Bucket rivalry inspires IU, Purdue jokes

Bucket rivalry inspires IU, Purdue jokes

There are 125 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Nov 13, 2006, titled Bucket rivalry inspires IU, Purdue jokes. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Forget Ohio State-Michigan. The all-important Old Oaken Bucket game is four days away.

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United States

#21 Nov 14, 2006
go hoosiers wrote:
thank god there is onlt one purdue,
nobody else wants to known as "cow college" !!
<quoted text>
I must say you have the worst grammar and it's quite hilarious reading your remarks.
Cosmo Kramer

Brownsburg, IN

#22 Nov 14, 2006
Boilers43Indiana17 wrote:
I would much-rather attend a university who's alum's have planted flags on the Moon than hung banners in a gymnasium.
I heard Purdue is researching sending a shuttle to the Sun.
When asked how they plan to get close to the sun without burning up they simply replied:

"We plan to go at night"
A Fan

United States

#23 Nov 14, 2006
What is the difference between an IU fan and a puppy? A puppy stops whining after about six months.
A Fan

United States

#24 Nov 14, 2006
Hey Go Hoosiers, I have a question just for you since heard you had this very predicament, if a couple of IU grads got married after school, moved away and got divorced 4 years later, would they still be brother and sister?

Warren, IN

#25 Nov 14, 2006
It's odd that most of the IU posters don't talk about football but rather gloat about BB. Oh! I forgot they don't play football at IU. GO BOILERMAKERS!!!!

United States

#26 Nov 14, 2006
I'm a lifelong IU fan, and a 2003 graduate of IU. I think I speak for most of the IU fans out there when I tell "go hoosiers" to shut up. I promise all of you reading this, most of us aren't that stupid.

Bloomington, IN

#27 Nov 14, 2006
What is the most effective form of birth control at Purdue?

There personalities
Marty Joachim

Bloomington, IN

#28 Nov 14, 2006
What do Purdue cheerleaders do at half time of games? Graze.
What do you get when you drive by the Purdue campus? A degree.
The worst air disaster ever in West Lafayette, Indiana, occurred today when a small two-seater Cessna crashed into a cemetery early this morning.
Purdue graduate search and rescue workers have recovered 826 bodies so far and expect that the number will climb as the digging continues into the night.
A man walks into a store and says, "I would like a gold hat, black
pants, a gold sweater, and black and gold shoes." The clerk asks, "Are you a Purdue fan?" "Yes," the man replies, "How did you guess--by the color
combination?" "No," answers the clerk, "this is a hardware store."
Eleven people were clinging precariously to a wildly swinging rope suspended from a crumbling outcropping on Mount Everest. Ten were Purdue grads, one was an IU grad. As a group they decided that one of the party should let go. If that didn't happen the rope would break and everyone would perish. For an agonizing few moments no one volunteered. Finally the Hoosier gave a truly touching speech saying he would sacrifice himself to save the lives of the others. The Purdue grads applauded.
What does a Purdue grad say to an IU grad? Would you like fries with that, sir?
Sung to the tune of 'Home on the Range':

O give me a school
Where the students play pool
And cows roam the campus all day
Where seldom is heard
An intelligent word
And the athletes all get high pay

Moo, moo, Purdue
That's the only school for you
Where a chimpanzee
Gets a bachelor's degree
And even a Phi Beta key
What do Purdue graduates do with their diplomas?
They put them on their dashboards so they can park in handicapped spaces.
Two Purdue football players, Bubba and Jethro, were having problems with their grades. The university finally decided that they would be permitted to play if they could pass a special test. They were in a room where the test was to be administered. The proctor explained to them that this exam was a simple one-question fill-in-the-blank test. He gave them the exam and told them that they could begin. They opened up the exam and read the question: Old McDonald had a __________ They sat and thought for a while.
Finally, when he was sure that the proctor wasn't watching, Bubba whispered to Jethro: "Psst, Jethro, I know the answer to this, but I just can't think of it. What's the answer?"
Jethro responded, "Bubba, you are so dumb. Everyone knows that Old McDonald had a farm."
"Oh, yeah," said Bubba. "Now I remember."
A moment passed, and Bubba said: "Jethro, how do you spell 'farm'?"
"I can't believe you're so dumb, Bubba. Everyone knows that you spell 'farm' E-I-E-I-O."

