Rumors Of Son's Sexcapade Behind A Fe...

Rumors Of Son's Sexcapade Behind A Ferrari's Wheel Rock China's Leadership

There are 52 comments on the story from Sep 4, 2012, titled Rumors Of Son's Sexcapade Behind A Ferrari's Wheel Rock China's Leadership. In it, reports that:

Ling Jihua, left, looked on in March 2010 as Chinese President Hu Jintao, signed a document at the closing ceremony of the National People's Congress in Beijing.

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Guangzhou, China

#45 Sep 16, 2012
Poor China wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, you do.
Because the west (unlike China) does not hide the truth in their media and block the common people from knowing what their leaders are doing.
Big difference.
"Truth?" Have you taken a good look at the Western reports on the lhasa Riots of 2008? "Peaceful protests" my ass.

Guangzhou, China

#46 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
<quoted text>
Is there a huge firewall on American internet?
Do people in America get ten years prison and torture for sending an e mail about Tianamen anniversary?
Can our media, as in Waterate and the Bill Clinton sex scandal regulate our leaders heavier democratically, through applying judicious critical scrutiny? Yes. Can yours? No.
Media black out on controversial ssues to avoid destabilization of society. Propaganda to promote it and tthe rest, some news.
China does have much more exciting news than the West though. Like te story about a baby being fed a nail in dongguan. Or ningbo Internet addict beaten to death at bot camp for not running fast enough.
Truly amazing discussion programs on tv too.better than ours!
How about those guys in your U.K. who sent out instructions during your London Riots? How many years are they serving?

Guangzhou, China

#47 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh shut your stupid mouth. I dishonor you,not China or Chinese.How can you equate my anti Internet censorship or anti government with anti china or anti Chinese?
Typical propaganda.
You insult China. People like you affected my stay in China and made it shitter. It would have been a lot better without you Commie trash. You're not China! Real Chinese want freedom. I'm more Chinese than you!
Real Chinese want prosperity, gained through stability and peace.

Don't give me that mumble jumble bull shit.

As I told you before, overseas Chinese are just 3 % of the world's Chinese population after over 1,000 years of immigration. So, those people you surround yourself with teaching English to those going abroad preparation classes are NOT mainstream Chinese people. They're just a minority.

Guangzhou, China

#48 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
Viva China is the kind that insults China. Ferrari escapades make China lose it's honor.
Without Human Roghts Watch and Amnesty International, without democratic values - China would be even more evil than it already is. Already it's very evil.
They fight for Chinas honor. Not Viva China from Chang Sha. Only they are strong enough. Chinese are not. Ai Wei Wei is listened to because he has Western support, as did that blind self taught lawyer from Linyi.
Harry Wu spent 16 years in labour camps. For writing one critical note in the Hundred Flowers Campaign.
He was embraced by America. He is the China insulter( that is defender) not me.
But he has power because people like me don't take your shit,Viva Chiba.
Dishonor? Ferrari driving naked sex escapades then crash! Politicians son..
Honor? Look at politicians poisoning businessmen andolice colluding.
Honor? Look at Chinese burning themselves to death because Teal Estate thugs steal their house to build on but don't give them their due.
Huzhouolicemen rape two new women recruits, get only three years for 'spur of the moment crime' as adjudicated by Chinese judge. Honor?!!
Shut your stupid mouth.
The Ai Weiweis and Harry Wus are just Western lapdogs. They're just like Gorbachev, well liked by the West, but hated by their own people.

Guangzhou, China

#49 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
What were you doing in 1989? Just 2 percent? There was a world revolution!
CCP is a dirty stain on the worlds freedom.
See how your "world revolution" turned out for the people of Russia after 1991's collaps of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, China's economy was booming, while Russia slid into poverty and anarchy in the 1990s.

Guangzhou, China

#50 Sep 16, 2012
<quoted text>
If that's your true words, I agree with you.
China is Asian hope, The only opponent of the US is China.
That was China, created economic miracle again and again, when western nations are all in economic decline.
We are all asians, China will be the best representative,standing in world.
Let's share the big east Asia co-prosperity in the future.
Let's not use those W.W.II Jap terms. Call it "Asian Century."

