15 year old stabbed on tram

Saint Kilda, Australia

#48 Aug 4, 2010
TBA wrote:
I googled those gangs and couldn't find anything. now i wonder what sort of ethnic garbage they are?
Haha 'ethnic garbage'. You really are a stupid small brained retard aren't you. The offender is actually a 'white Australian', probably a racist bogan like yourself.

Williamstown, Australia

#49 Aug 8, 2010
Zime is king

Strathfield, Australia

#50 Aug 8, 2010
skips have gangs too you know


#51 Aug 8, 2010
"15 year old stabbed on tram"

Why all the fuss about a tram? Every stabbing gotta happen somewhere!

Melbourne, Australia

#52 Aug 9, 2010
The boy stabbed the victim, shouldnt go to jail the kid clearly needs help. sending them to jail doesnt do anything beside give them a hoilday. They should get treatment then when they go to jail, they should work or finsh there studying off instead of sitting around watching tv doing shit all !
i don't agree with what this kid done, it makes me sick that kids the same as me, as getting stabbed and thinking they can get away with it, but they are aren't they?
this welfare system needs to pull there heads in and get people the right help because all there going to do is when they come out of jail is go and do the same thing again because they learnt nothing while being in jail !!!!!!!

Melbourne, Australia

#53 Aug 9, 2010
spockcuf wrote:
15yr olds dont get sliced in the neck for nuthing.. probably a smart ass or tryin 2 take him on...the newspapers talk alot of shit....
doesnt mean he should have got stabbed right? how would you like it if you got stabbed for no reason or for being a smart ass? whatever happened to fighting with your hands?

Melbourne, Australia

#54 Aug 9, 2010
TBA wrote:
I googled those gangs and couldn't find anything. now i wonder what sort of ethnic garbage they are?
They are children, who have grown up in all different types of environments. They are white, starting from ages 15 - 19. this is not the only attack they have done. they stab people for smokes, cars etc. and the police does nothing to them or for them. these kids don't need a jail. they need to have treatment and there home life need to be over viewed because there parents clearly dont care, or aren't taking great care of there children.

The government needs to pull there head in, get better resources, and provide more help for children like this, instead of sending them on a holiday !

Malvern East, Australia

#55 Aug 11, 2010
TBA wrote:
I googled those gangs and couldn't find anything. now i wonder what sort of ethnic garbage they are?
LBK and MTS are graffiti crews i can tell you alot about them what do you need to know

Sydney, Australia

#56 Aug 11, 2010
Fk tha jaks wrote:
You think you can find this shit out from half the world away, I'm from Melbourne city in the same scene, if u wet a teen like me that thug gangs arnt just about makin money, come for a holiday realise that a sphyco is the most feared type of xrim in this city and some don't fk around u u peice of sht, fk the system rep corruption!!
I believe you're replying to a poster in Johannesburg here?

Now, if you really want to get a grasp on the true ramifications of random street violence, if you really want to understand what it's like to live with a sociopath on every street corner, & to experience what a REAL urban combat zone is, then I highly recommend you take a trip to visit HIM in HIS hometown. Make sure you take few of your "sphyco" mates with you!

I GUARANTEE you & your "spycho" buddies will enjoy taking evening strolls around Hillbrow or the east side of park station. Also Soweto would be a great place for you guys to go alone late at night.

So the "spycho" super crims in Melbourne don't f*ck around?

Make sure they have that attitude when they visit these areas in Jo'burg, LOOK FOR TROUBLE, & PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE *TAKE A VIDEO OF ALL THIS!* Try to do do a reenactment of the incident on the tram. Put it on you tube & show us all what happens. I'M BEGGING YOU!

Harare & Nairobi would also be fantastic holiday destinations to travel to if you're a thug looking for trouble!

Niche market for flight centre?

As for the young bloke who got stabbed on the tram, the little boy that you bully today may not be the same little boy tomorrow.

Read some books written by ppl who have done some serious prison time, they'll tell you, generally the most violent men in prison are men who experienced severe bullying as boys.

Only once in every 20 years does a really tough one come along, the rest of you will be bare bums in the shower block waiting to get nailed!

