Kosovo blowback, South Ossetia Georgia.

Kosovo blowback, South Ossetia Georgia.

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#1 Aug 4, 2008
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin issued the warning in a telephone conversation late on Sunday with his Georgian counterpart Grigol Vashadze, the ministry said in a press release posted on its web site ( www.mid.ru ).

"Moscow is seriously concerned with the escalation of tension in the region caused by disproportionate use of force by the Georgian side," Karasin told Vashadze, according to the press release.

The conversation followed a weekend of fresh clashes in South Ossetia, a mountainous region bordering Russia that broke away from Georgia after a bloody war in the early 1990s.

At least six people were killed and more than 15 others were injured in a series of shellings of the regional capital Tskhinvali and surrounding villages, which separatist authorities said deliberately targeted civilians.

Separatists accused Georgia of amassing troops in the region and have begun evacuating women and children to neighbouring Russia. Georgia said its forces were only returning fire and denied any military build-up in the area.

"Tbilisi should realise the real threat of the situation developing along a violent path," Karasin said. "It should make effective steps not to allow the further aggravation of the crisis."

Georgia, whose pro-Western government seeks to end traditional dependence on Russia in favour of closer ties with the West, views regaining control over South Ossetia and another breakaway region, Abkhazia, as a top national priority.

Tbilisi has accused Russia, whose peacekeepers have been deployed in both regions since the mid-1990s, of standing behind the separatists. Georgia suspects Russia of seeking to annex South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Moscow rejects the accusations, but say it has a legitimate right to use any means to "protect compatriots" in both regions, where the majority of non-Georgian residents hold Russian passports.


Go ahead, fire upon Russian Federation forces.


#2 Aug 4, 2008
British Petroleum's arse getting kicked out of Russia.

TNK-BP finance chief quits amid dispute
The chief financial officer at TNK-BP tendered his resignation on Monday, blaming the escalating battle for control at the Russian joint oil venture as a threat to his independence.

James Owen, 61, had joined the company in 2006 from Chevron and was the key independent member of a core executive committee of five top officials, including the BP-backed chief executive Robert Dudley, and the two Russian shareholder managers in the venture, Viktor Vekselberg and German Khan.

In a letter dated August 4 to TNK-BP's board of directors and Mr Dudley, Mr Owen said he felt it was difficult for him to continue working independently as long as the shareholder dispute remained unresolved, TNK-BP said.

The Russian shareholders, who hold their stake through AAR, have insisted that Mr Dudley step down and be replaced with an independent chief executive, claiming he is running the venture only in BP's interests. BP, in turn, has demanded that Mr Vekselberg and Mr Khan resign from their posts.



#4 Aug 7, 2008
If one Russian Federation citizen has died in these attacks, Georgia should be reduced to rubble.


#5 Aug 7, 2008
From BBC:
Heavy fighting in South Ossetia

Georgian forces and South Ossetian separatists have been exchanging heavy fire just hours after agreeing to a ceasefire and Russian-mediated talks. Fighting broke out after a brief lull in a day of heavy fighting in which 12 people were reportedly killed.

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#6 Aug 7, 2008
So Does that Mean if a part of Russia is Burning


We might eventually get burned Too ?


South Ossetia under attack

6 min ago | The Globe and Mail

"The assault is coming from all directions," said a brief statement on the separatist government's website.


Related Topix: Tbilisi, Georgia, World News, Tskhinvali, Georgia, Georgia

Georgian troops, warplanes, pound separatistsRead the original story

5 min ago | Reuters

Georgian troops, backed by warplanes, pounded separatist forces on the outskirts of the South Ossetian capital on Friday hours after launching an assault on the breakaway region following a short-lived truce.


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#7 Aug 7, 2008
No but the majority of South Ossetians are Russian citizens.

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#8 Aug 8, 2008
'Men of the KGB' even speak in Canada.


#9 Aug 8, 2008
Nightflyer wrote:
'Men of the KGB' even speak in Canada.
Well at least they have more class and balls than the US.
They haven't started funding and equipping the Taliban and Al Qaeda through the ISI Pakistan to cause a little grief in Afghanistan.

