Western Union sucks
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Knoxville, TN

#1 Jul 12, 2007
If you're lucky to have enough time (spend a few hours to all day) to spend getting nowhere on their useless website and then trying to reach someone on their useless labyrinthious phone system, you will end up transfering your money, but beware on what can happen on the other end.

I never ever was able to get my money sent using the very useless WesternUnion.com . At some point it wil fail, either a "submit"
button will mysteriously freeze, or the java talking woman wil mysteriously shut the browser down etc. Even if you pay for the
message to be spoken out loud to the recipient, it will probaly wil not be spoken.

After spending numerous hours trying to make the USELESS WesternUnion.com work on different browsers, OS'es and even different
computers, I gave up and called WU's useless phone system. After 27 minutes of hell I finally got through to someone alive!(wow).
Got my money transferred. The fee was $20 for the transfer and nearly $4 for the birthday greeting message. The message was NOT read
on the other end to the recipient as I found out a couple days later. BEWARE! Western Union charges you for services that are not
provided! Most people will never inquire the recipient whether the greeting was read. I was "lucky" because there was a witness who
told me no one read any greeting to the recipient. There was no written greeting given to the recipient either. Western Union simply cheated me out of $4. Not the money that matters, but the treatment of the customer. NEVER AGAIN!

See my review also on: http://www.reviewcentre.com/r85163_2_Western_...

San Marcos, CA

#2 Jul 27, 2007
i agree.
WU is sucks, at least the website. forget to send money online.
i was completed all questions, but was not anough. i had to call to verify. i did. got disconnected. nobody called me back. i called back 2 times. finally they told me something is wrong, but the cant discuss it. than the supervisor told me they cant verify my phonenumber cause is not under my name. and the homephone is not publishd even it is under my name.
but online , noquestiontold me : phonember wich we can verify...
i never gonna use western union again.

Brisbane, Australia

#3 Nov 15, 2007
Western Union is a big fat joke and should be out of business. If you don't mind getting ripped off, use them. They cheated my parents out of the $14.99 service charge and never allowed my brother to pick up the $30 that my parents were trying to send to him. He was destitute and needed the money to start rebuilding his life. Please try another method to send money if you can. I hate to say it but mailing cash is the alternative my parents had to choose. Vons is refunding my parents the $14.99 because we threatened to sue WU and Vons.

Whitestown, IN

#4 Mar 12, 2008
I use the RIGHT username, the RIGHT password, the RIGHT upper/lowercase combination of password letters, I enter the RIGHT verification code, but the login fails. The cookies are accepted, everything is fine with my computer, I'm an advanced user of 20 years! What is REALLY WRONG is the unprofessional retarded idiotic moronic dumb stupid useless stinky WESTERNUNION.COM MUNISTS!

Whitestown, IN

#5 Mar 12, 2008
Western Union is so DISRESPECTFUL... i just tried to login to my account on their website and i failed, they told me to try again later, it failed again. Then i called by phone, the female took all my very private information and..... she told me to hold on because..... she has another phone call on line!!! She kept me on hold for 4 whole minutes, then she got back to me after the 4 minutes telling me she can't process my request! No reason explained! Perhaps my accent? After talking to a not so friendly supervisor finally they arrogantly decided to take my money transfer. I use WU only becase I had no other choice today because the destination country has very expensibe bank wiring and no other way to get the money in. But in the future I will do my best to NOT use Western Union as much as I can!

Paris, TN

#6 May 28, 2008
They said our friend picked up the 1500 dollars we sent him before i had even told him i sent it. Their story changed from he used a driver liscense to he used a passport. Neither of which he hases cause he is handicapped. They did not put the secret question on the money even though i paid the extra fee to do it. and in the end i was called a liar and told tough luck. NEVER NEVER NEVER use WESTERN UNION. they will not lube before they screw you.
Downwithwesternu nion

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 Jun 28, 2008
I just had a bad experience with Western Union. I was on their slow not designed for dial-up website and created an account. I tried to transfer money 3 times and it kept hanging, I had no confirmation on the web site and no e-mail confirmation, so I gave up on the web site and called the poorly designed "automated" phone system that was written by some programmer that does not understand the flow of how anything works, I finally got thru to a live person and had to give the same information to her that I just entered on my phone. She said the transfer whent through, okay everthing should be good now. Nope... I double check my bank account and it has two charges one for the internet transfer which I never got a confirmation on and also the transfer I palced on the phone. I will never use Western Unoin again if I can help it.

Matthews, NC

#8 Aug 31, 2008
Western Union is the most complete inept crappiest piece of crap company that exists today. Their "online quick collect" is completely worthless and flags credit cards as a fraudulant transaction. I am amazed that this company is in business. When you call for help, no one knows anything, what a stupid business.

Hampton, VA

#9 Sep 11, 2008
Same deal. The website kept saying that my password was wrong-IT WASN'T. Then that I had entered the creepy security code wrong-I DIDN"T.(Even THAT needs to be fixed-the font makes it difficult to be sure if that is and x or a k, etc.-SO I hit the speaker button so it could tell me what that questionable character was, but when I went back to the screen-the stinking code had changed!!!!) USELESS! The live online help chat-useless. Finally I gave up doing it on line, went to the store they said had their service-The website said they were open until 10pm. They were, but they closed the Western Union transactions at 9 pm - Information that I would have found useful.
I have also had the same problem in the past that others have mentioned where you call in, give them all your information and then they 'deny' your request like you are some sort of lying criminal or something. WHAT a Piece of garbage company! Their brand name is becoming synonymous with incompetence and ignorance.

