Does it amaze the world that every time it is 26/11, the Pakistanis start chanting the Samjhotta Express babble? Well we have good reason to do so, observe:

· Samjhotta Express Bombing (2007) was a terrorist attack on Indian soil

· It happened just one year before the Mumbai Attacks

· The 68 killed and 50 killed were Pakistani civilians

· Nov 2008 Indian official report suspicion on Col Parohit

· Col is member of Abhinav Bharat, a Hindu Nationalist party

· Abhinav Bharat is also known for its charity works

· Dec 2010, India National Investigative Agency (NIA) claims solid evidence for Swami Aseemanand
of the Saffron Terror outfit behind bombing

· Nov 2011, Indian High Court issues stay to NIA saying it is biased and associated to the
United Progressive Alliance government

· 2012 some commentators start voicing the names of Lashkar e Toiba and Jaish e Muhammad

· 2009 US accuses and holds Arif Qasmani (LeT) as a suspect of the bombings

· 2012 NIA arrests Kamal Chouhan of RSS as prime suspect

· To date no one has been accused in court, instead India found it suffice to just compensate the bereaved

The 26/11 dilemma, 2008, took the lives of over 150 innocent civilians and injured over 300. As one can gather from the facts provided above, the Indian police, investigation and judiciary are not the most dependable and flawless, as one goes through the details one finds insufficient reporting, confused interrogation, indecisive judiciary and a will of the higher authorities not to pursue the eventual truth.

The same is to be observed in the Mumbai case, where we see from the beginning a weak interrogation of the prime suspect, who is being interrogated by staff that cannot speak urdu but only Marathi. Then we see a series of self-conflicting confessional statements from Kassab being released by the police, who confess that they could not record anything from Kassab on video as he would warn them that he would not speak if the cameras were on (how crude for a state criminal’s interrogation). In the video confession he babbles out that his father was a ‘dahi wala’ in Lahore and that ‘he turned to violence in part because his impoverished family was promised almost $4000 US dollars if his attack succeeded.’ Both statements contradicting the official stance.
(article by aneela shahzad from PKKH)

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