westlife best group of all time

westlife best group of all time

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Denton, UK

#1 Dec 22, 2007
The above statement is true if you believe four men in suits who sit on chairs and continually cover songs whilst making up sales figures are good.
I mean are Westlife for real, the idea that they exist makes me want to slap Louis Walsh who i do think is a genius. Westlife are as vapid and as boring as their musical sister Leona Lewis. I mean compare westlife to TAKE THAT, THE BACKSTREET BOYS, NSYNC, can they really compare no.
and the claim that they have sold 40 million is a joke because if they really sold that much, it means each of their albums would have to have sold over 5 million each, if thats true why is Leona's album being called the best selling debut at less than 400,000 units.
people who like westlife don't like music. i feel as though Louis should concentrate on Girls Aloud who actually sing their own songs and actually perform instead of wasting time four chubby men who think covering 2 year old MICHAEL BOUBLE' songs is cool.
shane lover xx

Redruth, UK

#2 Jan 23, 2008
what the hell..........i think you'll find that westlife dont only cover other peoples songs , and may i add take that sang how deep is your love a beegees classic, they sang relight my fire with lulu, so to cover songs is what these groups do. but did you know that westlife have had 14 number 1 singles from 9 albums and that the only artists to beat that are elvis"the king"presley and The Beatles not the crap groups that u mention above ie backstreet boys i mean please..........

Market Rasen, UK

#3 Jan 26, 2008
lol at least the backstreet boys had international success and could actually dance and sing at the same time whilst looking good, give good interviews and go on world tours as opposed to the cringe worthy arena tours that westlife are so proud of.
take that are artists, westlife are "singers".

London, UK

#4 Apr 21, 2008
kyle u are idiot and stupid! the original songs of westlife are better than all their covers...backstreet boys are an old group which is only popular because they are american..they sing well but not as well as westife who has a beautiful vocal...take that are nothin interesting ..
Laura England

Southampton, UK

#5 Apr 27, 2008
Westlife are definetly the best group of all time. They are 10 times better than Take That. When Bryan left they could have split up but they didn't. They carried on and are still going strong now. I really respect them for that. Unlike Take That when Robbie Williams left the group, they decided to call it a day.
They are all very handsome snd I love them all. My two favourites are Shane and Mark. Shane has an amazing voice and sounds like an angel. They have been a group for 10 years now which is a great achivement. I hope they carry on for years to come. Their songs are great and lovely. They all have great personalities. My favourite westlife song is their new one Us Against The World. It is really emotional and represents their continous sucess. Well done Westlife. You are the best. Love you all.
Nowhere Man

Delicias, Mexico

#6 Sep 13, 2008
come on??? westlife??
you gotta be kidding me
how can you compare westlife
to groups who has changed a whole generation
groups like
the beatles
led zeppelin
or artist such as
michael jackson

i mean,not even in the present, in year 2008 can be figured as one of the ten top bands.

they have good vocals and some great songs
and im not gonna lie
i like westlife
but best group??
sorry but you are very very WRONG!

Singapore, Singapore

#7 Nov 9, 2008
Hmm, best group of all time... Nah. But, best POP group of all time.. I'll go for it.

Anyway, Westlife don't wear suits and perform covers all the time. They can dance, sing and do everything else like other bands. So, go do some research before putting answers on the floor mate.

Ye can't compare the lads to elvis or micheal jackson. Oh come on, GROUPS not SOLOS.

-_- Westlife haters.. go do some research before commenting please. Go see some of their tours or stuff like that..
Mary Howarth


#8 Dec 13, 2008
Take That.Versus West Life.No Contest.Take That are Artists.Not Dummies who just stand there.Singing other peoples songs

Loughton, UK

#9 Dec 20, 2008
hii to all the Westlife fans on here. I firstly would like to say that Westlife haters like Kyle and Nowhere Man should'nt even be on here if you hate Westlife so much your stupid. Anyway i love Westlife im one of there biggest fans and its true what Laura England siad in her comment! Go away Westlife haters! love Westlife for ever and love to all the boys love Serin

Newbury, UK

#10 Dec 28, 2008
to all you sad pathetic loser going on about how westlife cannot compare to take that etc GET A LIFE and PLEASE research some facts ! at the end of the day westlife can sing, dance and ye they cover other peoples songs, but they do there own aswell as any westlife fan would actually no, all you nomarks who go on about how they just do covers please just get some correct information
i really do hate people that slag them off because at the end of the day theyve been going strong for 10 years and won best boyband 2008? so there obviously still fantastic as for all this stupidity about take that being better what aload of crap! take that are a joke in themselves, there nothing without robbie and the proof is in the songs theyve brought out recently yes the greatest day was ok but shine, please ? it sounded like some cheesy bread advert.
WESTLIFE are easily better , they havent split up at the end of the day and they could have when they lost bryan just like take that and robbie!
WESTLIFE will always be better!!
at the end of the day its personal opinion
but you need some common sense aswell!