United States

#29 Nov 14, 2006
I do want to point out that I have found the graduates of both schools to be very knowledgeable in their own unique ways. When I meet with the various engineers and managers at plants around the state I find most are grads of Purdue. Then when we go out for lunch the resturaunt staff (IU grads) will try and do the best that they are capable of.

Yucaipa, CA

#30 Nov 14, 2006
Purdue Grad wrote:
Looks like “go hoosiers” got his panties in a bunch just because his obvious short comings were pointed out. By the way, just because your school is named after the state, does not make it great. Most states have universities named after them, but there is only one Purdue!

Silver Spring, MD

#31 Nov 14, 2006
What does a hurricane, a tornado and a divorce between two IU alumni have in common?

Someone is going to loose a trailer!

Jeffersonville, IN

#32 Nov 14, 2006
Actually Jeff, John Wooden won a championship.

"What do you get when you drive through Gloomington?"

"A degree!"
iu and proud


#33 Nov 14, 2006
sounds like a cheedar head to me. thank god you don't live in IN. your stupidity would wear off on us
Kyle wrote:
I'm a lifelong IU fan, and a 2003 graduate of IU. I think I speak for most of the IU fans out there when I tell "go hoosiers" to shut up. I promise all of you reading this, most of us aren't that stupid.

United States

#34 Nov 14, 2006
What does NCAA mean to a Purdue B-Ball fan?
No Championships At ALL.

Fairmount, IN

#35 Nov 14, 2006
Bobby punched another kid last night....too bad IU fired him....he should have stayed on and kept IU in the basement.

How many IU fans does it take to punch a kid?
None....because Bobby is not a fan anymore and all IU fans are pansies.

Newington, CT

#36 Nov 14, 2006
What does an IU fan say during football season?

Go Irish!

Indianapolis, IN

#37 Nov 14, 2006
Why don't they have a college football program in Martinsville???

Because then Bloomington would want one!
IU fan

Kings Mills, OH

#38 Nov 14, 2006
Bobby didn't punch a kid, but that's a different story.

Why are they taking up the hardwood floor in Mackey Arena and putting down cardboard? Everyone knows Purdue always looks better on paper.

Kansas City, MO

#39 Nov 14, 2006
Seth wrote:
What does an IU fan say during football season?
Go Irish!
By far the best, because it is oh so true...

How did IU pick its school colors?

The president looked out his window and all he saw was REDnecks and WHITE trash.

Kansas City, MO

#40 Nov 14, 2006
This one comes form the IU haters website...

IU coach Terry Hoeppner stops by Ross-Ade stadium to visit Joe Tiller one day during a Boiler practice. He politely tells Coach Tiller that his players sure look like very gifted athletes. Tiller responds that they are not only good athletes but are really smart young men. Tiller then yells for Dorien Bryant to come over and meet Hoeppner. "Dorien", says Tiller. I want to ask you a question? "Who is your Mom's brother's nephew?" Dorien pauses for a moment and says astutely, "the answer is me, Dorien Bryant." Good answer, says Tiller, and then sends Dorien back to practice. Hoeppner is impressed and wonders if his players are as bright to figure out the same riddle. Next day at IU practice, he calls Kellen Lewis over and asks Lewis who his Mom's brother's nephew is? He thinks about it and says "I'll be back with the answer soon coach." Lewis runs to the end of the field and asks James Hardy the same riddle. After a few minutes the talented end says that the answer is him, "James Hardy." Lewis immediately runs back to Hoeppner and replies that he knows the answer, "it's James Hardy!" Hoeppner drops his head in dismay then looks back up and says, no son, it's "Dorien Bryant."

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