Pro-headscarf rectors reach the criti...

Pro-headscarf rectors reach the critical mass

There are 9 comments on the Turkish Daily News story from Aug 15, 2008, titled Pro-headscarf rectors reach the critical mass. In it, Turkish Daily News reports that:

Most of the rector candidates on the YOK list are opposed to the headscarf ban in universities ANKARA - Turkish Daily News The Supreme Education Board, or YOK, submitted Wednesday a list for rector appointments ...

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#1 Aug 27, 2008
The Dark Side of the Force:(page 1)

Despite the overshadowing complexities, there are always going to be distinctions between the camps of light and dark side.

I have been following the influence of militant Islamism in all aspects of Muslim communities, and all other disturbing related matters such as headscarf-veil (HV) issue for a long time.

Islamism should be regarded as pseudo-notion(s) in a great religion called Islam. The historical roots of this misconception of Islamism in Islam are extended to the influence of foreign powers and the dogmatic members of clericalism and their supporters. This doctrine, which has a global agenda, seeks to dominate all aspects of daily lives of Muslim men and women by turning them into walking robots at the disposal of the Islamists.

The global flag and symbol of Islamism is HV for all Muslim girls and women especially at educational and working places such as health care sector. I propose that both Islamism and its symbolic HV flag should be totally rejected. Foremost, HV should not be tolerated at the state and educational institutions, and the health care sector. Those who love to wear HV can do so at their private lives and at places except those mentioned above. This is because in a secular (non-clerical) state, all educational and state institutions should strickly remain secuar. This will be impossible by introducing religious flags, symbols, and misconceptions at state and educational institutions.

Similarly, wearing HV at health sector is also irrational and impractical because the most vital priority at health institutions should be given to the health and safety of the patients and not to the personal (religious) preferences of the staff. For example, at intense and stressful chaos of emergency rooms that seconds can save lives, all male and female nursing and medical staff are under oath to be only concerned with their patients and not a probable violation of their religious dress code such as HV.

Therefore, strict medical norms of conduct and biomedical ethics cannot permit shifting the priorities from patients to observance of HV. A female nurse or doctor whose first priority is to give her utmost attention to cover her head-hair, arms, and legs wont be suitable to serve at the medical settings.

Why should beautiful Muslim girls and women hide under HV, which are the political symbol for anti-secular Islamist groups? The HV at universities, high schools, elementary schools, and kindergartens! Why not formally introduce the HV for all female newborns as well? The HV are the hypertrophic (exaggerated) vestigial items that once had relevancy at the time of prophet Mohammad.


“Federation of the Planet. ”

Since: Jun 08

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#2 Aug 27, 2008
The Dark side of the Force: page 2: Continued

Prophet Mohammad opposed pre-Islamic prejudice and taboos against females in 6th century Arabia. He was the one who banned the barbaric ancient custom of burying female infants alive. Before the prophet young girls and women were subject to rape, murder, and all sort of inhumane brutality. He changed all that. However, prophet used the already existing custom of HV as the “covering” items to protect identity and sexuality of females from all sort of physical and verbal abuse.

For example, at prophet’s time female converts to Islam and prophet’s female family members in particular were systematically harassed and insulted by the enemies of prophet and Islam. Similar considerations were the purpose of HV in Abrahamic religions i.e. as practical and symbolic protecting piece for women. In ancient world, e.g. in ancient Greece, Rome, and Persia, HV were also worn by women as a cosmetic piece to signal chastity and social status.

But after about one thousand and four hundred years everything has changed now. In our modern societies we dress, eat, and socialize differently. Religious code of conduct is only for the individual believers, and it cannot be forced on society. In fact, if we understand the essence of the Holy Books, we can realize that this is the real message of the Holy Books and Holy Koran in particular.

The HV and clerical states are obsolete in our modern societies. They have been replaced by modernity, secularism, democracy, civil laws, and the Human Rights.

The HV have become the political symbol for certain groups with politicized Islamist agenda. Why to force heads of women, who are God’s beautiful flowers, into the sandbags tailored by the Islamists?

None of the members of any organized religion especially in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam can claim to represent God. God neither needs any establishment nor proxy. God has His own angels, prophets, saints or Imams, and the Holy Ones (HOs) that He may choose whenever He (God) wishes.

If so, therefore such unique HOs not only would wholeheartedly support modernity, progress, humanity, secularism, democracy, the Human Rights, the Animal Rights, and so forth. But, in fact the HOs would advocate advancement and expansion of all these artifacts of human cultural evolution that we just mentioned, and not their elimination. This is why individuals and establishments who are fundamentally opposed to the modernity, secularism, democracy, and the Human Rights are no HOs. On the contrary, they may have been deceived by the dark side.