Saint Louis, MO

#10 Oct 21, 2008
Just a reminder to everyone that Western Union has outsourced to Costa Rica, Mexico, Cananda and a few other countries. They laid off over a thousand USA employees this past summer. They started this outsourcing a few years ago and broke the news in Spring 2008 that everything would be sent overseas; however, the higher-ups have spoken and assured the public that "customer service" is still their #1 priority. If you believe that then you must believe that pigs can fly! Go to Moneygram!

Cambridge, MA

#11 Nov 21, 2008
Apparently I did not answer one of their many questions right (I am sorry if I don't remember if I had a car loan in 1998) and was not allowed to send $100 to my son at college. I will never ever have anything to do with them again, really don't like spending my whole lunch hour and many cell phone minutes only to be treated like a criminal.

Fenton, MO

#12 Nov 25, 2008
I worked for them, and I wouldn't use them to transfer money across the street!

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Nov 30, 2008
I used WU for about a year.
Recently I've tried to login to my
WU account and login failed with message: "Passwords must be 7 to 16 characters long and include at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, and one number."
My correct password does not contain a capital letter.
I've contacted their support with no avail.
Mike from TX

Austin, TX

#15 Jun 16, 2009
I TOTALLY agree with these comments. I tried sending a quick collect using the website first, and got nowhere after trying several times. Next, I called their 1 800 325 6000 phone number and got the worst automated phone system ever. You cannot simply say "operator" to get to a real person. Eventually, I got ahold of a live person, and talk about rude. There customer service people just want to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.

In order to send the quick collect payment, the rude CS guy had to transfer me to a different dept. So I get another rude CS guy who transfers me to a 3rd rude guy. At this point I simply wanted to complain (nicely) about the process it took me to get to him, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to get the transaction completed, and get rid of me. So took care of the money transfer and wanted to voice my opinion of their serivce. Wouldn't you know it, the bastard hung up on me.

Mike from TX

Austin, TX

#16 Jun 16, 2009
Does anyone know of way to file a complaint about WU's web and phone service?
Annoyed WU customer

North Shields, UK

#17 Jun 22, 2009
These guys are absolute idiots. Tried to get money my parents sent to North America last week and it took me 3 hours because of the idiot retarded agent Western Union guy behind the counter.



Send cash by post / homing pidgeon (it will probably be safer - trust me).

The agents all appear to be idiots who are completely incompetent, and the help line is a joke. AND YOU CAN'T CASH THEIR CHECKS ANYWHERE - no one trusts them. Right, I feel I now have my revenge.
Pissed off Mom

Providence, RI

#20 Jul 14, 2009
Never Ever use Western Union OR Money GRAM assholes! Tried to send money to my daughter. Transaction failed but they still kept the money on hold from my paypal debit card, had to call paypal and try to get it reversed. Paypal was great! Don't ever even think about western union. Overnight a letter with cash is safer!


#21 Sep 23, 2009
Western Union is plain gay. My mother paid 2000 EUROS just for a western union account they promised its done in like, what? like, 15 or 20 minutes? Well, we waited a day and then we demanded a refund, but they locked the money in spain and said its in germany. Yeah right....
On short terms, agreeing with PoM, Jul 14, 2009, WU sucks. If i ever had to setup a bank account, i would rather use Solbank or Paypal. But NEVER. AND I MEAN EVER, EVER AGAIN use western union.
Seriously, it sucks.

Rochester, NY

#22 Nov 2, 2009
I was behind on my mortgage and asked my sister to lend me a mortgage payment until the end of the month. We decided to try Western Union online to deposit money directly into my checking account. The WU site said that this would take three days. So I set up an online payment from my bank account to the mortgage company for the fourth day. The money was withdrawn from my sisters account the day she set it up with WU but by the fourth day it never showed up in my bank and my online payment went out, bounced and came back resulting in a 39$ overdraft fee. My sister called WU and they said that my bank was holding the deposit. I went down to my bank and they said they have no record of any attempt at a deposit from WU. I insisted that my sister get hold of someone at WU who will take ownership of this problem. Finally she got someone to admit that the deposit batch failed on the WU side and it never went through. Now I am in default with my mortgage company and the money that my sister was to send me to help out is held up in red tape at WU. I have no idea what to promise my mortgage company. I am screwed and I have been reading that many people have had the same issues with this company.
Money order bummer

Poynette, WI

#23 Nov 16, 2009
Bought a money order from store for daughter she signed it in the wrong place and bank refused it, she sent it back and I called Western Union they informed me that I need to pay them 15.00 to get a refund. Spent two nights talking to their customer service about the fee and how I just wanted a refund since the store had neglected to inform me of their crazy fees I was never given the chance to reject the money order based on these crazy fees. They have my money and I have to pay to get it back. Never buy a money order from them.

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