Angola: President Dos Santos Denies E...

Angola: President Dos Santos Denies Existence of Money Abroad

There are 5 comments on the story from Apr 18, 2011, titled Angola: President Dos Santos Denies Existence of Money Abroad. In it, reports that:

The President of the Republic, Jos Eduardo dos Santos, on Friday here denied charges that he has money in foreign banks, challenging the mentors of this information to prove it, Angop has learnt.

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Since: Mar 11

Luanda, Angola

#1 Apr 26, 2011
Even if the President of the Republic of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, on Friday here denied charges that he has money in foreign banks, challenging the mentors of this information to prove it, we have evidence One of the tools used by these officials for their private operations, according to the report, is the power and the international reputation of Sonangol as well as their influence on the presidential decisions as the head of the executive, which approves all investments worth over five million dollars. Through their company Nazaki, the trio established a partnership with Sonangol and Cobalt, a US oil company listed in the New York Stock Exchange. This consortium holds the license to explore two deepwater oil blocks ( 9 and 21) in Angola, awarded by the executive without public tender. With Sonangol and the Brazilian multinational, Odebrecht, the group also formed a consortium, through their company, Damer, for a 272.3 million dollar project for sugar, ethanol and biofuels production. This project was approved by the Council of Ministers.
I am an Angolan citizen, I write to request for audience to help me meet Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos face-to- face over an uprising issue which is true and real he has to declare or and say the truth about what he thinks I am to him, to his family, to his friends and to the entire nation the Republic of Angola. I am born from a single parent and all six of us born from different fathers. I am not able to go and continue my studies in the Republic of Zimbabwe Mechanical Engineering because of such tensions rising from this problem which transpired years back. I am not able to get a job because of tensions rising from this issue. To crown it all, I am facing direct attacks from the family of the President Jose Eduardo dos Santos preventing me from enjoying the fruits and social amenities of life in Angola. I want justice to transpire and not abusing people’s rights.
He points the finger at deals led by his entourage Minister of State Manuel Vieira Dias Junior, General Leopoldino Nascimento, dos Santos’ head of telecommunications, and Manuel Vicente, chief executive of the state-run oil firm Sonangol.”This state of affairs stems from the loose and lack of moral and political authority by the president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to restrain his closest aides,” Marques wrote in the report. Presidential spokesman Jose Mena Abrantes declined comment. Human Rights groups have also accused dos Santos and his inner circle of setting a bad example.
“The official discourse against corruption has served as window-dressing for a continuation of business as usual while more international legitimacy is garnered for the status quo,” Marques wrote.
The anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International rates Angola 19th out of 180 countries by perceived levels of corruption. Despite its vast oil and mineral wealth, an estimated two-thirds of Angolans live on less than $2 a day, according to the World Bank. To this end, I request the United States of American Government, US. Army, US. Airforce, US. Navy, Marine, CIA, FBI as America being a super power number one to carry out a smart clandestine operation by sending a cruise missile or a predator drone to crush at his official residence where he stays so we can have an end short cut to his life. Freeze all his assets and finances. Do not consider him to be a President any more. Control all his movements if he flies out of Angola you must crush and drop his plane by intercepting it using any military artillery recommended so that he can die in a plane crush with all his team composed of ministers and MPLA entourage anytime from now but not after June this year 2011.
I want to see you triga this issue and take actions.
Yours Trully,
Cassidy Johns Chitali.
US. Army Correspondent and CIA Top Advisor.
Luanda Angola.
My phone contact:+244 937 705 925.

