Libyan population centers along the sea,with many of its tribes separated by miles of sand. Gadaffi built roads and hospitals in the populated areas. He was updating the zoo, which this phony government wants to use as a tourist attracfion.Gadaffi did the education,free medical...highest. literacy rate in wahabism,no sharia law and he paid for medical outside of Libya if you needed it. The puppet NTC found this out when bills started arriving from foreign hospitals. Free. Electricity,subsidized housing,cheap gasoline and of course before NATO bombs fell a very modernized,attractive Tripoli. He allowed voting for anyone over 18, and they did this regionally. His regime was not brutal like the Saudis who still are beheading people. Western lies and propaganda to bring down a socialist government, headed by colonel Gadaffi, leader of the new Libyan revolution. Never a dictator.