Euthanasia group importing illegal dr...

Euthanasia group importing illegal drug, members say

There are 82 comments on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation story from May 7, 2007, titled Euthanasia group importing illegal drug, members say. In it, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that:

“It's been assayed and it's been shown to contain pentobarbital which is the active ingredient in nembutal.”

An investigation by ABC TV's Four Corners program suggests there is a growing number of elderly Australians prepared to flout the law to commit suicide. via Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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rae cable


#1 May 9, 2007
I would like to purchase appropriate amount NEMBUTAL..PENTOBARITAL,appreci ate greatly any help given.

Niddrie, Australia

#2 May 9, 2007

Sydney, Australia

#3 Aug 29, 2007
rae cable wrote:
I would like to purchase appropriate amount NEMBUTAL..PENTOBARITAL,appreci ate greatly any help given.
Any luck? I too, would like to get some asap.


#4 Nov 16, 2007
Back during the 80s a few of my friends chose suicide over what they thought would be a slow death from AIDS, a large dose Heroin was their preferred choice of drug

Cambridge, UK

#5 Nov 17, 2007
Micheal wrote:
Back during the 80s a few of my friends chose suicide over what they thought would be a slow death from AIDS, a large dose Heroin was their preferred choice of drug
Did it work if so how much did they take and did they suffer much


#6 Nov 18, 2007
lou wrote:
<quoted text>
Did it work if so how much did they take and did they suffer much
Yes it worked.
I don't know how much they used but their death would have been quiet and pain free i would think.
It would have had to have been painless because Heroin was originaly developed as a very potent pain killer. Some of the pain killing drugs we use today are derived from Heroin for example Morphine and Pethadine

Austin, TX

#7 Oct 12, 2008
There is a great deal of discussion regarding the solutions mentioned in the Final Exit book. Because of the amount of press received for Nembutal in Mexico - the pharmacies, and veterinarian shops have stopped selling the products. The story about Mexico and Nembutal has hit every major newspaper in the USA, and unless you know someone in Mexico - the chances are very slim you will be able to purchase Nembutal anywhere in a border town.

Should someone fly into Mexico City, I am sure it would be quite easier to obtain. Of course, there is the issue of going into the heart of Mexico, not speaking the language, as well as going through rigid customs at DFW, LAX, ORD, etc. when flying back.

While I haven't read about it - I think the easiest way for the "Final Solution" is a way not mentioned in the Book - and that is through the use of drugs which are quite readily available in Mexico without a prescription such as Xanex and Ambien. They may go under a different name in Mexico - but I know they are readily available at any pharmacy.

If one were to take a large enough quantity - they go into a deep sleep in roughly 35 minutes - if someone were to use the helium bag - it just MIGHT - not cause the feeling of air deprivation and the feeling of alarm. No doubt, individuals can jump into a lake with concrete boots on their feet and drown - but who wants to have a feeling of alarm - of suffocation - while obviously one will eventually leave the earth - doing so while in a mad panic hardly seems the way to do it. If anything - I would think that is the one thing all would like to avoid. Whether one wishes to or not - the human reflex will force one to try to remove the bag - and end of having serious brain damage if still living.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the use of Xanex, Ambien or other sleeping drugs, in combination with helium? Helium is readily available for less than $100 in the USA. I've read it is not odorless, and causes a great sense of fear, almost like drowning - and certainly dont think anyone would wish to leave the earth in total panic. However, with sleeping aids such as Ambien, Xanec, etc.- provided the helium bag were applied immediately before falling asleep - is probably the easiest way - short of putting a pistol to ones head.

The way I see it - the problem with putting a pistol to ones head is it is such a messy way to go - very gruesome to cause such a mess to be cleaned up. And, for those remaining behind, the casket will most assuredly be closed - thus robbing those who love you of their one last chance to say goodbye.

While nembutal is probably the best way - because who wishes to be found with a bag tied around their head - or a bullet through the brain. But, unless you really know someone in Mexico - or willing to travel to Mexico City - I think nembutal is practically impossible to get at a border town right now - thus those quite serious about such an endeavor are going to need to come up with a combination.

As for Cyanide - you might as well call the CIA, or FBI and tell them you are shopping for it - because there are fake ads being placed - all leading to the FBI because of fear in the USA for terrorism. When the vial is being delivered - expect to be greeted by a small army of badges rather than your "final solution." Imagine being finally ready to go - and sitting in your jail cell awaiting trial. Hardly respectable. And, they will probably put you into the suicide tank with clothes designed to prevent you from hanging yourself - if you wish to even call them clothes.

This is a tough situation for anyone to go through. Most certainly, I am not advocating or recommending anyone harm themselves.( My disclaimer )

Any comments - ideas. Bella
Derek Humphry

Geyserville, CA

#8 Oct 13, 2008
My long-time observation is that Ambien and/or Zanax -- even in huge overdose -- are NOT lethal. A person will wake up 3 days later, probably in hospital.

Austin, TX

#9 Oct 13, 2008
Derek - I am referring to a combination of Zanax, Ambien and Helium. It seems to me, if one would wait 35 minutes, before putting the hood over their face, after taking a large quantity of Zanax, as well as weighting down the hood, perhaps even restraining their own arms to prevent a reflex action from knocking the bag off of the face - then one would have a final solution that could be done alone.

