Hi Diane

Brisbane, Australia

#109 Jul 19, 2012
We posted at the same time, lol...No I have a Dr L at Noosa, whom I saw on Wednesday, great guy, as I said Phone Australian Bioligics , and they put you in touch with a Lyme Literate Doctor in your state, there are forums as well , aussielyme, lymeoz, should get you started, people who have good info, and nice people, which is a good support system, cheers karen

Bundoora, Australia

#110 Jul 19, 2012
The Greatest Speech Ever Made


#111 Jul 20, 2012
Hi Diane wrote:
We posted at the same time, lol...No I have a Dr L at Noosa, whom I saw on Wednesday, great guy, as I said Phone Australian Bioligics , and they put you in touch with a Lyme Literate Doctor in your state, there are forums as well , aussielyme, lymeoz, should get you started, people who have good info, and nice people, which is a good support system, cheers karen
Thanks Karen will do u r very kind I'll let u know how I go and keep posting on your progress 😄


#112 Jul 23, 2012
Hi Karen and peeps!
Took your advise and rang aust biologics and there are 3 docs in sa, I have an Appointment in August I just need a referral from local docs hopefully I won't have a problem there? The specialist is a infectious disease specialist So finally after almost a yr and a half of searching I may be getting somewhere , sleeping naturally may be in sight😔. Very itchy and allergy responsive today ugh! Hope all are improving in some way! How r u Karen di 😊
Hi Diane

Brisbane, Australia

#113 Jul 23, 2012
Thats great news Di, I'm very happy for you, this might help your infectious specialist, I found a list of Lyme symptoms and ticked all that applied to me, just in case, doctor;s aren't up to speed on Lyme in Australia, and they should be as its globale..I'm feeling so much better , thanks ,than 2 years ago, amazing change around, from no hope and so ill to feeling human again. While your waiting you could try Cats Claw 3 times a day, mega Vit B , large amounts of Vit C, lots of natural remedies to help, before the antibiotics, wishing you all the very best, keep me posted, cheers Karen
Hi Diane

Brisbane, Australia

#114 Jul 23, 2012
Hi Di, I'm feeling good thanks, thats great news, tho I'd take in a list of Lyme symptoms that apply to you, as doctors in Australia are not up to speed about Lyme at all, only LL doctors, I had stabbing pains, and pain under the soles of my feet, itchy, brain fog, loss of memory, chronic fatigue, list is very long, really happy for you, keep me posted OK, cheers Karen


#115 Jul 23, 2012
Thanks will do Karen glad u hear u r on the improve hopefully I will be joining u soon 😊
Hi Diane

Brisbane, Australia

#116 Jul 23, 2012
sorry about that, said it didn;t load, so had to resend and now their both there, oh well, all good, cheers


#117 Jul 23, 2012
Hi Diane wrote:
sorry about that, said it didn;t load, so had to resend and now their both there, oh well, all good, cheers
Lol all good twice blessed ha thanks again di

Glen Waverley, Australia

#118 Jul 23, 2012
Synthetic Biology and Chemtrails

GeoEngineering is only one aspect to the chemtrail story. Government documents already exist to the use of atmospheric aresols for global warming mitigation and weather manipulation. However, this is NOT the complete story. Sofia Smallstrom, a dedicated researcher into the topic, lays out the OTHER uses that DARPA have for the covert program. Hold on to your seats, you're in for a bumpy ride. Watch the whole presentation.

Collingwood, Australia

#119 Oct 3, 2012
Had it 10 months. Anyone in Melbourne? Ou mention borax, what brand / quantities ant internal or topical.

Liverpool, Australia

#120 Oct 3, 2012
Marcus wrote:
Had it 10 months. Anyone in Melbourne? Ou mention borax, what brand / quantities ant internal or topical.
Hi Marcus, I tried Borax both internally (made me feel very bad) and externally - no luck. Try and get yourself an appointment with Dr Mayne, Laurieton Medical Centre to get on antibiotic treatment. What are your symptoms?

Melbourne, Australia

#121 Oct 3, 2012
Hi Marcus and Hi Nick,

There is a doctor in Melbourne whom Dr Mayne recommends. You would need to either email me or contact the Australian Lyme Association as I passed along information.

My email; morgellonsmelbourne@hotmail.co m

Sorry I don't have a link for the ALA because my brain is so struggling right now.

God bless you and keep you

Gosford, Australia

#122 Dec 29, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am looking for volunteers to review my book on healing Lyme disease and Morgellons disease.

I've had Lyme disease with Morgellons-like symptoms (skin crawling, parasites, fibres etc) for the past 2 years and by following basic and simple healing principles (which are outlined in my book) managed to become symptom free after just 6 months of treatment and minimal financial outlay.

If you are interested please email me: kylie.milosh@gmail.com

This is a genuine request. I am not trying to sell anything. I am just offering anyone who is open to it an opportunity to follow the same healing principles as I did and offer feedback on the contents of the book. The protocols are all natural and non-toxic and VERY effective, particularly for Morgellons skin lesions and parasites.

