Yates Center, KS

#324 Aug 25, 2014
I'm sorry the 18 year olds life was cut short but he made that choice by stealing and choosing a thugs life. There is no place in society for a thief. If I caught someone selling my belongings right or wrong I will shoot
bounty hunter

Chapmanville, WV

#325 Aug 25, 2014
i think the cop did the right thing from all i have read and seen about what happen. the black people have a thing about us whites they hate us for the most part, what would have happen if it would have been a black killing a white person and we whites would have did the same as they did we would have been stopped the first night. i think we should have give it back to them in the same way they give it to the people there and did all the stuff to them that they did to the white people stuff stores and everything else they did . take it to them they need it they think we whites owe them but we owe them nothing they walk around with a big chip on their shoulder for us, time to make a stand sometime and mo was our chance and we blew it now it will be worse everywhere else just fuel to the fire telling the black's do as you want and us white people will do nothing in return..
The ONE and ONLY C O

Palm Springs, CA

#326 Aug 25, 2014
yes wrote:
Thug dead, cop went home. As it should be.
Just wait 'til cops cruise through YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD in an armored vehicle, shootin' at ANYTHING that MOVES !!!

REPUBLICANS are behind this shiittt as a warm-up for when the Koch Brothers finally bought-off EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN in Congress !!!

Grandville, MI

#327 Aug 25, 2014
TheRealZeke wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank God the south did not win the "war of northern aggression". Moron
You said it, "Northern Aggression." John Wilkes Booth was right to give old Abe the ball.
Tit for Tat

El Dorado, AR

#328 Aug 25, 2014
TheRealZeke wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank God the south did not win the "war of northern aggression". Moron
Well, the South's getting even. Many of our problems migrated North.

Princeton, WV

#329 Aug 25, 2014
It looked like a good shoot to me, just your average every day citizen here!<<<BUT!!>> >How the /b/lackup arrived was the thing that got me!
Forward without Hatred

Gardner, MA

#330 Aug 25, 2014
Being a black senior citizen here are a few suggestions for the current younger black generation.
Don't break the law and place yourself in a situation with the police that will become confrontational and possibly getting yourself shot.
Stop calling each other the n-word and pull up your pants. Doing this has set us back 50 years and we have lost all the respect and equal rights we have fought for all those years.
Stop being so emotional over a shooting of someone that you do not even know personally. If a black cop shot a white kid the white community would just accept that the kid screwed up and that was the consequences of his actions.
Stop rioting over any type of injustice that you feel was done because of our race. You are showing the world that we react only using our emotions and not our intelligence. This degrades us and portrays us as being less intelligent and not able to solve conflicts without using our emotions and by being impulsive.
Stop using "affirmative action" options to obtain jobs. Affirmative action was needed many decades in the past but it actually hurts us now. We lose respect and credibility by obtaining a job because of our race. We need to prove that we are on the same level and have the qualifications and intelligence to obtain that desired job without using the race card to acquire it.
And as you see as I write this we need to stop using "we" when referring to our own community. The US is now comprised of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and many other races that are now becoming the majority and outnumbering the white community. In all black community sermons the word "we" is used and that is actually separating us from the other communities. In other races and their church's/places of worship they do not use the word "we".
Using the word "we" is telling the other communities that we want to be segregated from them and that is not what we fought for all these past years.
We need to start respecting ourselves (no more calling each other the n-word as a greeting to one another, etc.) We will never be accepted as an equal race if we keep degrading each other.

Portland, OR

#331 Aug 25, 2014
Come on people if the south had won the war slavery would have lasted another hundred years, lets get over that nonsense and remember we are all related, the entire human family .There are plenty of decent black people and plenty of decent whites, Ferguson need more black officer on the force so they can build a rapport with the black community, so in cases like this they can defuse the situation without deadly force.

Powell, OH

#332 Aug 25, 2014
Bird wrote:
Thug..? Without a doubt..., but 7 shots including forearms and back..? That man needs to be held responsible..#
Your right. Should have saved the other six bullets for six other black thugs.

Orlando, FL

#333 Aug 25, 2014
I_am_Belisarius wrote:
don't we have even just one democratic white guy from the west coast here?
Who cares about the Republicans or the Democrats?

