5 New Yorkers detained in Disney Worl...

5 New Yorkers detained in Disney World brawl

There are 130 comments on the Newsday story from May 22, 2007, titled 5 New Yorkers detained in Disney World brawl. In it, Newsday reports that:

Five New Yorkers who reportedly spat on and swore at Walt Disney World patrons were arrested after they allegedly punched a sheriff's deputy in the face, officials said.

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only me

Dunellen, NJ

#115 Feb 17, 2008
Guilfoil Hater wrote:
I have the horror of living near these ignorant dirt bags. Not one of them can read or write. They do not teach their children to respect the law. The father has had multiple run ins with beating up cops. The youngest kid tasered is the worst retard monster of them all. When he was in second grade he was permanently kicked off his school bus for being violent to other kids. Since then he has been on the Tart cart, because he is not fit to be around decent human beings..... These people are an embaressment to the community as a whole. They live at 474 Starlight Drive in Shirley, and they are horrors. All their neighbors hate. them. Every undesirable vagrant filthbag kid whose parents do not care what their kids do hang out with them. They smoke pot. Rant. Rave, and make trouble in the community. They should be ashamed to come out of their home,. but instead they brag about what happened in Disney as if it is a badge of honor. They do not even have the good sense to be soo humiliated over their behavior, that they should be ashamed to show their face amongst decent people.
What a family, huh? I'd move if I were you.

Irvine, CA

#117 Mar 25, 2008
If they are such a bad family and horrible to the area you live in,,,move stop being a punk and handle your business and move somewhere else where your more comfortable.

New Paltz, NY

#118 Nov 4, 2009
fck them they r nothin but white trash low lifes p.o.s people that got nothin going for themselves they probably are the biggest shit talkers around and think they are tuff must of had a good lawyer to pull them out of this one? MOMMY & DADDY r assholes that dont no how to raise their kids im sure they talk to them with such anger.... usually this type of behavior comes from home! em i right ? or wrong? the girls all look like crackslores the boy whose 14 looks like a dworf with downsidrom and the guy on the top looks like a chester.. what a disgrace to the human kind i feel no sympothy for these people they need to eat shit and die!

New Paltz, NY

#119 Nov 4, 2009
whoever the user pooh is.. you are the biggest homo ever... this family with the lastname guilfoil are not hard they are the biggest pussyest group of people in there hole town... the big brother brian is a loser with nothing going for himself he probably dont even have a job.. his girlfriend rosie is a whore them kids she had probably aint even his.. the older sister nicole is a slut for having a kid.. why didnt u just go to college and be the normal 1 instead of opening your legs?. the little brother robbie is dirty looking and dont even shower everyday he only showers once a yr probably and is the biggest feen.. the sister kristen is a big dyke looking bitch that fucks everyone she lost her virginity to a shampoo bottle vo5 at that. and the little sister brittany looks like the chuckie doll whose already started to caught terror in grade school.. its a shame of what these people do for attention...

New Paltz, NY

#120 Nov 4, 2009
shirley suckz

New Paltz, NY

#122 Nov 5, 2009
these people r a frecking joke.. they need to go to hell where they belong!
guilfoil hater

New Paltz, NY

#123 Nov 5, 2009
the whole family is a waste of life... still to this day they sit outside and talk shit i hear them all the time all they do is run their mouth and yell at eachother the house is never quite nor the block... its always something from tires burning out to people fighing... the whole house is probably getting watched by the police without them evening knowing it.. its just a matter of time until they get busted whoever are their friends be care of what u do.. i wouldnt even associate with them if i was u

New Paltz, NY

#124 Nov 5, 2009
the guilfoils work for the police thats why they havent gotten busted yet

New Paltz, NY

#125 Nov 5, 2009
the whole family is white trash they need to move already and start over somewhere else because nobody wants them on long island !!!

New Paltz, NY

#127 Nov 5, 2009
Brooklyn, NY
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46 min ago BANG!

hope thats the gun to their head!

New Paltz, NY

#130 Nov 5, 2009
they are whitttttttte trashhhhhhhhhh!