Funny how there were about 1000 Nato "advisors" in Georgia just one month before this action started.

It's all Russia's fault and the KGB too...
Who attacked who here? What happened in Kosovo?
Again the voice of the lambs.


#10 Aug 8, 2008
The North Ossetian leader (Russia) has arrived in South Ossetia. Abkhazian SUKHOI/25s (Georgian breakaway republic also) have attacked Georgian forces. Georgia have blown a bridge from South Ossetia to Russia.

RIA Novosti

Russia pledges to protect its citizens in South Ossetia

14:35 | 08/ 08/ 2008

MOSCOW, August 8 (RIA Novosti)- Russia will protect its nationals in South Ossetia, where Georgian troops are fighting to regain control over the breakaway region, the Defense Ministry said on Friday.

"The Georgian authorities have unleashed a dirty war," the ministry said on its website, echoing statements from Russian officials and lawmakers who have condemned the ongoing Georgian ground and air offensive, which has killed several people including Russian peacekeepers.

"Bloodshed in South Ossetia will be on their conscience. We will protect our peacekeepers and citizens of the Russian Federation," the ministry said.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaking in Beijing, hinted at a Russian retaliation, saying Georgia's aggression would provoke a "response." Several senior lawmakers called for military action against Tbilisi.

"Russia must intervene in the conflict to end the violence," influential MP Konstantin Zatulin said. "Russia must consider the military operation because our peacekeeping contingent will not be sufficient to ensure peace in the region."

Let the drubbing commence, I want to hear the squeals of righteous indignation from the world, especially the Nato countries that bombed Serbia.


#11 Aug 8, 2008

South Ossetian bloodshed claims hundreds of lives
More than 1,400 people have been killed during Georgia`s attacks on the capital of South Ossetia, according to the region`s authorities. The breakaway republic is calling on the world community to recognise it as an independent state. Meanwhile, Moscow says Russian artillery and tanks have now suppressed the Georgian firing positions around Tskhinvali.


Russia has gone to the UN first, for a resolution, and when it will probably face a US block or veto, I'm sure Russia will deal with it in their own way.

Just like the US and the other heros did when they bombed Serbia.


#12 Aug 8, 2008
Well looks like the UN resolution WAS blocked by well who knows eh?
And now Russia enters the fray.
Georgia: Russia has invaded and we are under attack
Vladimir Putin: the war has started
Friday, 8 August 2008
A convoy of Russian tanks and troops is reportedly moving toward South Ossetia's capital as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared that the war has started.
Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "War started today in South Ossetia when Georgia attacked Russian peacekeepers in the disputed region."
Earlier an official in Georgia's National Security Council said Russia invaded Georgia.
Kakha Lamaia said: "If it's not war, then we are very close to it. The Russians have invaded Georgia and we are under attack."
Georgian President Mikhail Saakasvili told CNN: "Russia is fighting a war with us in our own territory."
"This is a clear intrusion on another country's territory. We have Russian tanks on our territory, jets on our territory in broad daylight,"
Saakashvili accused its neighbor of a "well-planned invasion" and called on reservists to sign up for duty. He said "150 Russian tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles" have entered South Ossetia.
The Georgian government said it will try to protect Russian peacekeepers who were already in the disputed region.
However Russia claims that 10 of the peacekeepers have been killed.
Reports from Georgia claim Russian jets have attacked an airport near Tblisi.
Nato, the US and the EU are calling for an immediate end to hostilities.
Georgia claims to have shot down two Russian war planes as the two countries fight for control of the breakaway province of South Ossetia.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has vowed to protect Russian citizens in the region.
Medvedev said: "In accordance with the constitution and the federal law, I, as president of Russia, am obliged to protect the lives and dignity of Russian citizens wherever they are located," Mr Medvedev said in televised remarks.
"We won't allow the death of our compatriots to go unpunished."
Georgian troops are currently observing a three-hour ceasefire to let civilians leave the besieged capital, Tskhinvali.
Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian president, said most of South Ossetia had been "liberated" in an overnight offensive.
"Most of South Ossetia's territory is liberated and is controlled by Georgia," Saakashvili said in televised comments today.
"Russian flights are ongoing in the centre of Tskhinvali (the South Ossetian capital)... I demand Russia stop bombardment of peaceful Georgian cities."
Video from Russia Today


#13 Aug 8, 2008
Love your foreign policy now US of A?