I think Danny Green aptly sums things up when he says the average thug & grub he sees attempt training in a boxing gym usually doesn't last a week!

If you really want to make a change, get an education & do something about it in the board rooms of the nation.

Cranbourne, Australia

#57 Aug 12, 2010
there are more gangs than that i can name at least 25

Saint Kilda, Australia

#58 Aug 24, 2010
Chuckles wrote:
Kiwis and other island coon filth are not welcome here.
Ae you for real??? Whats with all the racism???

Blackburn, Australia

#59 Aug 29, 2010
Tiger7 wrote:
<quoted text>
If you can find a skip gang -eg, the Skip Brotherhood, lol - please do so.
If you can find any skip gangs doing home invasions and drive by shootings, or chopping people up with machetes, please do so.
I'll wait ...
MTS AND LBK are all skips

Blackburn, Australia

#60 Aug 29, 2010
Socratic Tic wrote:
<quoted text>
Later he told police: "My lawyer is gonna get me off all this s--- anyway, so I'm gonna laugh at youse when youse are at my court case."
Sounds like bogan filth, but you already knew that right!
And FYI - MTS Crew is based in Essendon
Other one is Lebo Broady (with 300 wogs)
Melbournes gang areas are: Broadmeadows (Broady Boyz)(3047 Boyz), Essendon (MTS CREW), Coburg (Coburg Boyz), Flemington (Flem Boyz), Dandenong (Dandy Boyz), St Albans (STA)
Amazing what you can find out from half way across the world. And some of it is rather disturbing. Esp. on facebook
theres way more crews than thatyour naming north side some south east gangs are : OW(oakliegh wogs),LBK- lazy but crazy, ROM running over melbourne KMC- killing more curries TB turban bashers, YSB- youth springvale boys, SB- springvale boys, Dandy boys HM- Holmesglen massive, to let you no a little more about them is that they all have tags and they are calleed lads, they wear nautica striped polos, nike dri fit shorts and hat, and nike air maxs thats a typical one its like a imitation of the chavs in england

Hawthorn, Australia

#61 Sep 4, 2010
Anton wrote:
<quoted text>
Go fly a plane into a building Arab Ape.
MTS is all over melbourne, one of the biggest. And most of LBK are chill eshays.. they make good songs too.
coppa dogz

Footscray, Australia

#63 Sep 10, 2010
dnt worrrrrrrrrrrry wrote:
" If you still haven't found out M.T.S stands for Mangere Thugsters "
NO it doesnt.
zime's an idiot anyways and deserves to be locked up.
corey's a crazy mofo. it stands for melbourne train stainers dumb ass. Mangere thugsters is american.
AFP member

Bentleigh East, Australia

#64 Sep 11, 2010
MTS is a graffiti crew with, they are all aussie and are one of the biggest graffiti crews in Melbourne.
MTS is based in Essendon and their brother crews are LBK, GDS, TPS. MTS stands for Menace To Society, and have around 50 members. I Know this because my friends are former members and everyone that graffitis knows this. The guy that stabbed the 15 year old boy on the tram is known by his graffiti tag " ZIME ", and is the leader of MTS.
All graffiti gangs are of Australian, Italian, Greek backgrounds, mostly bogans.

Keilor, Australia

#65 Sep 17, 2010
MTS or "Em tees" :
Melbourne Train Stainers
EM TEE your pockets
Melbourne Train Surfers (the guys you usually see riding on the back of trains)
Murder The Snitches
Menace To Society
Lazy But Krazy
Guy who stabbed is referred to as Zime, who has once before stabbed a guy in the eye, I know this because the video has been passed throughout my school.
No one

Kew, Australia

#67 Sep 25, 2010
LOOL wrote:
<quoted text>
MTS AND LBK are all skips
well no that's bullshit. labs MTS is greek
No one

Kew, Australia

#68 Sep 25, 2010
MTS - make them suffer.

ps. could you post this vid, i have heard about it

Wantirna, Australia

#69 Oct 3, 2010
Yes, PLEASE! Post the vid!

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