I honestly hope they deport all those marauding criminals. How dare Amnesty International intervene, when Libyans are tottering on the brink of extinction? How dare Gaddafi the Schizophrenic allow two million sub-saharan Black criminals to enter a country of only 4-5 million people? It is unthinkable and a state of emergency. The southern Mediterranean region ought to focus on this terrible problem and demand that these criminals be deported at once. I worry about this problem every single day and it is gnawing at me. I am so sick of these pathetic worthless human beings who refuse to embrace their own identities and work for their own livelihoods in their OWN countries. It is unacceptable and enrages me. It isn't right for illegal criminals to endanger a people, as they are doing in Libya. We will never allow blacks to enter Mediterranean lands and we will soon use force against all meddlers and all criminals who enter our lands uninvited.