How bout you Harper?

Sit back, enjoy the ride.....


#14 Aug 8, 2008
Give it to them just like Canadian, American, and other Nato morons did in Serbia.


#15 Aug 8, 2008
The Russian's didn't invade "georgia", they moved their peacekeeping battalions towards the capital of South Ossetia, where they have always been stationed after Georgia started shelling the capital.

Now it's time to pay the piper.


#16 Aug 8, 2008
58th army of the Russian Federation is now in Tskhinvalli, capital of South Ossetia.

3 hours ago: In this image, made from television , what Russian Channel 1 claims, a convoy of Russian tanks moving towards Tskhinvali in the South Ossetian enclave in Georgia on Friday, Aug. 8, 2008.

Russia's Defense Ministry says it has sent reinforcements to its peacekeepers deployed to South Ossetia to help end bloodshed. Georgian officials confirmed that the Russian convoy had crossed the border and was advancing toward Tskhinvali. Georgia launched a massive attack Friday to regain control over South Ossetia, using heavy artillery, aircraft and armor. South Ossetian officials said at least 15 people were killed Friday and an unspecified number were wounded.


#17 Aug 8, 2008
The US starts squeaking "stop stop" when the Russians decided that enough was enough.

They didn't want to stop it in the UN, so the figured that Georgia,(with their big buddys behind them Nato) would make Russia roll over like a beaten dog.

The Georgians aggressed, the UN MANDATED RUSSIAN peacekeeping force advanced and Georgia fired on them.

Then Russia "suppressed them".

Lap it up tough guys.


#18 Aug 8, 2008
Russian troops near S.Ossetia capital, 10 peacekeepers killed
18:34 | 08/ 08/ 2008

Georgian-South Ossetian conflict zone. Evacuation

The Georgian-South Ossetian conflict

VLADIKAVKAZ, August 8 (RIA Novosti)- Russian troops are approaching the capital of breakaway South Ossetia to help peacekeepers amid a spiraling conflict with Georgia, which tried to regain control of the region Friday, a top military spokesman said.

Colonel Igor Konashenkov, an aide to the Russian Ground Forces commander, said around 10 Russian peacekeepers have been killed and 30 wounded in the province since Georgia launched a major offensive overnight using tanks, combat aircraft, heavy artillery and infantry.

"Units of the 58th Army have set off to help Russian peacekeepers, they are approaching Tskhinvali," Konashenkov said.

He said Georgian tanks are firing at the Russian peacekeeping headquarters.



#19 Aug 8, 2008
"Georgian troops are shooting Russian peacekeepers and civilians at observation posts they have seized," he said. "Vicious fighting is going on in the area of Tskhinvali, where Georgian tanks are firing at the peacekeepers' headquarters and base from close by."

Earlier reports confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry said a convoy of Russian tanks and armored vehicles had entered Tskhinvali. Eyewitnesses said some 100 Russian tanks and armored vehicles crossed the Russian border.

Georgia's Interior Ministry said earlier Russian aircraft dropped two bombs near the Vaziani military airbase in a Tbilisi suburb, reporting no injuries. There was no immediate confirmation from Russia that it had sent bombers into the area.

Georgia's pro-Western president, Mikheil Saakashvili, said in a television interview with CNN on Friday that Russia was fighting a war with his country.(VIDEO)



#20 Aug 8, 2008
Wonder if the US is gonna look up Osama again, to bomb some stuff in Russia?

Right up their alley, and moral level.


#21 Aug 8, 2008
Btw, love your flag nightflyer.


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