North Korea Likely To Launch 'A Relatively Small Attack That Won't Leave Many People Dead'

Apr 4, 2013 Full story: Silicon Alley Insider 65

Analysts in the military, political, and intelligence fields have all pretty much said the same thing: Kim Jong-Un has painted himself into a corner, and the only way out is a gunfight.

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Kim Jong coont


#21 Apr 5, 2013
Bomb the bastards show them who's boss


#22 Apr 5, 2013
China cannot afford to let the US invade NK because it is a Chinese recognised buffer zone between them and the large US contingent in SK. This is why the Chinese are amassing 2million soldiers with heavy weaponry direct on the NK border. The US have done war-gaming plans in the event of a NK downfall that it will invade to secure the reactors and any nukes. A US General has indicated that it will require at least 200k US troops on the ground to do this. If the NK Government does fall you have masses of Chinese soldiers rushing in to take over. This is a situation the Americans cannot afford because of their limited supply lines but the Chinese can afford because China borders with NK.

Let's just look at a possible scenario:
NK strikes Seoul, there is a limited military exchange between NK and SK. During the exchange the Americans step in and do a "Bagdad" firing a barrage of cruise missiles destroying the NK capital.

The NK Government wobbles and the Chinese, not wanting to let them Americans take over NK, march in with guns blazing.

The Americans mistake the Chinese Army influx as a massive NK troop movement and douse it with a barrage of cruise missile and artillery.

China rataliates from it's mainland with a barrage of heavy artillery that would amount to a wall of metal againt the US Navy vessels that fired the missiles.

The US rataliates against the Chinese mainland batteries and missile complexes. The US lannches it's heavy bombers in order to be ready for any eventuality. The US prepares it's nuclear forces.

The Chinese see this and launch several tactical low-yield nukes against the US Navy while putting their own bombers into the air. The US bombers move over Chinese territory to threaten Chinese military buildup on the border.

The US launches it's own tactical nukes and hit NK and China in retaliation.

China launches ICBMs to hit major US civilian population centres, it reserves it's largest yield nukes (250Mton) for harder targets. Newy York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and others - all gone, along with 20-30 million lives.

The US retailiates and hits Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing with a loss of 40-60 million lives. China still has a population of 1.5 billion.

China retaliates against US allies due to nuclear threats from their governments. Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Japan are all hit very hard after targetting US/UK military bases and capital cities.

God forbid that one of the US ICBMs drops off into Russia by accident.

In the end their is a risk that chemical and biological weapons come into play.

Just a though, don't want to be all doom anf gloom.

Upper Darby, PA

#23 Apr 5, 2013
GrayLion55 wrote:
IF the USA retaliates against North Korea (which they should) China will protect North Korea and send nukes straight to the USA mainland!
I don't agree with this. China is very unhappy with NK for all of this and surely if they attack the US first, China will either step aside and let it play out or back the US because NK is being stupid.

Villejuif, France

#24 Apr 5, 2013
Nice... so we'll just retaliate with a 'relatively big' counter attack that will send a huge bunch of those commie leaders to Hell... including a bunker buster right on Little Kim's bunker.

Crazy dictators are like that, they don't understand that you don't fck with America until they feel a bomb blast on their own facial skin. We unfortunately had bust both of Gaddafi's eardrums and kill his daughter as collateral damage before he finally got it in in 1986... dictators never learn :(

Perth, Australia

#25 Apr 5, 2013
Then Jesus christ comes back! Whats so bad about that?

Rosebery, Australia

#26 Apr 5, 2013
China will be the new Switzerland if the heat gets turned they will distance them selves from it.

Villejuif, France

#27 Apr 5, 2013
China Syndrome wrote:
China is a relatively weak military power, the Chinese leaders know that China will be entirely destroyed in a total war with America and that we will all die.

China's nuclear arsenal is relatively small( smaller than France's or the UK for instance) and while it is true they have the capability to nuke a dozen US cities it is entirely "counter value" oriented not "counter force", meaning that they don't have (and they know they don't have) the capability to neutralize the US Military in any war, just the capability to destroy some of our cities.

Worst case scenario in a total war with China : 10 million Americans dead and 1200 million Chinese dead... we still win !

Buffalo, NY

#28 Apr 5, 2013
ANy of you that think for a second China will back NK.. please stop commenting and get educated. China would NEVER touch the USA, it would be economic suicide! The only thing China is going to do is protect its boarders from the mass influx of refugees from NK to China. Get a clue before you speak jackass from Monrovia, MD... your an idiot!
The Wise CabbageMaster

London, UK

#29 Apr 5, 2013
Nothing will happen - NK has been making these threats on and off over so many years. Then people ask, "are they going to attack us?". Blahblahblah, same thing over and over again.

