Western Union Sucks!
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Victorville, CA

#1 May 8, 2012
They just suck. Do not use them if you have a choice.

Victorville, CA

#2 May 8, 2012
I agree!
Holli H

Idaho Falls, ID

#3 May 27, 2012
Today i tried to send $950 via Western Union online. I used my debit card and they took the money OUT of my bank account immediately. They then said to send identification information by uploading a scan of my drivers license, so I did that. Except their computer system (server) had an error and didn't upload, so they canceled my transaction. That would all be well and good except the money will not be returned to my bank account for 3-5 days! What a scam! Complete BS!!!

Portland, OR

#4 Jul 30, 2012
Friday night we had a family emergency and my sister in law needed money ASAP and we went to Western Union and sent $4,903 and payed a fee of $73.55 and they said it would get there in 15 minutes.
4 hours later we get a call that the code we had given my sister in law would not work.
So we call Western Union and after hours of getting no where, we were told we would have to call back in the morning.
Then at 6:30 am we get a call from Western Union asking questions about who we were sending the money too and were we sure they were who they said were?
As if my sister in law was some criminal scamming us. Then they said they would release our money.
I and my wife talked for a minute and decided we could send it cheaper through LBC for $10 fee now that western Union had screwed up getting the money to my sister in law ASAP.
So we call Western Union and tell them to cancel everything and we want all our money back including the fees. They said we can get the money but not the fee and that someone would be calling us back with a new code to use to get the money.
5 hours later I decide they are not calling so I call them again and they say to go back to the agent and get all the money including the fee.
So They hold our money for 15 plus hours and we get it back and for nothing to us but a big pain in the ass plus 2 trips to the agent.
Jerry S Watkins

New Orleans, LA

#5 Oct 3, 2012
Western Union is NOT in the business of transferring money anymore, but rather stealing people's money.

I was supposed to receive money in New Orleans, Louisiana back in July. They sent it to the city of Orleans, France instead, and after 2 hours on the phone with several managers, they finally sent it to me in New Orleans, LA. This was in July. Now, in October, I was once again supposed to receive money, same place, New Orleans, Louisiana. This time they sent it to a little town called Louisiana, Illinois. After two hours on the phone, this time they would not budge. My relative (the sender) had to cancel the transaction, and but Western Union withheld the $37 fee.

When I lived in Washington, DC (District of Columbia), they used to send the money "by mistake" to Bogota, Colombia, instead of Washington, DC. I cannot imagine that anyone can be that stupid - they must either do this on purpose, or they must be really high on crystal meth.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6 Dec 3, 2012
Yes western union SUCK!! can't find a person for their money order division, keep hitting their stupid automated system.

Thats the last time they will see money from meas a costumer!! And in the future if I have the opportunity to rip them off I will.

Honolulu, HI

#7 Dec 28, 2012
After going through WU compliance once already, Over the holidays I had to go through them again because I had sent money to family. Which I have been doing throughout the year. So they place a hold on my last transaction that is need before the New Year. When I finally get a call back from the "comp liane" department who called at 5:20AM, I speak to this idiot operator who interrogates me about who I am sending the money too. So I'm like HELLO! don't you see the last names are the SAME! Like I said before, its my brother in law, mother in law, and God forbid, I had to send to my Sister in law one time too. But ITS FAMILY. Then she starts asking me where I get my income from... and I say "Work"... she then asks be "so from a savings or checking account?" See this is the problem with outsourcing! If I just said WORK, how can it be anything else. And why the hell would I put my money from WORK into a checking or savings account only to take it out again to send via WU? What IDIOTS! Then not only that, but she starts asking me why I sent money to myself, which I didn't, because WU screwed my transaction up and I had to get a refund and resend the same thing again. And after 15 minutes of wasted time she places me on hold and later comes back with "I need documentation of all the reasons why you send money." ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I send money for FAMILY SUPPORT, I'm related to about half the island, and she wants documents of all the death certificates, weddings, birthdays and any other family functions. Oh, but the guy from Pakistan that I bought some t-shirts from over the internet is fine. What idiots these operators are. Not to mention that when I told her that I don't get this kinds of problems at Money Gram, and her response was, that I should go and use Money Gram then... and of course I said , "Fine, refund my money and FUCK YOU GUYS!" and hung up. These people have no customer consideration or cultural awareness. I would rather pay more at Money Gram, get an emailed confirmation of when my money is picked up at the other end, and have a lot more better customer service with people who are willing to take the time to notice that not everyone is a terrorist. And that people still care for and support family members outside the USA.(BTW-Thanks for posting this blog because as you can see its been years and Western Union still SUCKS!)


#8 Feb 5, 2013


#9 Feb 6, 2013
i agree w/ you guys that western union sucks...
Jay Glenn

Fredericksburg, VA

#10 Mar 5, 2013
Today I discovered western union OUTSOURCES ITS CALL CENTER.

This is bad enough with millions of Americans unemployed.

But the foreign nationals answering the phones for western union some day my speak English as a second language.

The accents were very heavy and no native English speaker was available.

I’m still not sure how my money disappeared.

