Thunder Bay joins other Canadian citi...

Thunder Bay joins other Canadian cities in Idle No More protests

There are 31 comments on the Wawatay News story from Dec 12, 2012, titled Thunder Bay joins other Canadian cities in Idle No More protests. In it, Wawatay News reports that:

The Idle No More rally brought protesters to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development office in Fort William First Nation on Dec.

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Thunder Bay, Canada

#1 Dec 12, 2012
The Defence Department Wednesday pegged the full cost of Canada buying, owning, replacing and disposing of 65 F-35 stealth fighters at $44.8-billion over 42 years, according to a report tabled in the House of Commons. It’s the first time Canadians have been presented the full price the government can expect to bear all the way from the aircraft’s development through to disposal, and it far surpasses any previous figure made public.

Scrap these aeroplanes and make the money available to create jobs in First Nations for a really cheap F-35. Injuns could fabricate wing materials from everyday available aluminum (I know they use titanium, Ti, 22). Oh ya! Fabric wings material so radar can't see them. It says "domestic" why do they need stealth bombers domestically? I guess they want to wipe out Injun Rezs.

They are planning for 42 years when we know that the world is going to end in 9 days. Hahahahahahaah!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#2 Dec 12, 2012
Grab the peace! They called police and where going to kill you, so grab the peace!

They then peacefully made their way into the reception area of the office, where they again talked about how the federal government is unilaterally imposing legislation on First Nations.
AANDC officials asked the crowd to take the rally outside and threatened to call police, but the crowd requested that they contact Fort William First Nation chief to take part as they exited to the lobby. The chief arrived and supported the cause. Police showed up but no action was taken. The rally ended around 2 p.m.

Horton described the overall atmosphere of the rally as being positive.

Grab the peace! Grab the peace! Grab the peace!

Kitchshi-manitou is upset, nobody wants to grab the peace! Sh..!

Since: May 11

On Your Back!

#3 Dec 12, 2012
Why post this? None of this matters now!

NINE DAYS UNTIL 21.12.2012

The late great profit of our time, BKW will have the last laugh!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#4 Dec 12, 2012
Like Bare'Squatch or Monsokan said; he observes International Law.

It is illegal for anyone with a position of influence to influence someone a citizen of Canadian to steal money by selling dupe or just corrupt practice from another person. Its okay to do that if the Government looks like the Syrian Government. The penalty is life in prison for the official whether a copper or Attorney General worker or influence peddler.

Tell me Monkey Rench your opinion. I have an influence peddler living next to me on the lesser number side.

Since: May 11

On Your Back!

#5 Dec 12, 2012
Monsokan wrote:
Tell me Monkey Rench your opinion. I have an influence peddler living next to me on the lesser number side.
He shall perish in 9 days, so nothing to do....

Thunder Bay, Canada

#6 Dec 13, 2012
December 21, 2012 is closing in. Do what the Mayans do i.e. pack a few undahwears in case the influence peddlers steal one from you. You don't want to go into Kitchshi-manitou presence without undahwear. Would be pleasant, jiggle bum and the whole side show.

Oh my God only 8 days before the planetary alignment completes. Remember that the event will last 8 minutes and the band is from the mid US States down to Guatemala. Get out from that sector as you are going to fry like eggs in a hot greased skillet.

Keep fighting oppression Erin Bottle. You are brave boy fighting for me. Bare'Squatch Monsokan loves you very much for your bravery. You deserve a hair from the Creature.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#7 Dec 13, 2012
“In Canada, an upside down flag signifies distress,” Erin Bottle, a Mishkeegogamang First Nation member, told the crowd of about 50 people assembled outside the office “We declare that we Anishnawbes are under distress by the Canadian government.”

Bare'Squatch Monsokan growls the distress call to other Monsokans...grrrrhherrrrr!...h ohohohoho!

Scared eh boy! Don't be look south at the Monsokans.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#8 Dec 13, 2012
The US President and Congress have an agenda prepared. The agenda calls for immediate attack on Canada by armored divisions and Stealths including infantries. The scenario will not be pleasant on December 21, 2012 if the bird flies The heat will be unbearable on that sector. The Canadian government has no shelters that can impact radiation like spoken of on You Tubes. The US government has a few shelters that could block the stinkers on the person's back "ouch!.

Erin Bottle must be close by as I hear creaking paper clothes, hehehehehehe! I know she is a beautiful Nishqwa! Hahahahaha! Women also do the fighting for Injun boys. Sad, really sad!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#9 Dec 13, 2012
On Wednesday, officials released an audit report showing that the “cradle-to-grave” costs of owning and operating a fleet of 65 F-35s would total $44.8 billion, a stunning price tag and far higher than any cost released so far.

I heard they can't afford these birds, because they cost to much.

I have secret to tell, as a military analyst, that kind of fighter in the sky is to big and too sophisticated. Americans don't want to sell such fighters to us. What we need are flying OPP camouflage SUVs with wings. The OPP have no fricken right using camouflaged vehicles either. The highway patrol vehicles schould be like our US brother's police cars with clanking bells and swirling lights so they can be noticed. I don't agree with the OPP's blacked out vehicles and platoon commander standing there with tight spandex pants if you call that suit pants.

