Perth, Australia

#24 Dec 28, 2012
Apparently if we throw something like ten or a dozen PIG HEADS aroun there Mosque the site in their little realm becomes contaminated or something or bullshit bullshit anyway they'd be hating it LET ME TELL YOU

Perth, Australia

#25 Dec 28, 2012
At work when I used to have to fill out their details I would always ask them " WHAT'S YOUR CHRISTIAN NAME " then they would just say Muhumud or Abdul or wot ever
J Bird

Fort Worth, TX

#26 Feb 3, 2013
After four years in that hole they call the middle east, and considerable research, I have come too the conclusion you cant offend a muslem. Unless they have something too gain, by being offended.
Think about it, after a wild Thursday nite, commonly refered to as"Man Love Thursday", or repeatedly raping donkees, goats, sheep, and little boys, how does one offend the species? The only answer I can come up with is to close all the liquor stores in Bagdad, or out law heroine.
On secound examanation, "how does one offend a muslem?" Please accept my appologies, as I dont have the answer.
truth infusion

Ipswich, Australia

#27 Feb 3, 2013
that they are beasts and that they should be the ones murdered the halal way

Sydney, Australia

#28 Feb 3, 2013
Forget about insults just grab their scraggly shovel beards and yank their monkey heads off.


#29 Feb 3, 2013
Smack the cvnts in the mouth

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#30 Feb 3, 2013
Tell him he's da bomb.

Armadale, Australia

#32 Feb 4, 2013
I want to try this:
Grab the burkha out and expose the face inside.
Is this illegal ?


#33 Feb 4, 2013
Take a dump in front of one in public. just pants down push out a dump. Everyone starts taking dumps in front of muslims. I pass one most mornings i ll drop pants and push one out.
Muhammad Rauf lala

Satellite Provider

#34 Apr 20, 2013
Anglo-Saxon-Celt wrote:
Forget about insults just grab their scraggly shovel beards and yank their monkey heads off.
try to touch my beard and i'll show you how far your head goes when i'll slaughter it slowly for halal

“Tell it as it is.”

Since: Jun 12


#35 Apr 21, 2013
What's the best way to offend a muslim?

Just look at them then stifle a laugh.
Good Aussies

Vienna, Austria

#36 Apr 21, 2013
Eat bacon, fry up bacon and let it waft into their flats, burn on the koran, shit on the koran, wipe your ass with the koran, steal their hijabs, swap their sparkling apple juice with apple cider, notify them their 72 virgins are gay homosexual prostitues.
Some things


#37 Apr 21, 2013
Tell them that the sun is larger than the moon.
'Allah Akbhar' literally means that "Allah" the moon god of the Meccean qareesh was the largest (akbhar) object in the heavens.
This was based on the Islamic assumptions of a flat earth & that in a solar eclipse "Allah" the moon could block out all the sun, ie Allah was the biggest thing in heaven.
We now know that the moon is tiny in comparism to the sun, the earth is not flat & the heavens do not revolve around the earth.
Also technically, in a full eclipse, the sun is just a fraction of a degree bigger than the moon when viewed from earth, but the Arabs didn't have the technology to measure that.
And of course we have walked on the moon and brought bits of it back.
The Allah moon god of the quareesh is not Akbhar.
Just say allah is not akbhar & calmly explain why. Every Muslim will go into a frothing frenzy of 7th century paganism being the real Islam.
Black stone.
Just say ' you know the black stone is fake..'
The black stone (pieces of Allah) is a known fake, stolen by the qarmations in 920 ad, defiled, destroyed & never found again. It was stolen by the qarmations to stop Islam from idol & object worship. They also declared that Muhammad was not the only 'messenger' of Allah & the Quran written by Urhman (not of muhhammad) was an apostasy & needed to be rewritten.
Who said this ?. The caliphate of Islam. Their scholars. Their leaders. They said Islam was fake, corrupt, idol & object worship & needed to start again. These Islamic leaders ruled for over 30 years before being overun by a pagan idol worshipping mob that then restored paganism.
Something you do hear about at the mosque.
Allah is NOT akbhar (sun is bigger in heaven).
Black stone is fake (proven so, british 1922).
Islam itself ruled Muhammad was not a prophet but just one of many messengers.
And you could add. The british cultivated & developed Wahabism & Salifi - they are not inventions of Islam but of the west, to split & create recidivism & conflict within Islam.
The modern Saudi state was founded by an English MI6 agent called jack (abduallah) philby who later 'sold' Saudi to the USA via the aramco contract in the 1930's. That will get the more indoctrinated really riled up, once they realise they and all their 'fundamentalism' is just a
creation of our choosing.
Last thing.
Ask them why they have a mobile phone.
It is Tasweer (forbidden images) in Islam.
No true Muslim is allowed any picture of an animated (living object) on or near them or such a device that may allow that. Thats in the Quran.

