Clearly, Obama and Hillary and the Obama phone that was provided free to every Mozlem Brother in Egypt were able to topple Mubarak who respected the basic human rights of the Coptic Christians and to bring evil oppressive and hatful regime of Jihadist Mozlem Brother dictator Morsi who use lies and deceit to oppress and kill Christians and burn their bibles and churches to ashes. Since when American President is defying the constitution and US Congress and finance, arm and supports the evil Jihadists regime of his buddy Morsi that vowed to spread their brutal culture of death, lies and destructions and to kill Christians in Egypt? Why do the American people believe in the lies of Moslem brother scholar Barack Hussein Obama who studied the Mozlem Brother culture in Madrassa in Indonesia and who supported and armed the al Qaida terrorists in Libya with the support of John McCain and Lindsey Graham?