Michelle Yeoh to star opposite Vin Di...

Michelle Yeoh to star opposite Vin Diesel?

There are 18 comments on the Kung Fu Cult Cinema story from Sep 5, 2006, titled Michelle Yeoh to star opposite Vin Diesel?. In it, Kung Fu Cult Cinema reports that:

French news sites are reporting that Michelle Yeoh may be starring alongside Vin Diesel and Vincent Cassel in the upcoming action film Babylon A.D. , directed by Mathieu Kassovitz .

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Humble, TX

#1 Sep 7, 2006
I'm just asking nicely. What does Diesel do with his time? I do not see movies coming out or anything. I hear promises of such frequently but hardly ever see the results set before me.
If he is not rolling out productions, how does he make a living? Let's just say it's a mystery to me. Has he inherited wealth or something?

Besides that I found another potential mate for him. Alas, a smarter man has just snapped her up. Mary J. Blige would have been a candidate. She is talented, sincere, special, strong, honest and has done a lot of growing. I admire that about her. She is not so shallow. Add she is lovely, tall and independent and mercy, he cannot do better.
If Eminem were a woman I would say he would have been a good match too for very good reasons.
So far best on the list is Drew Barrymore.
My greatgrany always said people never like what's good for them hence, the usefulness of a matchmaker. She might have something there, sure. Nevertheless, I swam away at speed from some picks for me with really good reasons, I think. Splash! Dwivel! Dwivel!
I shall keep looking for Diesel though. I think he was designed to be a dad. Tricky, the selection process, isn't it?

Humble, TX

#2 Sep 9, 2006
Let's see who is crossed off my list.
Beyonce - running with the big dogs and tied up. Plus, not compatible.
Shakira - same thing plus ulterior motives.
Missy Elliott - she would kill him.
Latifah - maybe in fifteen years. Too much baggage dragging right now. But she is growing very nicely.
Mariah Carey - she would shred him.
Ciara/ Sierra- tto young and dragging a heavy bag.
Rosario Dawson- baggage plus she has not found herself yet.
Drew Barrymore- crossed off then put back on the list. There is hope there.She would treat him well.
Diaz- too immature and dragging baggage.
Nicole Richie- she would starve him and make him thin also. He is sweet and would feel bad to eat pasta with her on hunger strike, see. Then he would just whittle down to nothing.
Paris Hilton- he would go to prison. Not even Atlas could shoulder her baggage.
Penelope Cruz- ulterior motives and too controlling.
Mary J. Blige - ready but somebody else netted her.
The Duff sisters- too immature and still clinging to shadowed saintly images.
The Simpson sisters- he should run away fast. Blighted!
Lucy Liu- she would kill him.
Demi Moore- out of his league. Plus, values differ too much from his.
Angelina Jolie - he would go to prison. He should flee even her shadow.
Aniston- ulterior motives, heavy self-esteem issues and would kill him.
Oprah - she could never understand him and would hurt him.
There is more but my Hobbit bed calls me ever so lovingly. Come to me! Come to me! I go.

Humble, TX

#3 Sep 10, 2006
I continue.
Eva Longsomething- new Elizabeth Taylor. Run away oh man.
Eva Mendes- she would kill him
Zellweiger- too many secrets, baggage plus they cannot make love, she would scare him to death.
Natalie Portman- self esteem issues, baggage, would hurt him.
Keira Knightsomething- she cannot find her right food. After she eats him some he might escape hobbling plus they cannot make love. Not a good idea.
I have more but for later.

Humble, TX

#4 Sep 10, 2006
Wasn't Yeoh in the last Pierce Brosnan 007 movie where they stopped a media mogul gone bad? If so that woman has movement! I wonder how Vin will stack up next to her?

Humble, TX

#5 Sep 12, 2006
Yep,'twas her. SHe is a very phsycial actress so far. Her face says little in the movies I have seen her in. This is not a criticism. Which brings me to
Diesel does not show a whole lot of emtional nuances in his face either. I know he has them and can. When he uses the lower ranges of his voice, it is harder to hear the inflexions also. Again not a criticiam. Buddy, may want to take certain steps concerning those, maybe? Mind you I still say he is sweet and talented. But I should warn, it is cooling off again and you know what that likely means.

Humble, TX

#6 Sep 13, 2006
Okay, in case I don't do it tomorrow here is my continued list of cross offs.
Natalie Imbruglia- somebody else captured her.
Kate Hudson - run away fast. Too crazy, heavy baggage and tied up.
Nellie Furtado - baggage and fondling that Timberline fellow right now.
Janet Jackson - I think I looked at her before. Nope. Too crazy. Plus what can she offer but a naked right nipple already pinched unceremoniously by Timberlake? Lot of Timber in Hollywood these days, yep.
Nicole Richie - I looked at her again to see if she might live. No can do. She would not let him eat. She just does not believe in food. If he is thin, he would wobble and run zigzag. I'm against that as in not for it.
Solange Knowles - buddy, I don't see a way. Too much fighting.
Avril Lavsomething- ran off and married. Talented but too crazy and toting a bag.
Martha Stewart - She might rustle his gold like she did and went to prison for in Alder, WV. Besides, she would kill him, cook him in pastry, tie bows on him and present him for funeral with bouquets of floral arrangements. Basically, crazier than a bed bug and old as road.
One or both of the Olson twins - Bat-shit crazy, buddy. Run!
That's all folks! At least for now but I shall keep my eyes peeled for potential mates for him. I really enjoy this being this great matchmaker and all.