WU should be ashamed taking jobs from Americans.
WU should pay a fine for each Job sent out of the USA.

Bristol, CT

#12 Apr 23, 2013
Ditto all of the above. Tried numerous times on numerous occasions to send money on line which is the cheapest alternative offered by Western Union.
Despite using three different credit cards (all acitive in good standing) my request was declined, over and over and over again. Try to send by phone? You reach someone with a heavy accent and have to repeat everything to avoid mistakes. One mistake, no money transfer. The phone method is of course more expensive than the online method. After 10 minutes of suffering through automated prompting and heavy accented foreign employees the transaction was declined. They can never tell you why. They say it's (security). Last method then suggested is to travel to a Western Union office and complete the transaction there. More wasted time. What they often fail to tell you is that a transaction in person at the Western Union office cannot be completed with a credit card (more lousy customer service). It has to be completed with an ATM card. They offer to give you a code that reduces the service fee to approx, twice the online fee. This happens over and over and over again. Ask to speak to a supervisor? They offer to have one call you back as the "Supervisor" is busy, probably with another disgruntled customer. No call back from supervisor. Absolutely horrible customer service. The worst.
Bob Park

Pittsburgh, PA

#13 May 23, 2013
Outsourcing the call center? So that explains it! Here is the chat I had with them today re transferring money to the Netherlands...

Leodelen: Hi, my name is Leodelen. How may I help you?
Leodelen: How are you today, Robert?
Leodelen: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Robert: Hello. First time user here. You just cut me off while typing. Not a good start!
Leodelen: I am sorry about that and I would be happy to help you.
Robert: Re IBANs. Your web page says they can be up to 30 characters, but you provide space of only 18. I need 22. What should I do?
Leodelen: We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact the receiver's bank information and inform them that we only have 18 characters field.
Robert: The bank name I am using also does not fit in the space provided.
Leodelen: We are sorry about this, please contact the bank immediately.
Leodelen: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Robert: I don't get it. You don't provide space for entries, and it's someone else's fault?
Leodelen: We are sorry, we only have to enter the information that the our website requires, we do not have any control to this.
Robert: You don't have control over your own web site?
Leodelen: It is the field required to send money to a bank account, that is the only information required.
Robert: Then why do you tell us that the IBAN can be up to 30 characters?
Leodelen: We apologize for any inconvenience. It would be best to contact the receiver's bank account.
Leodelen: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

I was in the process of asking permission to post this transcript, but Leodelen abruptly terminated our chat.

San Jose, CA

#14 May 25, 2013
mercbusiness@gmail is the best

Mobile, AL

#15 Jun 11, 2013
I will never use them again sent money to husband in maryland , the clerk said it wasnt in system , gave husband tracking number to give her that helped , then it showed a security hold , this was a measly 200 dollars , the clerk was aggrivated had to call to see what the problem was, usually my husband showed a i d and picked up his money , they told her he had to send by phone a pic of his liscence to a special number , wait for a approval all this took 2 hrs he finally got his money meanwhile wile all this is goin on hes got a crew waiting at the job site he needed to get to , i called them to fuss how imbarresed he was being treated like a criminal , the desk person can see his liscence rite there, then western union told me that a person with his name cant send money i told them hello it was sent in my name never use them again just to add also we sent money to his mother before and both places she tryed to pick it up dint have the money

Since: Jun 13

Location hidden

#17 Jul 12, 2013
WesternUnion online are a total nightmare to deal with IME. That's if you can even understand their call centre reps..

You are much better off going to a WU or Moneygram (Much better) agent to complete the transaction.
Mr Lopatin

Rochester, NY

#19 Aug 25, 2013
WU giving me a run around can't access my balance online there site does not recognize e-mail sddress I cannot recover my log in and password.
those drones at WU remind me of the lady in the movie with Steve Martin,Trains,Planes and automobiles,"how can I help you? Gobble, gobble, gobble.

United States

#20 Sep 13, 2013
Now they are asking for id and asking people where were they born when people send money. It is not or their darn bussines to ask this question. The worse part at all is that these people had been sending money to the same recipients for years. So what is the deal now with asking for id snd all these prrsonal wuestions, i will never use yhem again

Jacksonville, FL

#21 Sep 15, 2013
what a nightmare sometimes...i have had my share of experiences also like many of the above people...forget calling...and using online, what a joke, never worked for me yet, i gave up...but this new thing of asking for drivers license and where you were born...thats too much...and it's not just one time but each time!...i send money each week to same person at a publix grocery store...not western union employees but publix employees...everyone there knows me and they say they don't understand either but they have to or can't complete transaction...looking for other alternative now...

Düsseldorf, Germany

#23 Oct 17, 2013
I used WU on 10th Oct, sent money, and still didn't receive it in my bank account... I am getting worried, exacly 5 work days have already gone...

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#24 Oct 20, 2013
I have not had a problem with using WU online. But I do have a major issue with being ask what country I was born in. I receive money twice a month and am asked the question every time. I was born in the U.S. but I do not see what that even matters. And it isn't like one has to provide a birth certificate. I cannot help but wonder if I gave an answer like "Iran", if I would be on some list somewhere. Very strange.

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