Okay! We need what Sweden has a smaller version of a sky patrol jet built by Swedeish blood. Now! We can put the Injuns to work builting parts and model of our flying OPP car. Who is the enemy? The USA is definitely, and so are the Russians but not Erin Bottle's concentrated, already dead.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#10 Dec 13, 2012
A Russian official has said for the first time that the Syrian government may be defeated by opposition forces.

I beleive that the Syrian Government will lose the civil war because revolutions always win. The Injuns and White Canadians would win a civil war if it fought the regime. The Canadian regime is not really blood free, it just has a lot of happy actors in it that makes it look like a good regime.

1. 50,000 Anishnawbec kids never returned home from Indian Residential Schools, so where are they buried?

2. Some of the 50,000 Anishnawbec kids where sent to Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital to be experimented on by RCMP and CIA, others where send to Montreal at a place called the "Pigsty-cote" many are buried there.

3. Some of them died in another Psychiatric Hospital in Winnipeg.

Make your owe choice!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#11 Dec 13, 2012

Thunder Bay, Canada

#12 Dec 13, 2012

Thunder Bay, Canada

#13 Dec 13, 2012
It's not enough for the federal government to simply "reset" the process to find a replacement for Canada's aging fleet of CF-18 fighter jets. Instead the entire system must be revamped and the government must learn from its mistakes, says Liberal Leader Bob Rae.

What do you think the Liberal leader is saying? To me Monsokan, it sounds like he wants the F-35s at 45.8 billion dollars for 65 of them and 600,000 $ to keep them operating in the sky.

4,500,0000,000,000.00 and 0.8,0000,000,000.00 Canadian Dollars and 600,000,000.00. Oh lala! The Canadian Government makes $450,0000,000,000.00 income tax revenue. Oh lala!

It could make life easy for many Injuns.

Since: May 11

On Your Back!

#14 Dec 13, 2012
Monsokan wrote:
You can say that again!!! The whole world will be void with only 8 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#15 Dec 13, 2012
Monkey_Rench wrote:
<quoted text>
You can say that again!!! The whole world will be void with only 8 DAYS LEFT!!!!!
I have been meaning to say even with such lousy music notes, that Holy people are living here in the world with us. Monkey Rench, you must help me find those people, then our 8 days flat out limits will become true. Okay! Kitchshi-manitou keeps missing us, so who is the Holy people. I have a feeling that its the Roman Catholics, and their POPE. My other feeling is that its the Anishnawbec people, the Ojibwas and Crees. The Jews are not Holy, as they have joined allegiance with Satan. We have to find the Holy people and soon!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#16 Dec 13, 2012

Taiwan (Republic of China) Taïwan, Province de Chine T'ai-wan Eastern Asia
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All these countries have pledged allegiance to Satan. These are not the Holy people.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#18 Dec 13, 2012
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These have pledged allegiance to Satan.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#19 Dec 13, 2012
Finland Finlande Suomen Tasavalta Northern Europe
France France France Western Europe
French Guiana Guyane Française Guyane Northern South America
French Polynesia Polynésie Française Polynésie Française Polynesia, Oceania
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Guyana Guyana Guyana North Eastern South America

These have pledged allegiance to Satan.

The question is now? Who is not listed on there.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#20 Dec 13, 2012
Canada Canada Canada North North America. Exactly! Canada pledged allegiance to Satan. They said Satan is an idea, imaginary like religions are, but why have these Nations pledged allegiance to Satan.

The Governments of the world will soon ask each and everyone of us to pledge allegiance to Satan, ye sir! Just like in the Bible. We have 8 days to the end of the world.

Great Britain Grande-Bretagne Great Britain Northern Europe.

So did they: United States États-Unis United States North America

She pledged allegiance to Satan too.

This is the last straw: Vatican City State (Holy See) Saint-Siège (État de la Cité du Vatican) Status Civitatis.

They also pledged allegiance to Satan.

That leaves one...Anishnawbec! We are the Holy People.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#21 Dec 14, 2012
Kitchshi-manitou keeps missing our Starship because the Anishnawbec around the world have never pledged allegiance to Satan. Satan lives right here on Earth, and he has everyone who has a country. Except Anishnawbec, they live under treaties in countries that have pledged allegiance to Satan. The Anishnawbec are Kitchshi-manitou's Holy people. They have not pledged allegiance to Satan!

Satan is the most highest intelligent Angel, but Kitchshi-manitou kicked him out of heaven or simply the place they once lived just went pooh! And was gone so Satan and all those who lost their home like Earth came here. Satan is not a Spirit it must live here with humanity as a hybrid. Or could be the 'Squatch! But he is real and is a hybrid.

Satan is the Commander and Chief of the world governments, everyone one of them except for Anishnawbec people, they have no country, so, have no allegiance. EEEEEEEHHH! YOU PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE TO MAH-GII-MANITOU!

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