Oh, yes, she was so kind to Janis Gill and put her daughter, Jenny, through hell in her teen years so she could have her Barbie dream home, one more baby, and get to go to the Opry, to charity events and many other places her Laura Ingalls act wouldn't have allowed her to go. Her husband wasn't getting her the traction she needed or wanted. Now, she's getting pushed to the back of the closet while her wildly in demand duet partner husband goes off with blonde after blonde while she stays home doing homework with the caboose. How does it feel to be at the Edge of the Spotlight?

Yes, I know this is a little snarky. I haven't had my coffee/sugar/cream yet. I'll look at this later today and cringe.

I just wish she could have one tiny bit of humility or show 1 oz of remorse for the wreckage she caused back in the day.