Senator Kirsten Gillibrand should not attend. She should not acknowledge tyrants such as Bharrat Jagdeo. His record shows he continues to marginalize an entire ethnic group of the people of Guyana, and the communities in which they dwell. His pattern of behavior is comparable to that of Forbes Burnham… Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s appearance sends exactly the wrong message. If the Senator is ignorant of Bharrat Jagdeo’s administration in Guyana over the last ten years she should simply do the research, Bharrat Jagdeo is as corrupt and as bloody as any dictator in the history of Americas and indeed the world. Bharrat Jagdeo’s watch has resulted in the bloodiest period in the history of Guyana. It is punctuated with ill-gotten gain from the illegal narcotics trade and other such corrupt practices. It is paramount that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and other elected officials distance themselves from butchers such as Bharrat Jagdeo.