Huntington Station, NY

#132 Nov 11, 2009
I remember the picture of them when this story first came out. I wouldn't mind getting some head from the girl!
Know your facts

New York, NY

#133 Nov 22, 2009
Mastoids will be Mastoids wrote:
<quoted text>
Tis a shame it Mistake Beach and Shirley are waterfront and wasted on such an incestuous cesspool of human detritis.
These delinquents are from North Shirley (East Yaphank if you will) and attend Longwood High School.

The communities of Smith Point, Shirley, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Old Mastic, Mastic Park, and Moriches straddle the Great South Bay and are apart of the William Floyd School District.


Hartsdale, NY

#134 Dec 19, 2012
There white trash til this Day they still act like wild animals the parents Angela Guilfoil are drug addicts Nicole and the rest of the children are discusting Nicole was my babysitter until I found out about what she and her family did but little did I know Nicole was sleeping with my fiancé she is a discrace we could only hope that her child don't turn out like her or there family she is a Homewrecker still on drugs what they did is discusting an there a bad look for Shirley God will give them what they deserve!

Hartsdale, NY

#135 Dec 19, 2012
only me wrote:
<quoted text>
What a family, huh? I'd move if I were you.
I didn't know about what the did when I had that horrible excuse for a mother watch my innocent children lil did I know I caught her sucking off my fiancé she is discusting giving men blowjobs for money she an her family should be ashamed of themself's after I found out what she did I went to fire her but she was sleeping with my children's father behind my back she is discusting and never changed there all a bunch I drug addicts and Nicole the one who got Tazered is the worst of them all she was married too nasty whore she is a Homewrecker and a poor excuse for a mother I feel bad for her child

Hartsdale, NY

#136 Dec 19, 2012
Badtothebone wrote:
I remember the picture of them when this story first came out. I wouldn't mind getting some head from the girl!
she has no problem doing it either cause that girl sucked off the whole town already for drugs she was sucking my fiancée off she a home wrecker that can't keep her crusty legs closed there a bunch o dirtbags!

United States

#137 Dec 19, 2012
She is discusting expecially If she was married with a kid to do that to someone's family shows the kind of people they are the Mother looks like she has Down syndrome Probly from all the drugs most of the Guilfoil clan look Down syndrome it's sad that they never changed I feel bad for you and your children Nicole Guilfoil is a loose girl she slept with most of the town and if u couldn't tell the kind of girl she was someone like that should be ashamed of themself's Nicole is the biggest whore and caught a disease an gave I to me she's a dirty human being who does that to someone's family
Nicole b

Hartsdale, NY

#138 Dec 19, 2012
She did the same thing to my husband she really is a peice of shit what a whore !!!!!!! She gave my husband herpes too that girl needs help she needs to lay off the drugs the whole family still brags and thinks there hot shit meanwhile there all cross eyed what girl goes before god and has a baby with someone and cheats nonstop god will give her her karma when u break up someone family nonstop and drink like a fish and shoot up this whole family is a bunch of crack heads the father is a poor excuse for a father and the mother should be ashamed of herself I wouldn't hire this girl or her family for a job there nothing but trouble sorry you knew too late about that girl Nicole Guilfoil it's a shame a wife that does what she did is horrible I know her husband micheal Grossman he is a good guy who went to war to support his family and all this gir did was cheat on him he is a brave man and a good one at that she is a discrace and needs to get on her knees for the right reason not to suck dirty skank

Madison, NJ

#139 Apr 14, 2014
These are the worst people in the world, the youngest daughter is now 15 and into any drug she can get her hands on, also doing whatever she can for the drugs...the brother who was 14 at the time is a major heroin addict, drinker and drug dealer..the mother has supposedly been dying from cancerWith 6 months to live for the past 10 years...must be her excuse to stay on all the drugs she's on, she's nuts and the father is just as much of a piece of shit...those 2 kids run that house with no discipline or consequences whatsoever..they are all trash....
Evan Politico

Medford, NY

#140 Apr 15, 2014
Don't hold back Yo! Tell us how you feel Yo!

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