“Federation of the Planet. ”

Since: Jun 08

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#3 Aug 27, 2008
The Dark Side of the Force: continued: page 3

However, we should note that secularism is only the first step towards democracy that must be fully implemented in a truly enlightened modern society. Secularism plus some but not all democratic measures is no democracy!

In other words, while democracy doesn’t stop at secularism, democracy without secularism is impossible. Furthermore, no form of clerical state can ever be democratic because clericalism seeks to monopolize God and society.

Islamists in Muslim countries by capitalizing on the past mistakes of secular establishments pretend that they want to tailor secularism for their kind of “Islamist democracy.” But, in fact what they actually plan is to get rid of secularism altogether so that they can establish the basis for an Islamist doctrine with some sort of limited Islamist tolerance here and there and label it as “Islamist democracy.” Democracy cannot, and should not, be limited by any religious or non-religious belief system.

Therefore, anything that may compromise secularism and all its norms and values is a move towards clericalism and despotism. Clerical states are dark side’s gateways to hell.

From the prospective of true Islam, distinguished and gifted individuals such as Cyrus the Great, a great king in ancient Persia, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and a few others are God's undeclared prophets. Their wisdoms come from God. They may be aware of this or they may not. This doesn't matter, all that they do matter.

No one should reverse the principal basis that these individuals put down exactly in the same way that no single believer in God should deviate from the key values set down by God's declared prophets such as Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. The Holy Books indicate that such key values are decency and respect towards all faiths, love of mankind, and democracy and progress that only a secular and democratic society can offer.

At different times we should add to the foundation already laid out by God’s undeclared and declared prophets. But the foundation itself should not be removed.

The Holy Books must not be read letter-by-letter. Their essence, which is love of God and humanity, together with their specific implications must be understood in relation to the matrix of our time. Therefore, all that is followed by the individual believers must not deviate from love of God and humanity. This love relation is always a private matter between an individual believer and God. Love is always going to be a private matter between lovers i.e. between God and His individual believers. In the same way that true love is very personal and never mob-related, love of God cannot be imposed on society. This is why clerical states are misinterpretations of the Holy Books.


“Federation of the Planet. ”

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#4 Aug 27, 2008
The Dark Side of the Force: continued: page 4

According to Holy Koran religious path known as “Sharia” is only a personal choice for individual believers because religion can never be compulsory. Love of God, which is the true faith, should evolve in believers’ hearts. There are those who politicize God’s name in order to monopolize God and society for their own selfish interests. In all religions they are the dangerous trinity of power-seeking individuals, politics, and power.

Those who truly love God and humanity will neither condemn women (God's flowers) to HV nor regard them as half-men. These are the obvious misinterpretation of Holy Koran.

The Holy Books must be understood in the context of spacetime. The 6th century matrix of Arabia in which Prophet Mohammad had to resist the dark side is fundamentally different from our time. The implications of the Holy Books are different in 21st century. We have to understand the essence and underlying reasons for revelations and Prophet Mohammad's undertakings --and not the acts themselves.

Unfortunately, large majority of the so-called believers in organized religions are blind followers of the historical misinterpretations because they are mentally fixated at the time of the prophets. The dark side has frozen their hearts.

They are unable to realize that at different time, based on social (biocultural) evolution (Lumsden and Wilson 1981) and its shifting paradigms (Kuhn 1970) in science and technology, all details of our living conditions and its related behavior such as trading and marketing, communication, transportation, dinning, saluting, mating, dressing, social justice and punishment, means of social control and governance will all change.

This is simply called adaptation to new techniques-based environment or matrix that in our time science and technology has made it fundamentally different from the time of the prophets. To insist otherwise is nothing short of fixation at the past.

We should always learn from history. Those who don't learn from history in fact help the dark side. In the beginning, the dark side won't ask for all your soul. At first the devil will only ask for the letter "s" of your soul. The rest will follow. You will have to give up the rest letter-by-letter. Then you will have no soul left. All you will be left with is the glory of the dark side and his flag in your hand.

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark.

The key words: Islam, Islamism, headscarf, secularism, and democracy.


Lumsden, CJ and EO Wilson. 1981. Genes, Mind, and Culture: The Coevolutionary Process. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.

Kuhn, TS. 1970. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Chicago, Ill.:University of Chicago Press.
A iranian like yourself

Vanløse, Denmark

#5 Oct 9, 2011

1,1 billion muslims have 1 thing in common and that is that the islamic hijab is both mental AND PHYSICAL so stop the hetz against women who wishes to Wear hijab that is antidemocratic and against what you believe in
Dr Kazem Zarrabi

Copenhagen, Denmark

#6 Dec 18, 2011
To: the anonymous (nameless)”Iranian,”

Evidently, you have not understood the article. In this article I am not running a crusade against women who wish to wear headscarf-veil (HV). As far as I am concerned the women can wear whatever they like –but not in the institutions of any democratic secular state.

