A couple of years back. A young Moroccan girl who was studying in Germany, asked me directions to the bus station in Amstelveen Holland.She was on her way home to Morocco for the holidays. I asked her what the situation was like in Germany after all she is a young coloured woman.

She said “young Germans do not discriminate, it is the old ones that is the problem, I'm sorry, but your generation has to die out”. I am not German, nor am I white but I am old. This young woman knows that the older generation are responsible for many ills in today' s society.

A French author of literature once disclosed in an interview that during a conversation with her son, who was speaking about his friend she asked him what was the friends race. This shocked her the moment she asked the question. For her son was speaking about his friend, he was not conscious of his race, only that the boy was his friend. This proves, parents are the ones who instilled into young kids race discrimination.

Jagdeo seems to mention old people (mentality) as a core element to the countryś problem which if this is the case I am inclined to agree with however I must mention I did not hear nor read what he said.

Since Carberry seems not to have understood the motive behind Jagdeo mentioning of “old people” and is wondering what message is Jagdeo conveying to the young graduates. Jagdeo should take this as a hint and deliver in the future his messages in a manner that leaves no room for doubt or assumptions.

The above two examples that I gave makes it possible for me to understand the damage Older folks and their baggages can have on the young. Jagdeo is not saying to disregard or disrespect the elders but to recognize that the age in which these kids live is different from their elders and to make their own decisions based on their own experiences, I presume.

There is a place and time for everything however this is a quality that all political members and leaders in Guyana apparently bears no knowledge of.