It is insult, rascism, neofascism and desdain for another cultures and people. Turks are not dumb, they are intelligent people, Jews have no specific genes and poor people have not children only in one purpose: to take 50 or 100 or ,,even,, 200 euro from German banks. It cannot be that a guy who thinks that is socialist make such noticed and have such views. It cannot be that people are such dumb and vote for this party of populists, rascists and neofascist. It can be said that if counry= SPD who ruled in Germany for years attracted immigrants to work ( it is clear that if people work in Germany - it does not mean that they must know Mein Kampf perfectly and must reject own culture and religion )attracted here millions of refugees for work than these people must get help and their cultures and religion must be respected. The same thing is with the poorest people, they must get social aid for their families.
And there are another parties and another politicians: Die Linke, Die Grüne, FDP who need to have chance.
And instead of read rascistic, populistic bs. it is better to read another books fr instance ,, Plague,, of Albert Camus and think by elections not to lead to new global world war or global poverty or outbreak of rascism.