Humble, TX

#7 Sep 15, 2006
I have had a stroke of genius! I have found the best person for him, at last. Why didn't I think of her earlier, I don't know. My mojo was not on right or something.

Humble, TX

#8 Sep 17, 2006
Not much going on concerning Diesel it would appear.

But apart from Barrymore, I have found a good candidate. I have created in my mind hwo it will play out and all in cartoons. But this is not a joke or anything this time. I have repaired my sense of humour.

I have a catchy tune to go with it all. I have his clothes and his special neck-tie to go with it, all unique to him. I even have him on his balcony, smoking a Havana cigar staring out over the Hudson. What could be better, hmmm?

Humble, TX

#9 Sep 19, 2006
I found a third candidate for him. This one boasts about her body a little extra. But maybe she has o blow her own bugle, if you get me.

With my list lengthening I was compelled to come up with a way for him to spend time with these senoritas, see.

So I created a cartoon as mentioned above. Now I have the music down pat, his little out fit with the special shoes for his special toes, see.

But the big kicker was his name. What would his name be? Anon, a stroke of genius yet again and the light did shine upon me illumining me ever so strongly. I did not need to select a name. I could use his own name. Brilliant! I shall use his name MPT. Why? Because that is what he calls himself. He will surely like this. Magnifique!

Humble, TX

#10 Sep 19, 2006
Chutz! I forgot to mention his dance steps and all. But that is not all that 'twill endear him to the ladies, no. I have more talents for him that 'twill enkindle romance and hot passion in their bosoms for him. Next time though.

Humble, TX

#11 Sep 21, 2006
Okay so I've got three potentials for him all pleasant to behold Hollywood women.

I have mostly everything sorted out for him to beguile these women and have them fall in love and all. The three still on my list are Barrymore, Johannsen and Berry.

Humble, TX

#12 Sep 23, 2006
I'm making meatloaf from a new recipe. While it bakes, I reckon I'll just muse ever so slightly here. Not much going on with Diesel apparently?

So I have lined up on a page as potential ladies for him Barrymore, Berry and Johannsen.

Barrymore still tops the list as she is gentle and loving. He would fare better with her.

Berry is an idea if he seeks children because apparently she has been crying with force "knock me up dear man" at large, I heard.

Johannsen is pretty. I don't have any other reason for that one. But I guess he likes pretty things.

I have creative block on my whole little romantic movie which is only in my head, mind you. My sm said when he comes back from his trip we will bounce off ideas on his. That is an idea, ahem! A little cough plagues me.

I was watching wife swap one time and they swapped a KY backwoods wife with a Phoenix, AZ wife. This latter spouse stood and bathed in the morning rays of sun daily. She said her goal was to never eat again once she became completely solar-powered. That was an idea too, ahem! The cough and tickling, you know.
That was the funniest one I had ever seen. The AZ wife handed the KY hunting, potato-consuming family a meal of her own making. It was a notebook page with a few scattered nuts and seeds on it and what looked to be dust but I politely claim was pollen. She explained the vagaries of health as she proffered her gift of sustenance to them whilst they gingerly took it bemused and puzzled all the while.

I laughed like a dolphin at that one; still do when I think of it. It was orgasmic. My friend helped me up after so I could go the bed. Addles my brain every time.

You know on 'Catch me if you can' there was a really good scene where Di Caprio gave his wallet to Hank and walked away with the typewriter. I love that scene; a little too well probably. I have played on my sm and many people I love. Works every time too.
So I took a light file with junk paper in it and handed it to a certain friend at work. He did't get it until Lily started choking and laughing. I was trying to look innocent and she sold me out. The look that came to his face was priceless. I laughed like a dolphin but couldn't run fast as he chased me around the office beating at me with the file.
One client came to the door curious and I had to explain. Only I couldn't because my muscles had locked already. It was great. Got to check the loaf.

Humble, TX

#13 Sep 28, 2006
So no new candidates on the list so far. No change in my creative block. Well, except three lines of lyrics for the catchy music. Yah!

Humble, TX

#14 Oct 1, 2006
Nothing new yet apparently not only for me but for Diesel so far also.

Usually cooking inspires me but not his weekend. I did make some tasty dishes though. Yah!

Humble, TX

#15 Oct 5, 2006
Worn out today. No inspiration. Bed for me.

Any Diesel news? Heard none so far.

Humble, TX

#16 Oct 8, 2006
Since everybody is so fixed on the fast and furious I loved a joke in the original TFATF when Dominic girlfriend raced a guy in race wars. The guy had just begun to sing another one bites the dust and laugh only to find dust in his face. 'Twas funny.

Vero Beach, FL

#17 May 13, 2007
I got a bright idea and found him a potential wife.

She is a nice, clean, Catholic lady, making money in her own career so she may not see him as a meal ticket.

She is family oriented, hard-working, good wife and mother material. She has good christian principles.

She is beautiful with a dimple. Her name is Veronica De la Cruz and she works for CNN last two years. She is a good person for him to consider.
Aryan-Phoenician Beauty

Beaverton, OR

#18 Jan 27, 2008

www.topix.com/forum/world/greece/THM2R3OCAHN6... <-------- READ "BOYCOTTING VIN DIESEL MOVIE"

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