On 31-08-1997 Princess Diana died in a terrible car accident.

Only Princess Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, survived the crash.

Blood tests showed the driver, Henri Paul, had taken both drugs and a large amount of alcohol before the accident.

The royal family was criticised for its reserve during a time when there was an unprecedented national outpouring of grief.

Around one million people lined the streets to see the princess' funeral cortege as it made its way to Westminster Abbey in early September.

No charges were brought against the paparazzi who had been pursuing the princess' car.

But the behaviour of the press came under close scrutiny and the code governing the British media was tightened in December 1997.

An inquest into the princess's death was opened in the UK in 2004. It has been adjourned while the Metropolitan police, led by Lord Stevens, carry out an investigation into the crash.