And as for China backing NK? What the fk are you talking about? If China attacked US, their economy would be destroyed. They've already expressed how much they condemn the tests and the threats being made by NK...

Besides, if anything was to happen, what are you going to do about it? Making a paragraph about how you worry about them attacking isn't going to change a thing. Live your life and forget about all that BS coming from them.


#30 Apr 5, 2013
China has approximately 750 theatre weapons and 200+ strategic missile warheads, and these are the ones we know about and do not include bomber based or tactical nukes. You should also not forget biological weapons.

Econimic suicide? If you bomb China back to the stoneage it would be an upgrade, they know how to deal with this. For the US it would be devestating with critical infrastructure goe, communications gone and petrol $15 a gallon. When the Chinese see their infrastructure in rubble they would think... oh they must be building another junk heap. When the Americans see all of their buildings, infrastructure and way of life laying in tatters, they generally cannot cope. We saw how distraught most Americans were after 9/11, just think of the same on a grander scale. Add to that a possible wide-scale biological attack.

Again, the security of Chinese borders by not letting the Americans invade NK will probably outweigh any financial penalties (stoneage mentality). On the other hand, America with it's be-all and end-all sight on the $ would have much more to loose financially as the $ falls even further, military costs skyrocket, stock markets crash and Americans lay pock ridden in the streets. Not that any of us want to see this happen.

United States

#31 Apr 5, 2013
The US should strap Rodman on a ICBM & launch it right up Un's FAT ASS NOW !

Bremerton, WA

#32 Apr 5, 2013
7xcombatvet wrote:
U.S. Should have bombed north Korea during their parade and wiped out most of their military in one swoop and should have bombed the missile there also.
Stop waiting. Do it already.
Your spot on!

Bremerton, WA

#33 Apr 5, 2013
Liberator777 wrote:
The US should strap Rodman on a ICBM & launch it right up Un's FAT ASS NOW !

Conway Springs, KS

#34 Apr 5, 2013
GrayLion55 wrote:
IF the USA retaliates against North Korea (which they should) China will protect North Korea and send nukes straight to the USA mainland!
China said they would have nothing to do with North Korea, and I also believe that I heard that China and the U.S are becoming alliances because of North Korea

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

#35 Apr 5, 2013
Sarah wrote:
<quoted text> China said they would have nothing to do with North Korea, and I also believe that I heard that China and the U.S are becoming alliances because of North Korea
I think this is just a way of trying to let the north they are isolating themselves from china, don't think china US relations are better

Willis, TX

#36 Apr 5, 2013
The united states needs to put this punk on his place shame on us for letting this 3rd world country push us around with there threats.we have the capability to wipe them out.lord forbid the north Koreans ever invade Texas.gorrilla warfare will begin with me. Rj. Vs Kim.lets rock.
Sonya B Carmichael

United States

#37 Apr 5, 2013
neal wrote:
In the headline it says only a small amount of people will die. Isnt 1 to many. It would be a horrible if anyone dies because of this punk. If so the response should be overwhelming and devastating.
Thank You And Yes One American Life Is Too Much- My Son Is Over There- God Help Us!!!!!!!!!

Cheswick, PA

#38 Apr 5, 2013
North Korea's outrageous threats to recklessly use nuclear weapon has made China consider that as a direct threat to there country do to close proximity. They will be in the fight alone.
Rob Blessin

Fort Collins, CO

#39 Apr 5, 2013
If any of those NK missiles fire up new policy based on what we are hearing so plane ans simple we shoot them off the launcher before they travel 50 feet test launch or not. NK missle program shut down by unanimous global vote as world does not want WWIII . After the missiles are taken out assess next move if North Korea makes further military moves repond with a measured well thought out precision strategic strikes to take out there aging Air Force basically anything that flys and launches then explodes. We gain approval from China to do this we really do not need or want North Korea and the world would be happy to have the Chinese military in charge of NK so let China and the 2 million Chinese troops amassed at the North Korean border take down the Wild West NK military at this point . It makes sense cut off the head of the snake , dismantle those friggin nukes as they'll probably go off like bottle rockets and return the area to peace with the stability of China in Control.

Baltimore, MD

#40 Apr 5, 2013
China Syndrome wrote:
I can assure you that China has no intentions of getting involved. CHINA UK as Well as America have respected each other. You can respect the enemys and u can respect allies.It has always been based on products and oil as well as gold. I'm from America yes but I assure you. Its not Americas fault its everyone's fault. What needs to happen is to put a end to the turmoil and take care of our Earth we live on. We are at war with Earth and destroying what keeps us alive. Out of respect to all high power countrys we need to get back on track and enjoy life. People die everyday. From natural causes. Why prove powers and dominate. When you can do it for fun on a video game.and say who wins. Really its not right for any country to be at war. Its not what yours is mine and what's mine is mine.think about cleaning up the world we live on

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