No one is surprised anymore with the self hating liberal DM Barak who represent the Mozlem Brother Arabs of Israel agenda offering a self destruction suicidal retreat from Jerusalem and the Jordan river only to put the lives of every Jewish child, man and woman in daily hazard from Iranian regime terrorist nuke, WMD and missile attack. Barak proved time and again including in 2000 Camp David that he will do anything to fulfill the dreams of the hostile regime of Obama and the PLO and Hamas terrorist to convert Jerusalem to the center of the Iranian Caliphate with the cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem and the Jewish cities of the Holyland where jews lives in their Jewish Kingdom of David and Solomon since 3300 years ago. The delusional and Mozlem Brother sympathizer Barak is the darling of the Obama regime and the NY Times that seek the conversion of Israel to a defenseless banana Jewish Ghetto and making the Jews hostages of Obama and the Mozlem Brother regime of Iran with daily missile attacks on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. PM Netanyahu should not keep the suicidal liberal Barak out from his government to save the Jewish people from the defeatist liberals that undermine the security and destiny of Israel and the Jewish people by cooperating with the worst Jihadist enemies of the Jewish people.