Is LYING part of the PINOY culture?

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It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#1 Nov 14, 2013
Or is it just these DISHONORABLE SHAMELESS Pinoy in here?

Even their President LIED thru' his teeth.

An EXAMPLE of Philippines PROPAGANDA machine at work.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper who reporting from Tacloban City observed and opined that
There was “no REAL EVIDENCE of ORGANIZED RECOVERY and RELIEF” EFFORT by or coming from the BS Aquino Philippine government.
And this was reported by CCN over and over again on the situation in Tacloban.

Meanwhile CNN studio reporter Christiane Amapour in her interview with Philippines President BS Aquino was receiving some ambiguous responses.

BS Aquino CLAIMED the Philippine government’s relief and rescue operations were well going on.

The President BS when he said,“all national roads have been reopened and most national airports are back to operating levels”.

The pictures captured by CNN shown NONE of THAT!

Come on CNN, this US returnee President has learned well from USA and that is to LIE and LIE like a TYPICAL TRUE PINOY. It was not a lie but half the truth only. We will finally come to that when the Western reopened the airport for us. What about Philippines troops doing? They are need for other important TASK such as to guard Gloria Arroya prison cells and the RICE WAREHOUSE from being raided by the thieving looter. Off course he will missed out the word "HUNGRY" as usual like the BIG TIME LIAR in time chinawoman CEV. The DUMBASS! Hahahahah

San Francisco, CA

#2 Nov 14, 2013
Absolutely, PH is nothing and they tried to act like they are something.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#3 Nov 16, 2013
LOL There is an ONGOING battle between INTERNATIONAL NEWS MEDIA covering the Typhoon Haiyan disaster.

CNN Anderson Cooper vs Philippines No. 1 LIAR, their President BS Aquino Jr III.

We can observed watching our TV as members of the international media are giving factual reports from the ground at the disaster zone.

In the meantime, we can also observed that the President men from Malacanang including President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino are FALSELY painting a much rosier update to the rest of Philippines.

But what is the TRUTH?

Korina Sanchez, wife of Department of Interior and Local Government secretary, Mar Roxas became defensive and accused Veteran CNN Anderson Cooper of not knowing what he is talking about. She has not even lay a step on the disaster zone yet.

Another rporter from ABC news claimed that the Philippine government has become PARALYSED in the face of the disaster.

Anyway does Fair and Unbiased Reporting is quite exists in Philippines local media nowadays. ARe the people feed NONSENSES?

Anderson Cooper was BOOT out of Philippines following his disagreement with the President of Philippines.

Some angry Pinoys on the ground have even suggesting that USA take over the chaotic administrations of Philippines.

The words from the LYING Presidents is HEARD and SEEN by all the people of the world and how reassuring can one be when they see the footage and video on the TV boxes.

SO IF Pinoy here in disbelief are BLINDLY defending Philippines, what can the rest of the world says?

Where exactly is your AIDS and DONATIONS heading to?

The help the victims at Hiayan DISASTER ZONES or inside some Filipino pockets.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#4 Nov 16, 2013
Being DEFENSIVE and LYING appears to be the trait of most Filipino in the Topix today.

That is why when non Chinese nationals like us came and exposed what the Philippines Government were trying to do in the South China Sea, they behave so badly and offensively by accusing the truthseekers as CCP supporters, etc. Did not work as they can LIED to the entire Philippines but NOT to the rest of the WORLD.

Philippines Government is trying to STEAL ISLANDS in the South China Sea because the Presidents and cronies have VEST INTERESTS in OIL EXPLORATION. These investors needs to be assured that these territories are firmly in Philippines but China objectives are different. They wanted to protect their FREE NAVIGATION which may be threatened by USA encirclement and USA knew that precisely.

OIL! China has plenty of those when they discovered the BIGGEST OIL RESERVES in Bohai a few year ago.