Guangzhou, China

#51 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
<quoted text>
There are some local municipal votes,mbut they don't even know the key players names or faces.
CCP does not government by popular consent. Consent theory comes from Jean Jaque Rousseau, which Mao read avidly as a youngster. The people never voted for any of the people governing. Nor do they get a choice in party.
They do those things, straw polls etc so they don't have a riot on their hands.
They took power by main force. They beat the KMT but it was the KMT who defended China against the Japanese. They were given consent by the people who fought for them against the KMt on the condition that they give back land ownership. They reneged on that by collectivizing the land.
Government approval ratings are fake.
As for being a guest, I don't recognise the legitimacy of CCP one party rule, since it never received its people's consent.
I am therefore not a guest in China.
I do not recognise their law as binding.I am a criminal who has not committed any crimes.
You should stay the hell out of China then.

Guangzhou, China

#52 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
<quoted text>
80,000 skirmishes, means more than one thousand per skirmish my friend. 100,000 Hong Kong protestors. Half a million in 2003.
Do you speak Chinese? I do. Well. I have had many, I mean many conversations about this with them. 100,000 students in 1989?
Are these just all small numbers? Are students stupid like me?
Anyway, that wasn't my point.
My point was,
I don't like censorship. Criticizing censorship isn't insulting. Insulting censorship isn't insulting china,because the CCP or Internet isn't China. That's a propaganda move. CCP are 0.0000000000000000001 percent of the population because they, although unvoted for, claim to speak for 1.3 billion.
Now you surely agree that if I criticize censorship that does to mean I am dishonor ring Chinese or Chin. Don't you? What about that point?
Protests in Hong Kong? Have you checked the results of the recent ELECTIONS in Hong Kong? The Pro-Beijing parties still came out the majority. Why? Because those protestors are just a loud minority.

Since: Feb 12

Taipei, Taiwan

#53 Sep 16, 2012
<quoted text>
Are you Taiwanese? Or you are just a foreigner lives in Taiwan.
Looks like you appear to have prejudice against China.
However, I have to point out that what you said isn't total, you just mentioned some negative sides, there are more positive sides you haven't found yet.
China indeed become stronger, Taiwan can't come up to Mainland.
You are just fishes in dry rut, keep only uselessly evading.
China face to future, you stay in past.
You'd better to return back to China, otherwise You will be worse and worse.
You're english is just horrible man. You're entire last part doesn't make any sense what so ever. And honestly, that last part just proves that you dont know anything about Taiwan.

And I am taiwanese, but I have lived in China. So Im not all that clueless.

Guangzhou, China

#54 Sep 16, 2012
Stranger wrote:
Real estate thugs stealIng Chinese houses in so called democracy, China.
Look at how the rich behave - first call when rich kid does a hit and run - to his connection. Then,an hour later, to an ambulance.
Honor? Look at dead girl, fifteen pass her by then rubbish collector picks her up.
Honor? Exam cheating in China, fake degrees to Universities that don't even exist,like in Jinan.
Chinese could have honour. Could be best country in the world,like it used to be.
But someone stops it. I help it. Not hinder.
You Chinese stop me from enjoying real China wiith real Chinese.
The problem with you is you're just like your Western media, focusing just on the negative in China.

And the reality in China is 70 / 30--that's 70 % getting better and 30 % getting worse.

Port Moody, Canada

#55 Sep 17, 2012
Sounds like that big firewall in China appears to hinder you.
China is just to filter some undesirable information from yours in order to prevent your anti-chinese comments polluting Chinsese minds.
For instance here, topix China forum, named for China, but in fact there are many anti-china persons who post to insult China, but firewall didn't shield topix.
That's why I can be here talking with you.
Yes, the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship is very weak and hated by the Chinese people, and so it needs censorship, propaganda and murder to "cling to power"....

for just a little longer.

But, behind your CCP-issue lies and bluster, we BOTH know that the CCP is DOOMED and is likely to collapse sooner rather than later, and that the CCP Cadres are STEALING AS MUCH AS THEY CAN NOW and FLEEING WITH THEIR FAMILIES TO THE USA!

All Chinese would follow if they could!

What will happen to the mess the CCP leaves behind?

Port Moody, Canada

#56 Sep 19, 2012
The Chinese Communist Party's "solution" to its useless generation of degenerate CCP ricebucket princelings is..........




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