...-_-

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