Newbury, UK

#11 Dec 28, 2008
oh and as for nowhereman?
your going nowere man with your taste in music!

Ciumani, Romania

#12 Jun 11, 2009
Westlife are boring.most of their songs are covers,they don't dance in their concerts which make the concert more boring than it is and they claim to be the best group.there are far more talented groups than Westlife,for example Take That.they've got great songs,they're great dancers and brilliant songwriters.even if they're older that westlife they have so much better concerts.they're creative,make unic shows that's why they're the best.they know how to entertain.people still love them after all this time.I think people wouldn't even remember of westlife if they would split up and come back after 10 years because they don't have anything special.it doesn't matter if Take That don't have Robbie anymore because they're even better without him.


#13 Jun 14, 2009
the westlifes are no.1


#14 Jul 21, 2009
I wouldn't contest that Westlife are talented singers who do more than sit on stools and sing other people's songs. But the way they have been managed by Simon Cowell and company for the past decade has made them feel like a robotic machine who churns the same material year in and year out, confident that they have a loyal fanbase who would buy their albums sight unseen (or sound unheard as the case may be.)

What's great about Take That is that they are risk-takers who are not afraid of challenging themselves and finding a new direction for their music. Their music has something in it for everyone, which is why since their comeback they have broken through the typical boyband fanbase (proof: a UK tour that sold to 1.2M people) and has become endearing to anyone who loves pop music. Just hear the huge and amazing difference between their last tow albums Beautiful World and The Circus, and you can see that they push themselves to be better constantly.

I am not a Westlife hater. In fact, I do want them to come back better and bigger in their next album, because they're brilliant enough to go head to head with the best in the charts. But there is a reason why Westlife is now trying hard to make an album filled with originals, with big songwriters like Ryan Tedder and Darren Hayes on board. People need to see them expand themselves.

Auckland, New Zealand

#15 Nov 25, 2009
I don't think Westlife is the best group of all time. BUT they are one of the best pop group of the last decade. It all depends on OPINION and TASTE. Below are some facts for people who constantly critisize Westlife. Just like someone said before, please do some research before writing these insults.

1. Westlife can't dance, they always sit on stools and sing.
-They almost never sit on stools for their tours.(A maximum of two songs per concert). And they do dance, just not as well as some other dance-focused boybands.

2. Westlife only make cover songs/They are only successful due to their covers.
-Not true. 10 out of their 14 number ones are ORIGINAL SONGS. 80% of their entire recorded collection are original songs. They've regretted doing so many covers lately so their newest album only has one cover on it, out of 13 songs.

3. Westlife don't write their own music.
-Not true again. The album World of Our Own had 16 songs written by them. They've written a few more songs after that and most of their B-sides. Mark wrote/co-wrote 2 songs from their new album.
-They've stopped writing because they admit that they are not good enough songwriters.(I personally think they're very good)

4. Westlife are talentless/ can't sing live.
-I can't even imagine why anyone would say this. They sound incredible live, some of the best in the business.

5. Westlife only sing ballads.
-Nope, they always have uptempo or mid-tempo songs on their albums. And if you take time to listen to their new album or Back Home, they've really developed their sound alot.

The general public is not stupid. Westlife would not be this successful if they were talentless. I would attribute their success to their down-to-earth personalities, hard work, and the fact that they appeal to all ages.

I can see why people would see TT as better because of their brilliant songwriting. But each group has their strengths.

If you think they're boring, that's fine. But insulting them on unfounded claims is not very helpful.:/

Pretoria, South Africa

#16 Dec 12, 2009
I am a Westlife fan from South Africa and wish they would tour here again. Most people here think that they've broken up, so why don't you Westlife-haters come here and I'll go to where they will hold the next concert;)

Thank you to Raku who bothered to get the facts out!

Quezon, Philippines

#17 Feb 23, 2010
You westlife haters are pathetic! why are you here if you hate westlife!
they are the best! songs of other Boy bands out there means nothing! craps!but westlife songs always inspire others!
it's not just the how much a boy band can dance!
and FYI! they DO dance!
make your research first before saying anything mean!

Birtley, UK

#18 Mar 10, 2010
kyle ur an idiot! wat music or bands do u like then?..

Birtley, UK

#19 Mar 10, 2010
oh and if they were crap how would they fill ouyt croke park 80,000 capacity u fanny!


#20 Apr 8, 2010
Yes, they are the best. I admit it.

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