The words describing this person's plight like he used to do some trading abroad, but now he has nothing. He fears to even speak about the current situation for fear of his life. How could one not suffer, when during Gaddafi he had a home,free electricity,free education, medical, safe cities,no mobs, and furthermore he could VOTE, AS EVERYONE over 18 could,MALE OR FEMALE. Gaddafi forces did not committhe atrocities, the jihadists,both native and imported did. The graves of Gaddafi soldiers have been found tortured, mutilated. Jahlil,the great defector, fired by Gaddafi, wanted an islamist state.. The saddest thing of all is that no Arab,western gov ' t. Will ever provide the standard of living Libyans had under Gaddafi. Theirs is truly a paradise lost. The entire revolution was promoted on lies, imported militias, and the western mafia style hitmen called Cameron,Sarkozy,And Obama.