Western Union sucks

Dubai, UAE

#51 Oct 2, 2012
we bought camcorder online,and compani from uk told",half before and half after deliveri of items",it was 2350$,i sent 1160$ by western union,and next they told " you must send full payment(,other 1160$)by western union,but to another name,only give me MTSN,we will check and we can't take money becouse ,reciver not we are ,when you recieve items,you will change the name and we can get many from western union" i sent 1160$ to my brother name,but we check today they taked money,how?what i must do?

Anonas, Philippines

#52 Oct 16, 2012
I made the mistake on 7th October 2012 of attempting to utilize Western Union's WU Pay service which is funded by one's checking account bill pay system. I sent two payments one for 500 and the other for 600 dollars via WU Pay and to this day, 17th October, the payment to the receiver who is in dire need, has not yet been released! What's worse is that you cannot phone WU Pay support directly, but you must rely on only e-mail and on the chance probability that you'll be by your phone when WU Pay Support actually phones you upon reading your e-mail. When I tried to get through to WU Pay Support via Western Union's customer service phone number, they kept telling me that it was impossible for me to be transferred to WU Pay Support, I could only contact them via e-mail or chat, and I have yet to be able to utilize the chat function of Western Union's website. I will never, ever attempt to use Western Union again, I'll just trust in Xoom, which all my friends have had better results with, and it's actually considerably less costly than Western Union's exorbitant fees. I hope my message helps you avoid the untold delays and hassles I've experienced by Western Union, who are experts at floating your cash for many days before delivering if ever, on their promised service. Stay away from Western Union if you can help it!!!:?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#53 Oct 28, 2012
tired of being ripped
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tired of being ripped

Potomac, MD

#54 Nov 2, 2012
Western Union used to be a rather reliable service. It was not until about two years ago there was a change in the leadership of the company and a few top executives. Ever since the organization has been going down. Hopefully a leadership could be found
and save once an excellent company.

Honolulu, HI

#55 Dec 28, 2012
After going through WU compliance once already, Over the holidays I had to go through them again because I had sent money to family in Tonga. Which I have been doing throughout the year. So they place a hold on my last transaction that is need before the New Year. When I finally get a call back from the "comp liane" department who called at 5:20AM, I speak to this idiot operator who interrogates me about who I am sending the money too. So I'm like HELLO! don't you see the last names are the SAME! Like I said before, its my brother in law, mother in law, and God forbid, I had to send to my Sister in law one time too. But ITS FAMILY. Then she starts asking me where I get my income from... and I say "Work"... she then asks be "so from a savings or checking account?" See this is the problem with outsourcing! If I just said WORK, how can it be anything else. And why the hell would I put my money from WORK into a checking or savings account only to take it out again to send via WU? What IDIOTS! Then not only that, but she starts asking me why I sent money to myself, which I didn't, because WU screwed my transaction up and I had to get a refund and resend the same thing again. And after 15 minutes of wasted time she places me on hold and later comes back with "I need documentation of all the reasons why you send money." ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I send money for FAMILY SUPPORT, I'm related to about half the island, and she wants documents of all the death certificates, weddings, birthdays and any other family functions. Oh, but the guy from Pakistan that I bought some t-shirts from over the internet is fine. What idiots these operators are. Not to mention that when I told her that I don't get this kinds of problems at Money Gram, and her response was, that I should go and use Money Gram then... and of course I said , "Fine, refund my money and FUCK YOU GUYS!" and hung up. I would rather pay more at Money Gram, get an emailed confirmation of when my money is picked up at the other end, and have a lot more better customer service with people who are willing to take the time to notice that not everyone is a terrorist. And that people still care for and support family members outside the USA.(BTW-Thanks for posting this blog because as you can see its been 5 years and Western Union still SUCKS!)

Tracy, CA

#56 Feb 28, 2013
WU is a joke. I spent 4 hours and got nothing handled well. Their customer service representatives don't really know what they were talking about! I am not going to describe what I've been going thru (don't wanna waste my time again), and I can't believe how this business could still survive nowadays. Since I needed to call them couple times, and I found that they are trying to keep you away from the survey (they will ask you ahead of time if you want to do a survey after the call). The first time the lady stay on the phone and pushed me to hang up. The second time I insisted to do the survey and the other lady sounded like playing games with me. She put her phone on hold for 10 mins and even come back and check if i was still there! then it goes to the survey...I can't believe it!
carol white

Lisburn, UK

#59 Aug 2, 2013
my daughter was stuck in Tokyo without cash when her bank card was declined in a machine. I sent money western union online. The site was slow and frustrating.
At the other side my daughter was declined as her name appeared twice on the transaction. By the time Western Union sorted it..it was too late, my daughter had to leave with a loan from a friend. On trying to get my transaction reversed.. they said it would take 30 - 90 days...on a debt card transaction...that is shocking... I will never trust them again.

Miercurea-ciuc, Romania

#60 Aug 5, 2013
wu are suck!