Having read the histories and examined the FACTS given as related to the various treaties signed by the founder of Philippines named after the King of Spain or its recent colonial master USA, etc. or the passing of an ILLEGAL Baseline Act in 2009 to annex territories which do not belong to Philippines, today I can easily says I know you FILIPINO better. There are many in Philippines who can be totally honest but how many dare to says the truth today in view of the jingoism generated by this BS aquino regime there.

Many angry victims on the ground in Tacloban have even accused the President of political vengeances today as the reason for not helping them because they did not vote for his party. Is there any truth in all of these that are alleged on the ground? Whatever these news are generally suppressed which explained by the Interior Minister Mar Roxas is so defensive in his interview with CNN reporter ANdrew Steven. And mind you Andrew Steven does not minced his words when he says he passed by the same rotting bodies for week. LOL Minister Mar Roxas replies were they were different bodies, Andrew Steven saw.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#5 Nov 18, 2013
Talking about LYING!

Is Ainu a OFW currently slaving in Japan?

Just before payday, the Japanese Employers will tip of their IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT and arrested these people.

That is how they get FREE LABOR legally. A welll documented trick by Japanese.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#6 Nov 18, 2013
So the RELIEF HELP to HAIYAN victims were RELABEL

with the name of PROMINENT MEMBERS of the President BS Aquino RULING PARTY.

Imagine INSTANT BS AQUINO NOODLE repacked for distribution for as part of his political campaigning.

RELIEF trucks carry the VP Jejomar Binay on huge BANNERS displayed prominently on its side so that the victims will be grateful having deceived into thinking that these HELP that coming from the rest of the world are from these politician themselves.

Even slippers distributed for the victim have broadcast journalist KORINA SANCHEZ name printed on it. Her husband is Minister of Interior Affair MAR ROXAS. She defended her husband and kicked CNN Anderson Cooper out of Philippines after the latter run some contradictory remarks about the CHAOTIC conditions and LACK of LEADERSHIP by the President.

So in PHILIPPINES. Advertising these IMAGES for Politician is more important than the people themselves. These relief goods have to be RELABEL and PACKED before they can be make ready for DISTRIBUTION.


IF there is an HONEST PINOY in Philippines, they would be in this REGIME that is running the show there.

SO it is SUDDENLY APPARENT why in the PAST, BS Aquino is STIRRING UP trouble for all her neighbors e.g. Scarborough Shoal, RoC Taiwan, Sabah, etc. or spending MILLIONS to paid for a non binding and enforceable ruling from a NON UNITED NATION organisation "The Abitral Tribunal" to deceive others into thinking that this "ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL" is the "INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL" which is a part of UN. It is NOT!

That is the OLDEST TRICK in the book on how to gather the people to support them by inventing LIES and IMAGINARY THREATS when they are the one who started it in the first place.

In histories, India and Pakistan will have a new war whenever their domestic politics ran afoul. Distracting the public, they called it.

Beijing, China

#7 Nov 18, 2013
they have been repacking Indonisia sent rice as philippine's.

what a joke.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#8 Nov 18, 2013
lct wrote:
they have been repacking Indonisia sent rice as philippine's.
what a joke.
I did not know that they even did that with their ASEAN neighbors. Indonesia will be furious and as usual President BS Aquino administration will DENY meaning they will LIE once more.

So it is reported in China as well. That is interesting.

It appears that everyone around the world knew about that except the Filipino themselves.
It is so Amazing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9 Nov 18, 2013
Why is the Filipino Government so annoyed with the same CNN news reporters and journalists who were on their side?

As Andrew Steven and others were saying, we were merely reporting what we see on the ground and they truly contradicted everything the LYING President of Philippines BS Aquino is claiming on TV and during the interview.

The Aquino government even criticized USA themselves when they asked how did USA handled the Hurricane Katrina aftermath? But USA President did apologized to the American people, didn't he when he admitted he blundered.

The scene at Tacloban now is like a foreigner playground, the Flipino Government either does not care or has lost total control.

But one thing they did not is they are trying very hard to prop up their image for their political future.

Unlike the Scarborough Shoal incidents or the shooting of the Taiwanese fishing boat, it is not working as planned as the victim themselves this time are the Filipino themselves.

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