I've wanted to believe that Canadian leaders were nicer, smarter, and better than a lot of US leaders but over the years I can see I'm wrong. Despite some sex scandals and bad political moves by any US lader this nut job ruins Canada's reputation with not one but two swoops of insanity. The whole murder psycho rant makes Ford look more like a Mafia King Pin than a smart intelligent mature leader. I mean is this the sort of meat head mentality I can expect if I visit Canada? I've met several nice people from Canada but also over the years I've met some that are in fact down right psycho acting. Now I have mixed feelings about Canada's reputation. I mean it seems that the public of Toronto still supports this man even though he's a crack head with anger issues willing to murder people. Scary? What does this say about the entire city of people itself? I mean I can't remember a single US leader that has been caught on camera acting like that despite all the scandals in the US such as financial, sexual, or otherwise. I mean Rob Ford makes GW Bush look like a saint and thats no easy feet considering what an evil monster Bush is. So are all Canadian cities run by fat mafia types that buy and sell crack? and PS Since I've moved to Maine I am also disappointed in my own country. I though Maine people were nice clean people but most these people are mean, short tempered, do drugs such as crack, and are all welfare moochers. So I'm wondering since Maine is wedged between QB and NB that this is also an indicator of what I can expect from Canadians. I moved to Maine from VA but now I've seen NE and had a glimpse at some Canadian life too I don't think this is a wise choice. I am going to try to move out west somewhere. Sad too because there is such a stereotype of Maine people being friendly and wholesome but all they do is snort pills all day and beat each other up. And from I'm seeing Canada is no better with this Rob Ford Psycho Freak.