Of course, I am not a doctor, have no experience with this, and am not advocating anyone harm themselves or anyone else, but, that said.... I would think it would work toward the problem. I don't know because I haven't read anything about it being done this way, just trying to figure out most effective methods for success.

I've heard despite what people say about helium that it tastes horrible, makes one gag, and is not nearly as peaceful as one would assume. Thus, if someone were seeking a truly peaceful way - it seems to me that cutting a hole in the bag to allow the carbon dioxide to be eliminated, and some oxygen to come in - would be better. BElla

Austin, TX

#11 Oct 15, 2008
I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Anybody want me to pick them up anything?
the last roundup

Delray Beach, FL

#12 Oct 15, 2008
Bella wrote:
I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Anybody want me to pick them up anything?

200ml, two bottles, price, any brand will do, I'll send you a list of all the most popular brands, importing issues, mail delivery, Email me, we'll talk.

Peace to you

Headin' to the last roundup

Banks, Australia

#13 Oct 15, 2008
I agree with anybody who want's to go out with dignity. My brother died from a nasty type of cancer.

I dare any politician to tell me to my face that he (my brother) should not have had the right to dictate his own terms of death.

NO-ONE has the right to tell you when to live and when not.

About time some of these monkeys got with the real world.

Richmond, VA

#14 Oct 15, 2008
Life is a precious thing.


#15 Oct 15, 2008
QUALITY of life is a precious thing. If you are 'perplexed' then you obviously haven't had to go through what the people posting here are going through, otherwise you wouldn't be 'perplexed' you'd understand.

Chicago, IL

#16 Oct 15, 2008
Perplexed, what is your purpose on this board? If you were trying to help, then you wouldn't think a one liner would help, would you? People on this board are either terminally ill or psychologically suffering but it's their choice and it's irritating me when the government or someone is trying to outlaw/prevent/judge me from doing what I choose to do with my life. One thing for sure is that most people on this board are not looking for Nembutal for recreational use. However, I can't say that for sure in your case since obviously you neither suffer like them nor offer any help.


#17 Oct 15, 2008
Death is also a very precious thing-I just read that some scientists are testing certain hallucinating drugs to actually heighten the whole death experience-just thought I would throw that in. We may not be able to pick when and where and how we come into this world but to leave it¬ómaybe yes maybe no.

Spokane, WA

#18 Oct 15, 2008
Bella wrote:
I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Anybody want me to pick them up anything?
Hi Bella,

One bottle of Pentobarbital, 200ml for me please.

I can be reached at [email protected]

the last roundup

Delray Beach, FL

#19 Oct 15, 2008
Bella wrote:
I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Anybody want me to pick them up anything?
Hi Bella

Heres the major brands. Don't worry about it all will work. I'll pay you and I thank you in advance and pray everything goes well.

Other Exit members had told us that the drug goes by
many names. Prominent amongst these are:'Pentobarbital
Injectable' and 'Anestesal' and 'Sedalphorte' and
'Sedalpharma'. One couple who went to Mexico only the
week before us reported that their bottles were labelled
'Barbithal' and 'Sedal-Vet' so there were six names to look
out for.

Since: Oct 08

Edmonton, Canada

#20 Oct 15, 2008
Bella wrote:
I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Anybody want me to pick them up anything?
Hi Bella, please contact me as well at
Jck919 @
the last roundup

Delray Beach, FL

#21 Oct 15, 2008
perplexed wrote:
Life is a precious thing.
I apologize, but this 'perplexed' BOILS MY BLOOD

Ditto Emily!

To 'Perplexed'

THANK YOU EMILY, KJB, AND ELQUERVO. I couldn't have said it anymore plainly, purposefully, or civilly as you have.

Hey 'perplexed'!
A life with a balanced stress and rest ratio WITHOUT any agony of any kind is a dynamic moving life thats worth it's viability. THAT kind of life is precious. LIFE IS NOT "PRECIOUS" WHEN YOU WAKE UP WRITHING IN PAIN, FILLED WITH ANGUISH, AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!! Everyone is right! Your one liners, your stupidity, and above all, your unconsciousness to the plight of terminally suffering people is like the Nazis likening the plight of Jews to the same since they don't understand why a people they have destined to die were demonstrating their own rights to life. If you want to troll go SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!!! THE PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD DO NOT LIKE OR DESERVE YOUR KIND PLAYING DICTATOR THE DEVINE AND TELLING PEOPLE WHY THEY NEED TO LIVE WHEN THEY'RE IN UTTER AGONY!!! GET OFF THIS BOARD AND STAY OFF AND STOP YOUR SICKBAITING!!! WE DO NOT APPRECIATE IT!!!!

PS If you think any life is "PRECIOUS" in your words then try living with what I have! I'll trade you my liver cancer for your perfect health and We'll ALL watch you put your feet in your mouth then perplexed!

Once again I apologize for my temper, but I have SOOOOO little patience for ignorant, unconscious people! They are so stupid!

Forgive me all.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... ...

I feel MUCH better now.

Looks like I'm a headin' for the last roundup Bucko.

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