Simge wrote:
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It's impossible because the Balkanic peoples are crazy and backwards in their thinking, maybe Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and such can do it, but look today, on the BBC I saw the Greeks, their claims are outrageous, they want money from Germany as "reparations" from WWII, it's all baloney. And honestly, Romanians and Hungarians and Slovaks fought, but not like savages, like in the Balkans. Nobody committed a mass genocide. As for a super-national unification, how do you propose to do it? Based on trade, like NAFTA or on economic power? I fear that such a thing may work, as you say, among academicians, but once it gets into the hands of the idiot politicians, it's a lost cause. Now, I am surprised to hear a Hungarian saying negative things about Austrians, though I personally don't think the Austrians were too kind to the Hungarians and exploited them a lot. Personally, I think the Austrians owe Hungary a lot.
I sooo agree with absolutely everything here. I think you have also pointed out the great dangers of being a democracy.

Maybe, although I am probably unrealistic here, the Danube region will find the meaning of the American style Electoral College or the Chinese style controlled democracy, and stop blindly copying Western European ideas.

I think the immediate barrier is not even trade and economy yet, but language. Maybe the academics could keep pressure on the executive and legislative branches of their respective governments to make sure that the exam to become a government clerk/administrator, police/postal officer, and school teacher at every locality includes a basic English test. What is your opinion?