Since: Mar 11

Luanda, Angola

#2 Apr 26, 2011
Your Excellence President,
Mr dos Santos was not a likely candidate for power and must go right now!.
Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is as cruel, conman, curruptive and babaric as his ever-placid expression and measured tone of voice.The young former liberation fighter was not a likely candidate for the presidency when Angola’s founding president, Agostinho Neto, died in 1979 – and many were surprised when Mr dos Santos’s MPLA party was returned to power in the country’s first multi-party election in 1992.
The current constitutional law places the president of the republic in an embarrassing situation
President dos Santos
Yet for a man whose current position of power depends on having beaten the odds at least twice, he has displayed remarkable political dexterity in staying there.
Thursday’s revelation that he was to step down from the presidency at the next election left diplomats puzzling over his motives – yet those close to the MPLA say the announcement has been expected for some time.
His friends say he is weary after 22 years in office. His detractors say that he is choosing to extricate himself from the presidency while he still has a choice in the matter.
Not leaving now
Mr dos Santos clearly does not intend to leave office right now.
In his speech to the MPLA central committee, he made it clear that elections were dependent on a return to stability in Angola.
Angolan refugee
The war has left over one million displaced people
Although he spoke of military gains by government forces, he emphasised the enormous job that it will be to return displaced people to their places of origin, and to allow the free movement of people and goods – conditions that both Mr dos Santos and his opponents would agree are necessary for a fair election to take place.
Mr dos Santos said that peace was not an absolute condition for elections, and that if necessary the government would deploy force to make sure the vote could go ahead whatever the military situation in the land.
But calling out the troops is still his own prerogative.
Options open
Hence while presenting himself as someone who is humbly preparing to step down, Mr dos Santos is still able to keep his options open.
Ultimately, he will have the final say over when conditions are eventually right for voters to go to the polls, and hence for him to bow out.
But there is also in another sense in which much of Mr dos Santos’s grip on power depends on the abnormal situation in Angola.
Unita leader Jonas Savimbi
Mr Savimbi lost the 1992 elections unfair somehow.
He narrowly failed to secure an outright majority in the 1992 presidential elections, which normally would have resulted in the need for a second round between himself and Unita leader Jonas Savimbi.
Mr Savimbi’s return to war ruled out the second round – but it still leaves Mr dos Santos, technically, as an interim president for the last nine years.
After dismissing several prime ministers, Mr dos Santos then took on the duties of prime minister for himself, as well as remaining as head of state and president of the ruling party.
Relying on crisis
He has sought to justify this concentration of power – which critics have condemned as unconstitutional – in terms of the state of crisis prevailing in the country.
But increasingly, his tenure as president has come to rely on a delicate balancing act involving the party, the government, and the presidential inner circle.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.
CIA Top Advisor, Presidential Issues. US.Army Special Forces.
Luanda, Angola.

Since: Mar 11

Luanda, Angola

#3 Apr 27, 2011
Almost $6 billion was spirited out of Angola in 2009, according to new data on Wednesday that highlight how much of the war-scarred African nation’s oil wealth is stolen by a corrupt elite.
Calculations provided to Reuters by the Washington-based anti-corruption advocacy group Global Financial Integrity (GFI) suggest funds worth nearly a sixth of Angola’s entire annual budget flowed illicitly out of the country in the last year for which data are available.
The bulk of the flows was channelled abroad by a mechanism known as “trade mispricing”.
In this case, the way it typically works is that Angolan importers pretend to pay foreigners more for imports than they actually spend. The difference provides cash that can be discreetly put into banks or other assets abroad.
Oil producers seem especially susceptible to this and other kinds of corruption and capital flight. Late last year, GFI estimated that in 2009 $27.5 billion flowed illicitly out of Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer and a country with eight times Angola’s 18.5 million population.
Angola is Africa’s largest oil producer after Nigeria and a strategic supplier of crude to the United States.
It has set its sights on producing 2 million barrels of oil a day, and says much of that revenue should be ploughed into rebuilding after a long civil war that shattered the former Portuguese colony before it ended almost a decade ago.
But the secretive governing elite at the top of the ruling MPLA party has long been accused of graft on a grand scale and of plundering the oil wealth of a nation where the vast majority of its 18.5 million inhabitants live in squalor and poverty.
There is a tight oligarchy around President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has been in that office since 1979, making him one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders.
It is a daunting place to do business. On Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perceptions Index, Angola ranked 168th out of 178 countries. And though most residents of the capital are all but destitute, more than one consulting firm ranks Luanda the world’s dearest destination for foreigners.
Because of the role of trade mispricing, the figures also highlight the extent of commercial graft, which exacerbates the persistent problem of capital flight and hampers the country’s chances of attracting non-oil foreign investment.
The GFI calculations suggest an unaccounted $5.8 billion left Angola in 2009 —$4.6 billion through trade mispricing, and the rest probably via official corruption or criminal activities traced through balance of payments data.