I newer can track a order not now and not 5 yeras ago

they use ant chinese system for $8

Chattanooga, TN

#62 Sep 13, 2013
I used my credit card to send my sister some money. A small amount 75.00 and marked it urgent. I did this transaction on line. At the end of the process i get a pop up that says its being processed. I call the 800 number only to be told that it could take a day to process. Then when i became upset i was told that it could be two hours. I asked for a supervisor who could not speak English. I asked what they needed to do to process my card and he stated it went through a third party security department. I asked for the number and name of the company that was conducting that process and was told in broken English they could not give me that information. I asked so you are giving a third party my financial information and you will not tell me the name of the company or a phone number to contact them at. I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER USE WESTERN UNION AGAIN.

Sunnyvale, CA

#63 Oct 31, 2013
I can only chime in. This is the most pathetic website I have every seen. I flat out does not work. I even tried 4 different browsers. Then I emailed their support and called their 24/7 hotline jut to be told 'Please try again in 1 hour'.

Completely useless.


#64 Jan 7, 2014
The Western Union on line site is a friggin joke . You have about a 5% chance of your transfer being sent without it being rejected. Then when its rejected you call the dipsheets who are very polite but they always say they have no idea why the transaction is cancelled. and sorry for the inconvenience. Its a total waste of time as is writing to them. How the hell do they stay in business. Western Union is GARBAGE
bob hunt

United States

#66 Jan 26, 2014
its bad dont ure it !!

Taylor, MI

#68 Feb 28, 2014
Worst company in the world in my opinion. I'm a CPA and financial advisor and wanted to send 2000 bucks. I pleaded with them as they cause numerous problems and gave me misinformation, but there seemed to be not a brain among them. I spent more than 2000 bucks in my time and still couldn't get anything accomplished. Their Indian phone service was good at telling me that their company policy was to screw me over but not tell me why. If you choose to use this idiotic company good luck!
Perth Oz


#69 Apr 24, 2014
WU system and processes an opitamy of incompetence, ignorance and an archaic system stuck in THE DARK AGES, they take your commison happily for really doing nothing. Not to forget making more on exchange rates when transferring across currencies. Now the best part.....their website is an absolute joke. I work in IT systems and I have never seen such a terrible terrible system. They would rather spend $$$$ on those useless call centre helpers than to just get it right. Cant wait for a more modern payment system to compete against this incompetent joke to the modern age. The sooner they shut down the better for us all. I am over western union. U are a joke and shoukd be ashamed. U have no idea how to run a business based on processes. CEO stand down and come make a simple transaction on yoir joke of a system. Go to Hell and take your dinosaur of a system with u. Bye
Perth Oz


#70 Apr 24, 2014
Oh yeah.......this hasn't ended by the way...... My complaints only just started. And yes I have the time.
Perth Oz

Sinagra, Australia

#71 Apr 24, 2014
this on the website. my comments in CAPITALS

All of our Strategic Alliances offer:
Access to educational materials about international payments. YOU CANT EVEN GET YOUR BACKYARD FIXED
Additional products to complement your product suite, improve customer satisfaction and increase retention. FIX YOUR CURRENT PRODUCTS
Support includes:
Compliance: Benefit from the collaboration and support of Western Union's experienced, global compliance team. YOU WONT NEED EXPERIENCE IF YOU HAD A BULLET PROOF WEBSITE AND SYSTEM
Sales: A global sales force that can train and/or assist your sales acquisition team or sell directly to your customer. REALLY?? WHAT A LOAD OF WORDS!
Technical Support: A dedicated team to assist in the development and implementation of technical solutions and a resource for the ongoing stability and scalability of the solution. YOU CAN SVE LOTS ON THIS IF YOU JUST GOT THE SIMPLE THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!
Marketing: Experienced marketing professionals will help you develop different marketing strategies to reach and promote our integrated payment solution to your customers. WASTING MONEY FOR NOTHING> IT AINT THAT COMPLICATED!!!!!

Chapel Hill, NC

#72 Apr 24, 2014
So much problems with WU agents. They are incompetent workers at least their management team is not quiet bright and want to use online for their service, really. How do they serve the public like this. I wish Amazon or E-bay get in to this business and run them out of business. May be Pay Pale should get into this business since they are good at handling the money. Please encourage them to do so and it will make life easy for people instead of WU pain. May be we can find someone else who can do better than this. Not for just to make money, but to save a lot of pain for hard working people who earn a little and to share with family.
Retarded IT Retarded etc

Honolulu, HI

#75 Jul 19, 2014
Retarded IT Retarded wEbsite Retarded Workers Doesnt Even know what they were doing...
i tried registering and it doesnt make me register i told them that there is a problem with the script since it will not take my PW and give a
Please check your answer.
error thingy.. i dont wanna spend time feeling retarded like them ... fuck this

London, UK

#76 Oct 2, 2014
Western Union.......What a pile of frustrating shite

Hillsboro, WV

#77 Oct 24, 2014
I couldn't even register for an account! by the time I had entered my e-mail address the time had run out and the session closed! What a joke of a website. Then reading these comments made me a wise man.

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