Palmdale, CA

#39 Aug 22, 2013
Tell another muslims this: "I'm a Muslim. I eat, sleep, shit and piss Quran 24/7; I even have sex with the Quran on a daily basis. I don't like freedom, music dogs and happiness in general. So, the Quran is my motivation in life. It's a book written 100's of years ago by some obsessive psycho lunatic goat herder I never met, who raped and killed lots of people, but I think I'm going to listen to this book that promotes slavery and wife beating and live my life by it, because I am a Heartless bastard and a Clueless idiot."
Veni Vidi Vici

Forster, Australia

#40 Aug 22, 2013
Convert to Jedi .

Perth, Australia

#41 Aug 23, 2013
Remind them that allah does not exist.
Inform them that the false prophet mohammed was an alcoholic pork eating gay camel rooting paedophile.
Project a massive copy of those funny Danish šllah" cartoons onto the side of the Lakemba mosque.
Go up to one of their imams and knock his little cap off. Then start to play with it like a frizzbee.
Throw beer bottles at the Lakemba mosque.
Eat pork chops and bacon in front of them during Ramadan.
Chat up one those burka wearing scrubbers and try and get her to wear an aussie flag bikini.
Dump a big poo on their prayer mat.
tell them that Islam is a load of shit and then demonstrate by shitting on a Koran and then setting fire to it.
A great aftenoons fun in all.
Allah Iblis

Lidcombe, Australia

#43 Aug 23, 2013
Allah Iblis - is pretty much the final insult.
It means Allah devil be gone.
You say it to clear haram or Halal crap.
Like all the food is halal.
When you say Allah Iblis.- then it's all haram..
If you go into a mosque or a Muslims house and shout Allah Iblis - the entire place is deconsencrated of the Islamic evil presence.
When a Muslim shouts Allah(u) Akbar which means great Allah is greatest ie greater than any other god etc -'Allah Iblis' shouted back means Allah the devil be gone and it is.
So 'Allah Iblis' is pretty much the cleansing & purification set of words as anti Allah.
Sort of like verbal or written holy water sprinked on a devil - Allah shrivels up & dies and any islamic presence or ritual like Halal is cursed and made entirely haram.
'Allah Iblis' written in signs around suburbs will prevent any practicing Muslim from being able to enter that area.
Billy Bob al-Shabib

Altoona, PA

#46 Oct 29, 2013
Hey all,

Let's all watch YouTube in the coming weeks. I for one will be uploading quite a hilarious video as I portray Muhammed. It won't be pretty to the Muslims, but if people in this great country can get away with defacing a likeness of Christ a true savior, and also deface the Blessed Mother Mary, then I should not get into trouble for making fun of a pagan idol.


Since: Jun 13

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#48 Oct 29, 2013
Ask him around for some roast pork ,, flick the bacon off your burger in his general direction ,, tell him Mohammad was a pedophile & the list goes on


#49 Nov 13, 2013
The Anti-Muhammad wrote:
Who can come up with the best insult!
allah is satan!
allah has a pet pig to fu#
k daily.

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