The Royal Bloodline Of Cain

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Montréal, Canada

#1 Mar 10, 2008

CAINITES - are the Satanic offsprings of the Serpent and Eve. A race of evil beings that exist on the Earth since the dawn of time. Their Father is literally Satan [thru Cain] and have from the beginning worked towards their Father's ultimate goal which was to place a Son of the 'Royal Dragon-lineage' upon the Throne of the World, his so-called "Rex Mundi" [King of the World], the Antichrist.

In ancient Europe, Cainites became "masters" and bankers, imposing exorbiant taxes on the common-bloods whom they viewed as little more than cattle. They continue to grow rich thru the dividing and conquering of others, while they keep the masses unaware of who and what they truly are. Whatever land they migrated into, they soon controlled. When wars they caused to divide the land for gain, failed, they created and used "religions" to opress, every tactic of control was used and still used to this day.

Today's European ruling "Elite" are all descended from Cain and this is precisely the reason that most Royal European "blue-blooded" lineages are kept pure to this day.

It is Cainites who are truly behind every known and covert conspiracy while blaming the evil they actually cause upon the the Jews in Israel, Sethites - the True Sons of God. As Holy Jews do after their Father in Heaven, Cainites do the will of their Father in Hell and his will is the destruction of Zion and the death of every last Holy Sethite Jew, as well as destroying all of God's Creation.

These Sons of Cain have even hidden under the much used term of "Zionists," in the hopes to bring Holy Jews more hatred, attacks, and ultimately, to their own destruction. The latter, they are attempting to accomplish with the presentation of a false British-Zionist Messiah, the Antichrist.

The Antichrist will control wealth and divisions of land, graphically showing the Cainites work even now FOR the Beast system and will provide him all their amassed riches in due course. While those in third world countries are left starving, and people taken to the very brink of existence, the Cainites pave the way for their "New Age of Enlightenment" at the cost of all our lives. Think not that this upcoming war isn't in their best interest and of their design, although the war itself is only a means to a ends. The aftermath and resulting great cataclysm that it brings about is their greater desire, a False "Armageddon," scenario, a false "Wormwood" striking, and the very real result of a dark age, yet all to bring in their far more ancient goal, the dazzling and deceptive, New Edenic Age of Light, and the time of New Altantis and it's King within a King will have it's seven years.

By the way, Prince Charles Coat of Arms has another symbol - The Order of the Garter. The Order of the Garter is the parent organization over Free Masonry, world-wide. When a man becomes a 33rd Degree Mason, he swears allegiance to that organization, and thereby to Prince Charles.

The British Crown is even telling they are sitting on the Throne of King David. They even claim they are descendants of Jesus Christ himself. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE! They are actually really referring to the Satanic House of David. The royalty of the Tribe of Dan (and descendants of Cain) have descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline. The 13th or final blood line was copied after God's royal lineage of Jesus.

Windsor-Wales -(Druids) Celtic Prince = RED DRAGON /(Cainite)/ Celtic Power

Prince William becomes KING WILLIAM V = I AM VI VI VI or I AM 666

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#2 Mar 11, 2008
Mag apologizes for Prince Harry story

Australian magazine says sorry for

revealing that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan


Christchurch, New Zealand

#3 Jul 15, 2009
I wish not to read any further .

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#4 Jul 15, 2009
Tin foil hat less plz?

Cordova, TN

#5 May 2, 2010
Interesting as I explore more on this topic ... BUT one snag I'm running into: didn't all life die in the Flood? Which would imply that Noah's line is the only bloodline that survived the flood and that Cain's lineage was destroyed.

Just an inquiry, not meant to be contradictory or combative. I am actually interested ...

God bless, Jim

United States

#6 Jun 3, 2010
Jim wrote:
Interesting as I explore more on this topic ... BUT one snag I'm running into: didn't all life die in the Flood? Which would imply that Noah's line is the only bloodline that survived the flood and that Cain's lineage was destroyed.
Just an inquiry, not meant to be contradictory or combative. I am actually interested ...
God bless, Jim
. This is true, as per what ya mentioned, however who did Noah marry? Through her, she is a decendant of cain... So much more, but that should help, as you continue to study. Shalom!

Columbia, MO

#7 Jun 13, 2010
No, no, no, you must understand genesis and the different groups of people God created. Noah did not marry an offspring of cain, upon the arc was two of EVERY flesh. Which meant a pair from every race, Adam is a different bloodline from the rest of man.

Denver, CO

#8 Nov 11, 2010
Kiko wrote:
<quoted text>. This is true, as per what ya mentioned, however who did Noah marry? Through her, she is a decendant of cain... So much more, but that should help, as you continue to study. Shalom!
Wasn't it through the wife of Ham?
Mike Tonon

Bristol, CT

#9 Nov 18, 2010
Iam is another word for God. So "I AM 666", interesting!
Monarchy Trumps Democracy

Toronto, Canada

#10 Nov 18, 2010
Nathanael Baker | Monarchy Trumps Democracy: Canadian Prime Minister Harper's Unelected Senate Reject a climate change bill

In a move that has generated serious uproar in the Canadian government,

the Conservative dominated Senate has defeated a climate change bill that was passed in the House of Commons by holding a snap vote while several Senators were away ...
simon r humphries


#11 Jan 3, 2011
The Cains are the Homo Alpinus race, Hitler was not jew or part jew. Alois was a classic Homo Alpinus round (Brachycephalic)skull German mucn like Paul von Hindenburg. Refer to Huston Stuart Chamberlain; Foundations of the ninteenth century and especially William Z Ripley; Races of Europe.In addition to these titles you could also read Long heads and round heads, by; William S Sadler. The Alpinus was the bringer of agriculture into our europe, and he is a "dweller in fugitivness" he despises his masters (french revolution) and he kidnapps children (Fritzl/dutroux)He "has come from the east to build himself a house in the land of shinar". In the british isles they use the name celt (falsley) because they have retained the language of their former conquerers but they formerly spoke what is termed an agglutinative dialect like their cain cousins the basques.