This is simply because in democracies, which are totally impossible without secularism, the states are neutral towards all religions that are regarded as the citizens’ private matters.
Therefore, if the religious symbols like HV, cross, or kippa(h)(Jewish skullcap) are introduced in the state and public institutions of a democratic secular state, then, the neutrality of the democratic secular state towards all religions will be disrupted.

Recall that secularism i.e. the separation of religion from politics is the first milestone in the move towards democracy. Clerical states that bitterly oppose secularism and democracy and practice religious law can be anything but democratic.

In Iran women are forced to wear HV! Do you call this a choice under a clerical state? Their democratic rights and all Iranian peoples’ democratic rights have been forcefully taken away by the clerical state. As a secular Muslim I am convinced that HV is a taboo, and it has nothing to do with Islam and its superb teachings.

The HV was a necessary garment (cover) in the primitive Arabia that practiced female infanticide. The HV is totally irrelevant for our modern societies because everyone is protected by civil law. This is my firm position that apparently is totally opposed to yours.

Dr. Kazem zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark
iranian like yourself

Copenhagen, Denmark

#7 Jan 2, 2012
Dear Kazem.

It is proven by many soceties that women wearing the physical hijab are more respected, not only in the primitive Arabia but also in the western and so call secular countries. And i think that the Physical hijab is more important now than ever. we are living in a world where women are being looked at as sex symbols instead of their personality. just look at the commercials, this is a fact. women are being picked out because of their looks and not their personal or educational qualities.
My english is not the best sorry if there is some grammar faults.

“Federation of the Planet. ”

Since: Jun 08

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#8 Jan 13, 2012
Dear Mr./Ms. Iranian,

Thank you for your reply. I fully respect the difference of opinion foremost within a democratic perspective. I am not against anyone and I fully support the Women’s Rights and the Children Rights all over the world. I am not a political person i.e. no party affiliation but I have my firm political views which are based on the Human Rights and democracy. But, democracy is totally impossible without “secularism.”

Unfortunately, what you assert isn’t true. Firstly, the covered women aren’t respected in the West. They are simply tolerated because in democracies “tolerance” is a cherished democratic norm.

Secondly, if women have been depicted as the “sex symbol” throughout the world foremost in our primitive Islamist countries (true Islam isn’t Islamism), this isn’t because of the prevalence of democracy and secularism in the West or the absence of the Islamist “Headscarf-Veil (HV).”

Conversely, this is because of the capitalist commodity relations that will convert all human needs and relations into “profitable” commodity e.g. the “sex-commodity.” Therefore, as long as the capitalist commodity relations prevail so will its sex-commodity.

Capitalist commodity relations and its sex-commodity are fully cherished in all Muslim countries especially in the Islamist countries that misuse God and Islam in order to rule over people. Prostitution and using women as sex slaves are among the specific features of all Muslin countries i.e. Arabic or otherwise.

While prostitution is controlled and regulated in the West, especially because of the existence of democracy and working civil law, women and young girls are brutally double exploited in all Muslin countries. We should realize that in the absence of democracy and civil law, the HV and Sharia law cannot protect the women and young girls!

I will soon (I think by Feb. 2012) publish a major academic article in support of the Women’s Right. In this academic paper I have also discussed the HV issue. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you can wait and read my article rather than I repeat the same points here. I will provide the link here as soon as I publish. However, if you are more interested in HV discussions please read the head article and my commentary at the following link:


Dr. Kazem Zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

#9 Feb 8, 2012
Dear Iranian friend
I would like to ask you a simple question. And you should keep the answer to your self.
Try to challenge yourself your self in one week, and se how many times have you lied.

This test will tell you how good muslim you are, and you will be able to tind out how strong bound you have to GOD.

If you're not honest with yourself, other societies, father, mother, sister, brother, wife and children, then your hijab will be zero worth. Your prayer will be zero worth.
What i mean is, you should be clean inside and not outside. Your mind should be clean. Your heart should be clean.

Whatever, our agenda should be, tolerance and respect and avoid confrontation with the Islamism. Because Islamism is, in my opinion the root of all violence we see around. Not only Muslim fanaticism but all kinds of fanaticism. We should love our neighbour even though he/she may be a jew, a hindu, a budhist or a christian as long as the neighbour do not interfere with your belief system.


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