1. The inerrant bible trumps the constitution
2. Evolution and Global warming are a hoax
3. College students and those seeking education are snobs
4. Gay Americans are an abomination
5. Poor people deserve to be poor
6. Union workers are socialists
7. The unemployed are lazy parasites unwilling to work
8. 50% of Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise
9. Women using birth control are sluts
10. Corporations are people

USA = Oligarchy

Rule by the few, often seen as having self-serving ends. Aristotle used the term pejoratively for unjust rule by bad men, contrasting oligarchy with
rule by an aristocracy. Most classic oligarchies have resulted when governing elites were recruited exclusively from a ruling class, which tends to exercise power in its own interest.

Do you want to fix our government?

a) A constitutional amendment that fixes our broken electoral system by 1) completely removing campaign contributions from the political process; 2) requiring all elections to be publicly financed; 3) moving election day to the weekend to increase voter turnout; 4) making all Americans registered voters at the moment of their birth; 5) banning computerized voting and requiring that all elections take place on paper ballots.

b) A constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have the constitutional rights of citizens. This amendment should also state that the interests of the general public and society must always come before the interests of corporations.

c) A constitutional amendment that will act as a "second bill of rights" as proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: that every American has a human right to employment, to health care, to a free and full education, to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food, and to be cared for with dignity and respect in their old age.

Portland, OR

#335 Aug 25, 2014
Ferguson *(needs)

Cape Girardeau, MO

#338 Aug 25, 2014
red wrote:
How can you "side" with anyone when the facts haven't been presented? All you see is biased reporting. Let the real truth come out before passing judgements on either side.
. I side with the LAW.

Paris, TN

#339 Aug 25, 2014
What wrote:
<quoted text>
OCDs and other psych disorders are not a choice but a person can choose to get help or not. Now learned behavior is different for a person to behave appropriately they have to be taught. If your raised by animalistic people your probably gonna act like an animal.
Ignoring your pejorative use of the word "animal" , it is hardly the case that those with the disorders mentioned are always aware that they need help. Given the following statement, those people would have to be taught that they need help.

If in fact people cannot behave appropriately unless they have been taught to do so, then their behavior cannot be considered a matter of choice.

Since: Sep 08

Everett, WA

#340 Aug 25, 2014
on tha hill wrote:
Thank god i live in a all white county
Sooner or later you or your children will have to live in a mixed community.

It is better to learn how to get along before trouble starts.
Liquid Lightning

Madisonville, KY

#341 Aug 25, 2014
You people are stupid
lieeer Cccoach

Linthicum Heights, MD

#343 Aug 25, 2014
I side with the truth
SomaliImperialis t

Minneapolis, MN

#344 Aug 25, 2014
Instead of jumping to conclusions why not wait until the investigation is over? Oh and looting and rioting will only prolong the case, honestly do people want to remember this man by looting other stores? In any case, even if he did rob a cigarrate, that is still a criminal act, and if were to have attacked or charged the Officer, then the Officer has the right to defend himself, even if it means shooting him. However that is simply my opinion and you cant base facts about until the investigation is over and we see some solid evidence. Oh and for those blaming racism for the underrepresented AAs in that town , they could of have easily voted many more officials in if they actually went and voted, considering most of the town is AA.

My thoughts~ Somali Imperialist
Do Tell

Big Sandy, TN

#345 Aug 25, 2014
I_am_Belisarius wrote:
don't we have even just one democratic white guy from the west coast here?
I'm not from the West Coast and I'm not a Guy, but I am White and I'm a Woman.
Furthermore, I don't like Thieves and Bullies of any color...and I don't like People who think they don't have to obey the Law, or the Law Officers.

All the Black Guy had to do was whatever the Officer told him to do and none of this would have ever happened.
That fifty dollar box of cigarillos wasn't worth his Life, but he made that bad choice and it got him killed. It's pretty much that simple, IMO.
baby boomer

Hemet, CA

#346 Aug 25, 2014
EyezLikesChinken wrote:
If the South had won the war none of this would be an issue now...would it?
Maybe but the big issue was Lincoln.Had he not been killed, he was considering several options regarding the Blacks. He pointed out several reasons we wouldn't be able to coexist.One of his plans was to transport them to the Islands, where other Blacks lived.Do some research and you will find his words.

Paris, TN

#347 Aug 25, 2014
Tit for Tat wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, the South's getting even. Many of our problems migrated North.
But your earlier post implied that the south had no problems, you clown!

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