Since: Mar 11

Luanda, Angola

#4 May 10, 2011
Hello Sir,
Upto now no one is able to explain very well in Angola from the Angolan Police, military and other security companies why they held me prison at the Angolon Presidential Palace in Luanda in the year 2000 for no reasons. This issue is still outstanding and I am ready to go through a thumb DNA test if al all they claim I committed a crime for the heany imprisonment by the President of the Republic of Angola in a secret and private prison which is not recognised by the Angolan Police. Failure to comply to this DNA fact which is going to judge what went wrong with me I mean a computerised test showing images of the progressive problem. This can be done in South Africa, United States of America and Brasil. The fact is that President dos santos with his family have been killing people in Angola using dbious means and ways.

The Angolan Police is requested to pick-me-at-any-time in order to begin to solve this issue since they dont know about it and have no first hand information.

Appropriate individuals including the Presidents of the United States of America Barak Obama, Former President George Walker Bush, Bill Jefferson Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld and United States Army, United States Airforce and the Executive Ditector International Association of Scientology are requested to participate in order to avoid cheating and corruption. War is the first Priority to this issue if President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his family do not comply to the commitments and provisions I repeat, in connection with the same the late Mike Johnny Span a CIA commando in the period when Jorge Tenet the then Director was killed in Afghanistan as a result of the influence of the Angolan Government authorities whose order came from the President of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos. They wanted to kill me in an uprising there in the Prison I confess I dont want any thing done by the President of Angola except to die. Even Osama Bin Laden was better that dos Santos he is like his friend late Saddam Hussein. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is a person who is known to be a serial killer, a murder of many human beings in Angola. Many people in Angola I suppose even abroad fear him because of being known to be a killer he believes in witchcraft and ritual killings where where portable human beings are wasted for traditional purposes.

The whole story started when Jose Eduardo dos Santos so called President travelled to attend the Lusaka Protocol in the Republic of Zambia which was aimed to disarm and ceasefire the UNITA and MPLA prolonged waring factions. During his travel to Lusaka he carried my photos and documents where he went to confess that I am his son he openly started looking for my Mother Domingas Satundu and claimed that she is his wife and I am his son. Eye witnesses are ready to encounter him to explain better. When he arrived in Luanda his bloody extended family begun to look for me and found a way of discussing with me mentioning Lucrecia da Natividade dos Santos and Dona Marta dos Santos as their family as the key figures and snipers. Jose Eduardo dos Santos used his sister Dona Marta dos Santos to successfully imprison me which is why Jose Eduardo dos Santos refuses that did not imprison me. Just after my release from prison the President of DRC died in a sneak attack prior to my release from prison they wanted to kill me there . During the period of imprisonment they used to ask me questions related to President Laurent Desire Kabila and the CIA. During all this time Jose Eduardo dos Santos used such silly methods of killing people pointing to Claudio his nephew as the serial killer and sniper-for-this-program. Such is a case still under heavy investigations and wanting to use this as a tool to solve all the problems of my fellow Angolans. Angola must be free from the dos Santos regime of killings and theft and corruption.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.
ODCI Top Advisor Presidential Matters. US.Army Special Forces.

Oslo, Norway

#5 Jan 22, 2012
correct--angolans are occupied,colonised by a gangs of killers,thiefves originated from SAO TOME and principes--money coming from stolen DRCs gas and petrol are deposed in safe abroad and not in Angola..terrorised poor DRCs leaderscannot even open they mouth otherwise they could be killed,or
overthrow...up to know,there s a very big difference between angolans born n DRCongo,and those who ve been n Angola..we hope that congolese will never
in the future punish us for the crime done by these murderes god bless congo kinshasa and gives them leaders who ll protect them

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