West Covina, CA

#13 May 2, 2011
Gauldar wrote:
Tin foil hat less plz?
Are you twelve? Or do you think copying 80s cliches is clever..

Menifee, CA

#14 Aug 11, 2011
Noah’s wife was a daughter of Tubal Cain. Tubal Cain was a metal smith he was also worshipped by some as god Vulcan since to primitive people he appeared very powerful ,he was able to make weapons and was probably very accomplished occultist as his father Cain must have been. After flood “Noah gat drunk on vine” Noah’s son Hem walked in his tent and “sow his father nakedness” Noah when he realized what his son has done cursed his grandson Cannon. At first this passage appears completely confusing and makes no sense however, if you turn to Leviticus chapter 20 and see the definition for seeing his nakedness really means seeing his wife’s nakedness all pieces of puzzle start to fit.
Really what happened Hem had sex with his mother who was of Cain’s bloodline, she gave birth to Cannon from this perverse union and this is why Noah cursed his grandson. History and archeology have recorded that Canaanites practiced human sacrifice and every form of evil known to men just as today’s world ruling elite is doing, who also are descendants of Cain. One of Hems decedents was Nimrod founder/builder of city of Babylon and tower of Babel. Tower could in Hebrew also refer to pyramid shaped object. Pyramid is symbolic representation for world ruling empire like “new world order”(entire humanity enslaved and ruled by small group of billionaires. That is the reason why God put the stop to development of such monstrosity confused language scattered the people and delayed their plan for 5000 years. Hope it is little clearer now.:)

Menifee, CA

#15 Aug 12, 2011
Correction sister Tubal-Cain not daughter.

Orangevale, CA

#16 Aug 25, 2011
The flood was local, which means it didn't cover the entire earth. There is a lot of mystification in the Bible. Also, the Garden of Eden is life, and the story conveyed about this is actually telling us about man having awakened to God conscience against a backdrop of the cult of Satan, which was a bunch of magician-like self-appointed priests who were bedding and sacrificing their young. Two statutes issue on Eden which separates man from the beasts: do not bed or eat your young. The bloodline of Cain has persisted well into modern times where it has dead ended in the British monarchy. Machiavelli was the bloodline of Cain. the Medici were influenced by it by a Jew who converted to Catholicism. Machiavelli's The Prince is the monarchy's occult protocol. The other bloodline of Adam is the Israeli people, which this ethnic group is philanthropic and concerned with humanity. The bloodline of Cain is self-serving, Ponzi scheming and enslaving and to this day practice ritual sacrifice and the child sacrifice debauchery ritual.
MaxMason_look me up

Newtownards, UK

#17 Feb 29, 2012
you have to be joking me, you know why people are dying in the world, its because of this crap!
Thank you, good night!

Hampton, VA

#18 Mar 23, 2012
This is why you white people are affected with madness,insanely,foolish.


While the majority, if not all, of Cain's descendants would have been killed in the great flood, according to Mormons from the late 19th to mid 20th century, Cain's bloodline was preserved on the ark through Egyptus, wife of Ham (son of Noah). The Book of Abraham, accepted by Mormons as part of their canon, is the source of the story of this Egyptus who preserves "the curse.... as pertaining to the Priesthood" by surviving the flood as Ham's wife. One must note, however, that in this canonized source no connection is made between her and Cain (her lineage is not given), nor is anything mentioned concerning her skin color. Thus, though Mormons combined the widespread belief that Cain's curse was shown through the mark of the blackness of skin with another idea common in Europe and America (that the curse of Ham for seeing his father's nakedness was black skin), the idea that Ham's wife preserved a curse of black skin inherited from Cain that was passed on is not canonized doctrine.[6] This interpretation is now generally rejected by mainstream Mormons.
TrueRealistWache r

Bucharest, Romania

#19 Jul 26, 2012
so this is the truth about cain's bloodline and how persecuted the Jews are .... yes it is true wath you said about canin's bloodline but Jews are no better ...thouse who proclaim themselws to be God's soons are not humble nor are they pure .... even angels fall so if they are the sons of God ( they are not !) it wold be easy to corrupt them ..... i knew a few of them at my ex highschool and they were cruel with everybody unimportant that means that they beat every single one of my class mates .... and that made me very angry so me and my frends enjoyed so much beating them up in front of the highscool ....everyone saw and they were humiliated so they moved out the scool and almost got me expelld ..... but my teacher took my side so i got away with it but the hole moral of the story is that the jews are not humble , good harted , and thei liked to have my classmates as "slaives"

Calgary, Canada

#20 Jul 28, 2012
...SO..Vhaat is your ..point,here..???...
RoyalFamilyChild renOfCain

Toronto, Canada

#21 Jul 28, 2012
It's true, obviously

Here, one of the Queen's devil eyes is exposed:

Here the Queen Mother gives a devlish grin after drinking the blood of Christian infants:

Here the queen lays a fart that stinks like hell itself:


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