All the best,

Aussie truth seeker

Perth, Australia

#123 Jan 30, 2013
Morgellons is real! Too many people are waking up to the tripe fed to us. If the government and official bodies were really our friend imagine how much better this world could be, should be and WILL BE. We are fighting you back, stop using us as experiments, stop poisioning us,stop creating cancers and viruses it is only pissing us off and YOU will pay in the end, for we are the 99%! And the majority will rise.

Lilydale, Australia

#124 Jan 31, 2013
God bless you Aussie truth seeker!!!

Sydney, Australia

#125 Feb 1, 2013
Well this COULD be a breakthrough! Very early days yet though. We (on the morgellons support network forum) are thinking there may be a food chain situation going on, & at the bottom of this food chain is INTESTINAL CANDIDA! Sounds unbelievable, weird & unconnected I know. My personal theory of a deliberately genetically modified form of Agrobacterium tumefasciens (new name : Rhizobium radiobacter) still applies as well though.
Without getting into the specifics of my (apparently) unique(ish) case of morgs, it appears that the a/t bacterium feeds on the overgrowth throughout the body of this candida. The candida can develop from a yeast into 'fungus' mode, spread throughout the body, & cause up to 100 symptoms by itself! We're not sure, but the enzymes the candida releases may be the 'food' for the a/t (r/r) bacteria. Not only that, but the lyme disease bacteria - Borellia burgderfori may ALSO be feeding off the candida overgrowth as well!
SO, SO MANY things are starting to add up when this darned candida is considered it is just incredible! Quite a few of us, including myself, are embarking on a candida detox/diet to see what happens. It's only a theory - we are not doctors or scientists - just amateur researchers with ourselves as the guinea pigs. It is not an easy diet/detox regimen to follow, as you must basically give up on sugar & starchy foods. So bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, & anything with added sugar as an ingredient is out - even very sweet fruit. I think even legumes can be a problem too - just while you're on the candida diet of course! The aim is to starve this lump of candida that has anchored itself to our intestinal walls. Probiotics (acidopholus, bifidus) will help greatly also, as well as apolactoferrin - which inhibits multiplication of the candida. You MUST be strict on this diet, as one day of relenting could set you back weeks! Candida overgrowth is NOT easy to get rid of, & you will crave everything the candida loves. As it dies off it releases many toxins that can make you feel like crap! You must be strong! This is very new news for us - less than 2 weeks old - but I just wanted to share it with you guys - some of whom may be at the end of your tether! I am very excited about this, & wish you all the best.
(this is the second time I've tried to post this - i hope it hasn't appeared twice. If so - sorry!)

Belgrave, Australia

#126 Feb 1, 2013
Hi Nev, you are correct in what you say about Candida - in fact Candida over growth in the body can become life threatening.

Your post came through only the once, and was extremely informative, good on you! and all the best with your healing.

Please see below the recent research paper proving Morgellons to be a real disease.

I must add, this paper is awaiting peer review.

What does peer review mean?

Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease




Morgellons disease (MD) is an emerging multisystem illness characterized by skin lesions with unusual filaments embedded in or projecting from epithelial tissue. Filament formation results from abnormal keratin and collagen expression by epithelial-based keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Recent research comparing MD to bovine digital dermatitis, an animal infectious disease with similar skin features, provided clues that spirochetal infection could play an important role in the human disease as it does in the animal illness. Based on histological staining, immunofluorescent staining, electron microscopic imaging and polymerase chain reaction, we report the detection of Borrelia spirochetes in dermatological tissue of four randomly-selected MD patients. The association of MD with spirochetal infection provides evidence that this infection may be a significant factor in the illness and refutes claims that MD lesions are self-inflicted and that people suffering from this disorder are delusional. Molecular characterization of the Borrelia spirochetes found in MD patients is warranted.

Belgrave, Australia

#127 Feb 1, 2013
Sorry, that second link doesn't work, the first one should.

Here's another piece to our problem too;

GMO Virus: Silent Killer?
Published on Jan 30, 2013

Abby Martin talks to Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director for the Organic Consumers Association, about a recent discovery by the European Food Safety Authority, which found a viral gene unsafe for human consumption in almost all GMOs

http://www.youtube.com/watch... #!

Sydney, Australia

#128 Feb 1, 2013
My previous posts in this thread were under the name of mrelliven, of which there were 3 or 4 of them - sorry about that I forgot!
Thanks for all that Gillian. I will pass that Alexis Baden-Mayer link onto my friends on the MSN forum!
I am now fired up & inspired! I'm going head on now into this anti-candida diet/detox now, after chatting with another morgs sufferer today.
There is another guy on our site who has been SYMPTOM FREE for 3 or 4 years now, who has created his own site -
He has the most fantastic information on how to detox from this internal, infernal MONSTER that is candida!
Truly, the Morgellons Aid site is like a bible to refer to if you have morgellons &/or lyme!
This guy is an absolute superhero! Follow his information here to be rid of this curse!

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